Thursday, July 31, 2008

Powers Returns?

Austin Powers 4 (I thought that was the Love Guru)

After Mike Myers disappeared from acting in a live action movie for years and his failure with the Love Guru, I thought this guy would go back into hiding again. But, slash film is reporting that Mike Myers is working on Austin Powers 4. Part three was really not that funny and I can’t see the next being that good. I’ve been wrong before.

This is probably a better question than (What does God need with a starship?)

Does the world really need another Austin Powers movie?

Didn’t we already get one in spirit with the Love Guru?

Then again, this might be interesting if they do take the movie in another direction, as Myers has stated.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Obama is Paris Hilton Spears?

Okay, this is just dumb… I never thought of Obama as a male version of Paris Hilton

When you compare Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, your campaign has run out of ideas. Are they saying that Obama is a white chick that sings usually bad pop songs and goes to jail for drunk driving?

What the hell? Attack someone on the issues, fine. But compare them to a chick who makes multiple sex tapes and a girl that attacks people with her car, I don’t think so. This sounds like an idea from some college student.

Even some Republicans from McCain's own circle are attacking this latest move.

John Weaver had this to say about the ads

((With the release today of a McCain television ad blasting Obama for celebrity preening while gas prices rise, and a memo that accuses Obama of putting his own aggrandizement before the country, Weaver said he's had "enough."

The ad's premise, he said, is "childish."))

Here's the best part, the Hilton family donated money to McCain's campaign! That means McCain's camp took their money and then made a mockery of their daughter to the entire nation. Now, that's not just dumb, but pretty damn stupid.

Two girls killed in a Hit and Run near U of L.

Two girls killed in a Hit and Run near U of L.

((A four and five year old and one of their mothers were walking near the University of Louisville when they were struck by a car and left for dead.))

I realized this was the same area I received my traffic ticket last year and this is my walking route every other day.

So, I walked through the area yesterday and saw the huge shrine of toys, dolls, and teddy bears on the corner where these little girls were hit.

It was probably one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. Besides the hundreds of things left for the little girls there were pictures left on the telephone poll and a few roses here and there.

I’m a guy that doesn’t show my emotions that much, except for anger, but the sight of this shrine of toys just really got to me. I was really shaken up from seeing how much people care about these little girls, despite the fact they didn’t know them. It pretty much stayed with me the rest of my walk through the city.

The outpouring of emotions from everyone in the city is amazing and it shows how much people care. Pretty much people from all religions and backgrounds left something at this place.

It sickens me that our justice system failed and let this guy out of prison to kill these two girls. But, I’ll have more on this guy in a later post.

You can check out the rest of the pictures here.

I think this photo was taken today.


It all started with two people leaving a teddy bear and then other people started to leave things at the sight of the incident.

Delicatessen (1991)

Delicatessen (1991)

What do you get when you mix an organized group of cannibals and an ex-clown in a post-apocalyptic period? I’m not even sure, but I enjoyed the movie. But, it is certainly one of the strangest films I’ve ever seen.

After some type of apocalyptic ‘happening’ in France, a group of cannibals live together in an apartment building, and the Butcher runs the cannibal group and the building. Every few weeks, the Butcher puts out an ad for “help wanted” for his building in a newspaper.

Here’s the catch, the person that takes the job ends up becoming food for the people in the apartment building. Well, the next person (victim) is an out-of-work clown performer, minus his make-up and pet monkey. He comes in thinking everything is on the up and up.

This movie is part comedy and part horror mixed in with a strange love story. The movie is subtitles only with no dubbing, which I prefer dubbing because I like to see the performances of the actors instead of reading, but it isn’t that bad. However, you will miss some of the more comedic scenes because you’re busy reading the text.

The film is stylized in the form of the old 50’s movies. Even though it is a post-apocalyptic movie it is clearly set during the 50s. The acting is spot from everyone. Dominique Pinon is spot on as the former clown/hero of the movie. He’s just a loveable guy in this movie and you hope they won’t eat him. Marie-Laure Dougnac plays the flighty daughter of the butcher and she sweet and has an unconventional beauty to her.

