Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Chris Chan: The Meltdown Saga?

Chris Chan:  I think he has completely lost his mind... 
He is basically an infomercial troll-bating fool.  First, he was selling all his brother's comic books and other things left behind without his brother's permission. While a lot of these old things were from the 90s comic book era, which means they're worthless, Cole might want to get them back.
It gets even creepier when his super old mother comes in and pretends to be nice.  Keep in mind that she is not a nice person and you have to remember that she attacked a police officer earlier. It should also be noted that Chris has also been charged with trespassing and will be going to court soon.
I love the PS4 camera throwing objects at the camera via the PS program. He doesn't know how to shut it off and gets mad at the program.

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