Sunday, April 15, 2018

Jewario: Change the A-hole?

Note: None of this has been confirmed by law enforcement.
Well, this just got very interesting. I've been watching this whole Channel Awesome. I like many of the creators that left the site but felt some of the complaints were a bit petty. Then, there was a point about a producer grooming a victim that caught everyone's eyes and it was revealed later. I felt bad for the guy when he committed suicide, but this reveal does give us a new look into the suicide though.
Like AVGN and NC, I actually looked up to Jewario. He added humor to his reviews and overviews through a character. I kind of add a bit of biting commentary in the same manner. However, these news/rumors do come as a shock. You never know what kind of person you're looking up to or befriending. 
Channel Awesome did a poor job covering up the logs, but I think this was done on purpose. However, was it right to reveal this person in a passive manner? I am not sure. I do think it was wrong for CA NOT to reveal that he was “fired” instead of leaving the site. I think someone at CA wanted to burn all bridges with this reveal.
From YT Wiki ((On April 12, 2018 a reddit user revealed that she had been raped by Carmical in her sleep after making several attempts to convince him to leave her alone.[4] The legitimacy of the poster has been confirmed by former TGWTG forum admin Holly Christine Brown[5] and former TGWTG producer Jacob Chapman (JesuOtaku).[6]Since then several individuals have alleged abused by Carmical and friends of Carmical have stated their disgust and disappointment in finding that these allegations are true.))
People are broken up about this reveal. This guy was a monster it seems.  
It seems certain people from Change the Channel are trying to shift away from this reveal about JW. Why is there such a push to set aside this reveal and wanting to refocus it back on CA and the Walker brothers? I find it in really poor taste that people are still trying to push the Change the Channel thing when there need to be a discussion on people coming forward and talking about sexual misconduct and putting the abuser forward if the facts are correct. This sort of reminds me of the Devin Faraci thing.  When you hide this information, the abusers can strike again. 
It seems everyone's hands are dirty. CA did a tribute to JW after knowing what happened. I think the only one to come out clean is the HR person that CA fired. Who from the Change the Channel group knew about this and wanted to keep the cork on the bottle? There was talk about not including the grooming thing in their document.  Did it not fit their narrative that that the Walkers were not good people?  

Not only do I feel bad for the victims, but also Justin's wife.  

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