If I had one big problem with the movie, it would be the introduction of the Mole People. They are vegetarians living in the sewers. They’re shoehorned into the story and don’t really fit with the 1950s vibe, which is set in the earlier section of the movie. I simply didn’t care for them either way. With a movie loaded with strange events and scenes they were a layer too thick for me.

I can’t say the movie is for everyone, but if you want to try an uncanny French comedy, try this one.

Grade: B- and a (?)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Save Hayden Panettiere

Funny Hayden Panettiere pictures at Comic Con

You better believe she can't stand it there. With that many out of shape geeks dressed in tight stupid outfits, you better believe the funk level was through the roof. I bet one of these guys even thought, “She'll dig me and give me her phone number when she sees me in this Flash outfit.”

I really feel bad for all the booth babes that have to endure all the close photos with these guys, brushing up their sweaty arms. You know these girls want to be in the club talking to the good-looking douche bag that won't respect them in the morning, instead of grinning in the photo with the guy that has the signed Frank Miller poster.

Brand new rule: Fanboys, going without a shower for a week will not get you laid with the booth babes dressed as Wonder Woman and Lara Croft.

Random Stuff

The only reason to Watch those Scooby-Doo movies...

Random Stuff

~Punisher War Zone director pushed off the movie? While I still think they should have never rebooted the Punisher series, I’m open to watching another movie with the Punisher name (on DVD). But, news is coming out from Harry Knowles that Lionsgate has forced director Lexi Alexander off the movie. And, I can see the studio pushing her around given that she only has a few movies under her belt. This is not looking good folks, it's starting to smell like another Ghost Rider.

~We've come a long way racially, but now I read this story and this just sets us back a bit. Three white teenagers beat an illegal immigrant to death. The dead guy was Mexican and 25. They said racist things while the beat him to his death. These three are now going to be surrounded by minorities now in prison. That's not exactly what I call a smooth move there, folks.

~Whoa, hold on. There's going to be a Scooby Doo III and this time its a prequel? Didn't we see enough of Scooby Doo in the first two horrible movies. Great, now all I need to hear is that there's going to be a Garfield III and Stomp the Yard II.

~Shia LaBeouf: And, so begins the self-destruction of another young actor. The guy has found himself in a car accident with another car and he was drunk behind the wheel. With the Walgreens incident and this one, I’m seeing an ugly pattern forming here.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mr. T Snickers commercial

That banned Snickers commercial with Mr. T (Banned in the UK)


Okay, as a human race we become too sensitive. I’m usually the one that sides on the reasons why words can be hurtful as well as images. But, this is just stupid. We’ve become so sensitive that we’re looking for things that aren’t even there.

Snickers pulled their ads because gay groups feel the ad was unsettling.

Link to story

((A new MR. T candy bar ad has been pulled from British TV screens after upsetting gay groups.

The actor shoots Snickers bars at a speed walker in the `Get Some Nuts' commercial, yelling, "You are a disgrace to the man race. It's time to run like a real man."))

Now, I might be wrong, but nowhere in the ad does it say the dude is a homosexual. It’s just a wimpy guy speed walking.

Is the gay rights group saying that homosexuals walk this way? Isn’t it stereotyping to even assume the guy is gay because he’s walking like that? He can’t just be a wimpy nerd that receives a candy bar beat down by Mr. T?

Snickers banned an ad with a guy shooting snickers at a speed walker. Are they serious? I figured the Association of Speed Walkers might have a problem with the ad, but this group? Believe me, this will probably be banned in the US too.

I personally love the ad. I can’t stop laughing. Here’s why…

~It’s a throwback to the A-Team, even down to the under-truck camera shot. Even the music sounds like the A-Team theme song.

~The Truck comes busting through a house out of nowhere. It magically jumps up into the air in slow motion.

