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Michael Jackson: Bad (Full version/short film)

Michael Jackson: Bad (Full version/short film)
Most people don't realize that MJ made a full short film for his hit song Bad. Most people only remember the short MTV version of the music video and don't realize that there was a full story leading up to the music video portion of the movie. Director Martin Scorsese made this MV/Film.
From Wiki, ((In the video, Jackson portrays a teenager named Darryl, who has just completed a term at an expensive private school. He returns to the city and takes the subway back to his neglected neighborhood. Darryl finds his home is empty where he is greeted by his old friends.  ))
Every blue moon, MTV would show this long version on TV.  It has a full story and ending.  I like the character arc between MJ and his friend at the end with the handshake.  
-This IS NOT the musical version of the song released on the album: Like the Wiki says, the organ solo is different and there some edits and extensions to the MV version. From Wiki, ((The video used a different version of the song as opposed to the commercially released version. This version, using a different organ solo in the middle, hasn't been commercially released as of yet. )) Thriller's MV uses a completely different version of the song from the album version. Most people don't realize it.
-Wesley Snipes early role: Yes, that is Snipes playing the lead thug/friend. I think he did an amazing job. This is another one of those facts people aren't aware of when watching the short version.
-Call and Response: This is clearly inspired by his Motown experience with a bit of preacher call and response stuff. I always loved the part of the video.
-Fade back to Black and White: There is a nice edit where the picture fades from color to black and white just as MJ lowers his hoodie. That is a nice touch. It is hinted that the entire music portion was just in his mind and just talked his friends out of attacking that old man himself.
-Prince was supposed to be the Snipes character: Prince backed out because he hated the “Your butt is mine” line. It would have been cool to see these two on screen together, but I think Snipes plays the thug/friend extremely well.
-Weird Al used the set when he parodied the MV with his Fat song.

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