Friday, April 06, 2018

That Shooting in town

This was just stupid on the guy's part. Why would you point a gun on a cop? You would just take the gun charge and nothing else.
This happened over the weekend. And I am almost certain I saw the aftermath of this shooting because they shut down the road leading to the apartment complex. I was taking some folks back to their house and I had to drive around the scene.
We usually don't get these sort of shootings out in the east end. There are robberies and car break-ins but these type of shootings. This is an interesting area because three police departments sort of have cross jurisdiction in this location. I believe he wanted to hurt the cops, but I want to know why he wanted to do it?
Side note: Check out the ID hanging from the rear-view window. That ID is for a large shipping company that files out of Louisville. I can see the airport call letters on the ID.
I am guessing these kids were waiting for a meet up with someone and something illegal. The rolled up on them at the time before the meetup.    

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