~Mr. T has a Snicker rotating machine gun!

~He calls the guy “Speed Walker”.

What’s next Rave goers getting offended over that Pepsi Max ad

Uh, that new X-Files movie is coming out this weekend right?

The people over at Cinema Blend have a very convincing argument over the “Five Reasons No One Cares About The New X-Files Movie”.

When I heard about the announcement of a new X-Files movie, I was somewhat happy because I really enjoyed the first film. I thought the first movie was better than most people thought, despite its many plot holes. I wasn’t a huge fan of the TV show, and I only caught a handful of episodes from the 9 seasons on TV.

I noticed the marketing for this movie wasn't very strong. This usually means the movie didn't test well and the studio is just dumping the film out there. Or, the studio merely doesn’t know how to market the movie at all. I also think this movie is better suited for a Fall or Winter release.

Now, the reviews are starting to come in and it's not looking good for Scully and Mulder. ((Reviews on Rotten Tomatoes here))

Here are two issues I think the movie has going against it as well.

1. No Rob Bowman this time: Say what you want about the first movie, but I think the main reason that movie even worked was because of this director. He directed over 30 episodes of the X Files and 13 episodes of Star Trek TNG.

2. Fox and Carter Pissed off many of their core fans: There was a crackdown on X-Files fan sites years ago. I think this really killed a lot of the fan community. And the online fan aspect isn’t around today to create buzz.

3. Lame Title: It sounds like something George Lucas would come up with. It is worst than the first movie title, which was Fight the Future.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Random Junk

Random Junk

~Old Fart Robert Novak hits a Pedestrian and continues to drive: Yeah, this conservative columnist nearly took down the Bush White House unintentionally, but he also hit a guy on the street too. I guess at 77 you can use the 'I'm too old to notice' speech after being arrested. I'm guessing he had his left turn blinker on too.

~I’m a huge fan of the anime series Cowboy Bebop series and have to wonder if it is a good idea to make a live action version of the show. Plus, FOX is going to make this movie. Wasn't this the same studio that wanted to avoid marketing movies as sci-fi like Meet Dave?

~Here’s the song to Launch Base Zone Act 1: After realizing that Michael Jackson worked on the Sonic 3 soundtrack, I’m pretty sure this track was written by him. It's a very cool track. Btw, I didn't know they left the Green Hill Zone song unchanged in Super Smash Brothers.

Wendy Williams -VS- Omarosa: Round One, Fight!

I'm not a big fan of Wendy Williams but I have to agree with her, Omarosa is a D-list person. Check out the video of Wendy and Omarosa squaring off. They keep talking over each other. It starts to go downhill when Omarosa attacks Wendy. You can check out the news report here.

However, my problem is this; why even have her on your show? Has she ever done anything worthwhile?

Don't help her promote her book. If we all ignore her, she'll disappear like Kato Kaelin. I can't say really like either one of them, but Omarosa gives professional black women a bad name. (here's a response)

You have to wonder if Omarosa did this as a stunt to promote her stupid book. It certainly seems that way. If Jenna Jameson can 'write' a book, then I guess she can too.

Here's another video link if the other one is deleted.

It's like Jason vs. Freddy. No matter who wins, we all lose.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cop Rock/Viva Laughlin: Repeat the same mistake and act surprised when it is canceled again.

Good folks at over at the agony booth went into a discussion of Cop Rock and that song “Let's be careful out there.” I personally can't believe there was a Network Head that green-lit this thing.

I can see Steven Bochco pitching this thing like this, “It's Hill Street Blues, but with musical numbers.”

Keep in mind, this was broadcast in 1990, when the term Metro-sexual wasn't invented yet. This was when musical weren't considered cool (except for movies about a talking/singing plant that ate people, and two white guys dressed in black on a mission from God.)

Yes, the idea was stupid and it failed. So, what made the creators think 2007 was the year to bring this concept up again in the form of Viva Laughlin?

