Thursday, January 31, 2019

37 year old laid off journo

Meme: I don't have a dog in this fight because I don't own a Twitter account. I know that there have been some massive layoffs this year, but this picture/meme just makes me smile. Someone said that picture is based on a real person. Who is that person?  While I don't think every frog is Pepe or cried when Hillary lost, I have no children. 

Follow up on that woman the left the remains of her son in a car for over 11 years.

Do you remember that story about the mother that kept her son's remains in a car for 11 years?
I wrote about it a few years ago and the story still gets to me. Back in 2004, a kid disappeared and no one did a follow up on him
From Pilot Online, ((He seemingly vanished after 2004 – until June 2015, when state troopers pulled over his mother’s Ford Mustang in Hampton and uncovered a long-kept secret. ))
More or less, the mother seriously beat her son on many occasions to the point that he died. The mother then took the body and hid him in the trunk of the car for 11 years. 11 years! How is that possible without someone finding out. Cars need maintenance, right? She drove around the city with her decaying son in her car for 11 years. She went to the store and probably to work as if nothing happened. I still shake my head knowing that no one really looked into this kid's well being and never followed up on his disappearance.
Black lives matter, right?
How does this happen?
Well, the court finally sentenced her for her horrible crime. She will serve eight years out of ten. I think she needed to serve longer, but that is just me. She reached a plea deal.
Side note: The officer that pulled over the mother and discovered the body was killed a year later in the line of duty.  

The sad thing is he would have been in his late 20s today...

Monday, January 28, 2019

Chris Chan Update: Being Blocked

Chris Chan Update: Being Blocked
It looks like Twitter is really taking its toll on Chris.  He’s been harassing various MLP female fans and stalking them on Twitter.  Chris’ trolls would come in a bother them and the females would then block Chris.  Chris doesn’t like this and has had a hissy fit.
This has gotten to him so much that he is making sock accounts and following the people that are blocking him. This is a man that has two credit card companies suing him for unpaid money and he's more worried about people blocking him on Twitter. Why? He doesn't understand the trouble he is in.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Worst Fan Interaction Ever...

Worst Fan Interaction Ever...
This incident is very cringing and downright creepy. I saw this clip on Streamers Reloaded and it caught my eye. Social cues should have told him things were working out and should have let her leave. He had no right to talk her out of leaving or turn the camera away.
Here's the entire stream with the creepy fan. First off, never trust a man with some tight -ass blue-jeans on. Just don't do it. Second, never trust a dude with a default smile.

You can tell that Yunicorn is getting pissed with his awkwardness, but tries to be nice. Is it worth watching the entire video? Oh, yes. It is worth the cringe levels. It was like his first interaction with a woman.  
 If you are a big guy, don't wear tight jeans. 
When a woman has this expression, she hates and is repulsed by you.  

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Rapping about Rapp

Rapping about Rapp
I'd been following the Alison Rapp story for many years. I watched as a woman with an amazing job at Nintendo completely ruin her career from every step of the way. She kind of let her fetishes collide with her professional life, which got her fired. She tried to blame GG, but it turned out she was (allegedly) moonlighting as an escort. The kicker was that she was (allegedly) pimping out her hubby as men. When this fact came out, all of her support in the media disappeared and they couldn't force the narrative that neck-beards got her fired. Her “woke” allies basically abandoned her.
Nintendo is very much a PG company to the point it has hurt them in the long run. Why would they keep someone on in a high-profile that was moonlighting as an escort? Keep in mind this was the same company that threw Sega under the bus when the Night Trap videogame controversy came out.
I followed her and her ex-hubby until she finally disappeared from the Internet, which was a wise decision. While I didn't agree with almost anything she had to say, I did find her to be cute. Hey, she is my type.  Plus, she is a little crazy and you know how much I like crazy women.  That's my thing.  Her pimping me out...not so much. 