I'm sorry but watching Wolverine prance around in a flashy suit and sing badly won't get you viewers.

My question is this, is Viva Laughlin worst than Cop Rock?

Holy crap

I hope someone was fired over this mess.

There will be a time when this sort of mess will be acceptable thanks to American Idol and other reality shows.

The Dark Knight (Part 3 of 3)

The Direction

Just like in the first film, Christopher Nolan knows how to film sweeping and spinning grand shots. This film takes it up a few points with the grand shots. One shot has Batman standing above the cityscape of Hong Kong as the camera spins around.

The action in this follow up is definitely sharper and an improvement over the first movie. It appears that he took the criticism of the first film to heart and pulled the camera out a bit to show us a better view of the action. One good example of this is at the beginning with Batman fighting The Scarecrow’s men. Yet, there is room for improvement on Nolan’s part. Sometimes the action doesn’t seem to make sense because the angles and edits. Sometimes you have to let the action scenes play out. Then again, Burton’s action scenes weren’t that outstanding either.

Nolan seems to really like the street chases a bit, because this is where he seems to have improved a great deal since the last film. The street chase between Batman and the Joker is probably one of the best scenes in the movie, if not the best. The use of CGI, on-set FX and sound effects makes it a fun scene to watch.


Despite the trouble with little children and babies in the theater, I still really enjoyed the movie deeply. While the running time is a bit too long for even me, I can understand why Nolan wanted a longer movie. He wanted to fully explore all the themes to the fullest and that’s understandable.

Nolan and the writers should be commended for giving Batman a completely dark movie, but not enough to make us want to commit suicide like Batman Returns. Even with its dark story, there is a glimmer of hope.

With a strong story that doesn’t pull any punches, it feels like WB let Nolan do the movie he wanted with no interference. This movie has washed the bad taste of Batman Returns and Batman & Robin out our collective mouths.

While I wouldn’t call The Dark Knight epic, I’d call it one of the best Batman movies ever. (Then again, I feel Batman Begins and the Dark Knight are one movie.) It is also right up there with the old Superman movie as far as superhero movies go. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next time.

Grade A-

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Sometimes, combining things work out well. Reese's cups (Peanut Butter & Milk Chocolate) worked out well. Then there are other combos that never seemed to pan out sporks.


There are many inventions that are completely useless. However probably one of the worst of the bunch has to be the spork.

While feeding my dog, I noticed the contents from can dog food was a mushy solid and fork would have not done justice to scooping out half a can, so I grabbed a spoon or at least I thought it was spoon. I realized I picked up a spork. I rose it up to my eye level and thought, “This has to be the stupidest invention ever.”

Someone in the grand stupidity of things thought, “I know people have a hard time switching from a fork to a spoon. Let's combine a spoon and fork, and that can save people 1.2 seconds between switching between the two.” This inventor has to be a C student.


And, when you think about it, a spork is jack of all trades and a master of none. Sporks are the Red Mages of kitchen utensils. I mean you can't hold down meat really well while you cut it, and it doesn't handle soup too well. What about ice cream or fried rice?

I guess it is for people that don't want to pay for spoons and forks.

To my total surprise, there is a website devoted the spork, check it out.

Monday, July 21, 2008

random things (Rave party!)

Glow lights and laser beams make a rave right?

Random Things

~While walking along the streets of Louisville at night, I heard a woman yelling as loud as she could. She kept saying, “G-damn it!” every few seconds. She crossed the street and kept yelling the same thing repeatedly. I tried my best to distance myself from this crazy woman just in case God felt like punishing her; I didn’t want to become collateral damage. Just in case…hey I’m agnostic.

~Here's funny spoof on Myspace and Dane Cook: It's like Tom from Myspace tries to convince this guy into logging into myspace again. Tila Tequila even shows up. As a planet, we have come to this.

~This is the first Strong Bad email I watch and I was hooked. It was the techno email from Silent J. I always make fun of techno and this video pretty much sums up how I feel about it. Here's a DDR remixed, and I like it. Who knew you could remix this to DBZ? BTW, the system is down!

~Speaking of techno, there is only one Techno song that rules today! Flawless victory! I feel like yelling out Mortal Kombat in a crowded mall.

The Dark Knight (Part 2 of 3)

The Joker enjoys watching 10 Things I Hate About You for the 27th time in his jail cell.

I like that they chose Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent. Eckhart just brings an honorable drive to character of the DA of Gotham. While there are some problems toward the end with Two-Face, I enjoyed the Harvey Dent as the hero both Gordon and Batman want to become.

So if you look closely at the movie, you will discover that Aaron Eckhart is the main star of the movie. I personally would have gone is a slightly different direction with Two-Face, but I like how he became the character and Harvey Dent is just a cool character. And there is a shocker that surprised me involving Two-Face’s origins and it’s a nice twist in the plot.

The character of Rachel Dawes had to be recast when Katie Holmes left over a ‘scheduling conflict’. And, I’m glad that brought in Maggie Gyllenhaal, because she improved upon the role and actually has acting chops, thus making the character stronger. Holmes went on to make Mad Money and nothing else.

There is about a one-minute scene that I won’t give away that Gyllenhaal really plays well and it is a touching moment. However, some of her scenes are a bit boring and slow down the movie. I’m generally not a fan of this character, but she works in the overall plot of the movie. They should have never put Holmes in the role in the first place.

Gary Oldman, who at one point didn’t have much on his acting plate until the Harry Potter films, finds himself in an expanded role. While Gordon does trust Batman, there is some tension between Harvey Dent and him. I really enjoyed how Oldman plays this character this time around. Gordon knows some of his cops are corrupt, but he needs them to fight his bigger war on crime, and that creates a riff between Dent and his department.

Angry Goat Vs. Little Kid

Angry Goat Vs. Little Kid

Yeah, I know it's a little mean to watch a goat just go into a fast break and knock down a little kid, but I got a chuckle out of this one. You can tell the kid wasn't hurt, just a bruised ego.

As the guy in the comment section stated, it looks like the male goat attacked another goat and caught the kid by accident. I think the goat was angry with the other goat for hogging all the food.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dark Knight (Part 1 of 3)

The Dark Knight Part 1 of 3

Alfred Pennyworth: You crossed the line first, sir. You hammered them. And in their desperation they turned to a man they didn't fully understand. Some men aren't looking for anything logical. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

That pretty much sums up this movie.

I was a big fan of Batman Begins. So, I had faith going into this movie that director Christopher Nolan wouldn’t turn the follow up into another self-indulgent film like Tim Burton did with Batman Returns. Instead of repeating the missteps of Burton and his ego, Nolan created a sequel that improves upon the stronger elements of the first film and goes further. Nolan takes us deeper into what happens when you take someone good and an idealist twist it upon itself.

The Dark Knight is a darker movie, but it doesn’t have the dark cynical tone of Tim Burton’s second film. Goyer and the Nolan brothers have written an amazing script that only changes the Batman mythology enough to fit into our current time. Nolan takes the theme of Batman being a symbol of hope and order and gives us another symbol. And that symbol is chaos in the form of the Joker.

I should just come out and say it. Yes, Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker is chilling and compelling at the same time. Believe the hype, this is Ledger’s best performance ever. (Forget Brokeback, actually I’m trying to.) Ledger’s every movement and mannerism fits within Nolan’s world. It’s a shame Heath Ledger died, because we would have seen some good things from him after this.

The Joker is no longer an acid accident victim, but a guy with scars on both sides of his face and he wears clown makeup instead. While some stupid comic book guys might have a problem with this change, I don’t. Plus, he makes him such a mean SOB that you don’t need a real origin story for this Joker. (The Joker mentions two unrelated stories as to how he got his face that way. Both contradict each other.)