Ready Player One (Part 2 of 2)

While the relationship is a nice bit of side story, the nostalgia is probably the second most important aspect in this movie. There so many references that it would take thousands of words to point them all out. I grew up on these movies so I have spotted many of them.
While the nostalgia is strong, the plot leans toward being okay to fair. The video game aspects are the stronger elements. I love that characters explode into coins and you can collect them. The first major stage is a giant street racing event and it is amazing to see on the screen. Honestly, it feels, sounds and looks like a what a street racing game. Think of it as a cross between Ridge Racer and those Nintendo street racing games.
-The Shinning is Back: The second stage is the Shinning level. I dug it and it felt and looked like the movie of the same name. I love that they have to follow all the rules of the worlds the gamers enter into. It as a lean into the movie nerds than VG fans.
-Godzilla Theme: Hidden in the final battle, the composer does slip in some of the old Godzilla themes when Mecha-Godzilla.
-The Chucky cameo was great: I love that Chucky is a special weapon. He is so random and violent you have to let him loose and run.
-Alien and Mortal Kombat: Somehow seeing the Alien and MK franchises mix it up is very strange but funny.
-Debt Prison: Hmm, a bit of foreshadowing for real life? In the movie, the bigger companies can in-prison you to hard labor via the VR world. We could be seeing this soon.
The fantasy and sci-fi elements are far more compelling than the real world aspects. The real story isn't terrible. It just doesn't have the colorful landscape or positive vibes of the OASIS world. It is kind of like real life in which it basically is a bit bland. This is the main problem with RPO and some of its pacing issues in the second act.
The third act does work better thanks to the story focusing in on the fantasy world more than the real world. However, there are some good editing and pacing moments where a car chasing happening when a big event is happening in the OASIS. I think only a seasoned director like Steven Spielberg could make these different/counter scenes work in tandem.
Could they have made this movie ten years ago? Probably not given the amount of CGI and landscaping work. It wouldn't look this good.
With a good balance of storytelling and nostalgia, Ready Player One is a surprisingly fun movie in the same way as Roger Rabbit, Wreck-It-Ralph and Scott Pilgrim. The movie has just enough of a good narrative and the references aren't that intrusive yet work within the context of the story. On the cyber world side, RPO is what we wanted from The Matrix sequels. Ready Player One is not a perfect movie, but far more entertaining than Matrix Revolutions. Some of Spielberg's modern issues do creep into this movie, but it is still a nice callback to the franchises we loved in the 70's-90s.
These are our worlds just as much as the big companies that own them.  And, I think that is the larger theme of Ready Player One.  
Grade: B-

Great Scott

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Chris Hansen Vs. Bad Checks (Or Good Checks)

Chris Hansen Vs. Bad Checks
I had no idea he was in bad shape money-wise. I've been down that road many times and hated it. I guess even the successful Chris Hansen has fallen on bad times.
From NBC News, ((In summer 2017, Hansen bought about $13,000 worth of promotional items, like hats, shirts and mugs from a local company, and paid for them with a check that bounced, Scanlan told NBC News. ))
He was trying to fulfill the perks for Kickstarter backers and end up bouncing some checks. Hey, at least he tried unlike a certain now blue-haired comic book writer. Chris turned himself in and we got this lovely mugshot. He looks good in his mugshot.
The good news is all the charges were dropped in the case. So, “he's free to go”.
From the Hollywood Reporter, ((The charge was dropped Wednesday after Hansen's lawyer, Philip Russell, proved to the judge that the former TV personality had paid the money owed, according to the Connecticut newspaper.  ))
I hope he makes some more of Hansen Vs. Predator vids. It is time to catch more of those creepy f's.  

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Fallout of Ghostbusters III: Leslie Jones

Well, I was correct.   

From Leslie Jones’ Twitter((So insulting. Like fuck us. We dint count. It’s like something trump would do. (Trump voice)”Gonna redo ghostbusteeeeers, better with men, will be huge. Those women ain’t ghostbusteeeeers” ugh so annoying. Such a dick move. And I don’t give fuck I’m saying something!!)) 

All SJW hands on deck, we must bash the new Ghostbusters movie.  It is like every five minutes everything has to be a culture war.  Leslie, it is okay to have an opinion, but didn’t we go through this back in 2015-16?  Didn’t people attack AVGN for refusing to watch the movie?  How about a wait and see?   Fieg came out and made a statement.  While he supports Jones’ statement, he gives a sideways support statement via Twitter.  Paul, it is okay to dislike the GB 2016 movie and it is okay to like it.  I still like GB 2016 and I just re-watched the director’s cut on FX.   

Fieg’s Tweet, ((An absolute honest to God never ending supply of bullshit and hate from these trolls. Leslie spoke her truth and I support her. I am very open to Jason’s new version of GB but am also sad that our 2016 team may not get to bust again. We all are. We’re forever proud of our movie.)) 

I thought he was done making these types of movies.  He wanted to get back to making improv movies instead.  Why even mention the “bust again”?  Why even undercut a fellow director?   And, Jones should know that people are going to call her out for her statement and that’s their choice too.   Relax, people.  We don’t need to make everything a battle, especially on Twitter.  OMG, Twitter has ruined us for real.   

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Back to the Future II: Hoverboard Accident

From IMDB ((Cheryl Wheeler Duncan, stunt double for Darlene Vogel, was injured during filming of the hoverboard sequence when, due to a technical mishap, instead of flying through the fake glass in the courthouse, she careened into the concrete pillar and then dropped thirty feet on to the concrete below. They didn't re-shoot the scene, and you can clearly see her hitting the pillar and falling to the ground in the final film.)) 

I really love the second movie, but know that a major accident was caught on film and kept in the movie.  You can see Griff’s female henchmen cash into the real pillar in that show and she hits it hard.  Then, you can see her fall in real time to real floor without a safety mattress.  In the movie, you can see her body bounce off the ground just before the cut.   So, she hit the pillar hard and fell and bounced.  Ouch.  

So, Wheeler fell flat on her face onto the concrete and it was caught on tape and shown in the movie.  Unlike some of the other stunts, she had to trust the effects team to keep her safe and there was nothing she could do to stop the accident.   

From Io9,((Which might have happened if he had stayed outside the pillar. Or if the special effects team hadn’t gone with opaque trick glass. Or if there wasn’t so much smoke from the rocket. Or if she had gone with her gut and gotten answers to her questions. But that wasn’t what happened. He pressed the button and the stunt performers were released. As two other stuntmen headed toward the blue pads, Wheeler fell flat, like she was lying in bed, from thirty feet in the air. She knew she was going to die.)) 

She was so messed up that she was laying in her own blood.  I had no idea it turned out this bad.   

She discussed the accident years later on FOX.  You can tell she is still shaken by the accident.  BTW, she looks amazing.  Check out her arms.  She has been in a lot major movies doing big stunts since BTTF2.  She can clearly kick my ass and I’d be okay with that.   

Anyway, I will always see her hit that pillar and fall to the ground on every re-watch.   

Soulja Boy;s site is cranked.

While Soulja Boy keeps trying to sell his stupid console, he keeps burying himself more and more.  Nintendo basically pimped slammed him and he then went to sell a version that looked more like the Sony handheld.  Now, it seems his entire Soulja Watch site has been removed.   
Soulja is claiming that someone from his team hacked it and brought it down.   
From The ((The website in question is the hub for his suspiciously $11.66 SouljaWatch device, If you visit the website, at least at the time of this writing, you'll find nothing but an error page claiming the site is unavailable. According to Soulja Boy, the error is no accident. He took to Twitter to accuse his ex-cameraman of hacking and disabling it.)) 
I believe the lawyers suggested he take down the site or else.  However, it makes it funnier if one of his former employees destroyed the site.  
I really hate this dude.  Check out the interview for the lulz.   

Yeah, I blame him for the state that hip-hop is in today.  
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