This version of the Joker is twisted, but he has a bigger goal, which is to create chaos and watch as the city destroys itself out of fear. The Joker for the first time in the movies feels like a terrorist, which Harvey Dent mentions in the film.

However, don’t let the marketing trick you. This movie is about Harvey Dent and he’s the star of the film.

Remember, Jokers are wild.

The Baby that ruined The Dark Knight...

Yeah, I saw The Dark Knight and really enjoyed it, under some of the worst moving-going experiences ever.

This isn’t a review of the movie; I have to watch it again because some dumbass pretty much ruined my night. I’m so pissed off that I almost went to the counter and asked for my money back

And, it should have been a good time too.

I was able to get a ticket into a digital projector theater and found a good seat. Well, the theater was packed. And for the most part, the audience behaved themselves. Except for two, a mother and her baby, the baby proceeded to cry throughout the entire 2 hrs and 30 mins of the film.

She took a crying baby into a very harsh PG-13 movie at 9:30 PM on a Saturday night! That baby didn’t want to be there and he made sure everyone else in the theater felt the same way.

The mother only took her child outside only once! Then she brought the baby back in, where he continued to cry.

I was surprised no one got up and said something to the mother. But, there were rumbles throughout the theater each time a quiet moment happened in the film and that baby cried. Folks, this was one of the worst times I’ve had in the theater.

She must have really wanted to see the film badly, so badly that it pretty much ruined the movie for me. Are people that oblivious to the amount of disruption coming from their children?

So now there is a new rule.

Rule: If you can’t keep your child or baby quiet, don’t bring them to a theater or restaurant. I don’t have children and I didn’t pay to have your bad parenting skills thrown on me. Please get a babysitter.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pizza guy Serves a beatdown with that delivery

Pink-shirt Pizza guy beats the toppings off would-be robber.

I hate to say this, but sometimes life really is stranger than fiction. This story starts as a simple robbery in a Pizza joint and then becomes a twisted family affair. But, let’s backtrack a bit.

The guy comes into the store dressed in a wig and glasses showing a fake gun. (Something tells me people aren’t going to take you seriously when your gun has Ages 2 and Up on the side.) He slaps Pink-shirt guy and Pink-shirt guy goes off on him. He beats him so hard that you will notice that the metal table in the video is bent. And the robber’s limp body slides off the table, out cold.

As his disguise falls off, a female co-worker discovers that the getting the crap beat out of him is her father! Her father came in to her place of work and was going to rob it. WTF?

Well, he wakes up from his beatdown and runs for his get-away truck, where the female co-worker’s mother and husband were waiting for her father. So, her whole family was involved in the robbery. Some people followed the truck and the cops arrested all three.

Rudy Sandoval you are a true hero not only because you beat the crap out of a loser, but because you wore a pink shirt while doing it.

Read The full story here.

Here's a video interview.

You all, Everybody (Really creepy version)

You all, Everybody (Really creepy version)

Yeah, that wasn’t Dominic Monaghan’s voice. This strange clip comes from the Lost videogame Via Domus.

The writers have said the game doesn’t fit into the normal continuity of the show, but it does foreshadow the time travel aspects of the fourth season.

Here are few more clips

What happens when you enter 77

The Ending to videogame with the time travel ending.

Not Pushing the Button

The Smoke Monster!

The Smoke Monster chasing you

Six Reasons Why I Hate Drillbit Taylor

Six Reasons Why I Hate Drillbit Taylor

I like Owen Wilson, sure he plays the same role in every movie, but he does a good job with that role. Who else are you going to get to play the burnt out slacker? Matthew McConaughey can't play every slacker role by himself.

However, Drillbit Taylor simply isn’t a good movie and his hippie character is wearing a bit thin in this overly long comedy. Instead of writing a regular review, I decided to give you six reasons I hated the movie.

(Yeah, I know Owen has had a tough year, but this movie is bad.)

6. Owen Wilson playing Dupree again: It’s the same character from You, Me and Dupree. Except now, he just manipulates some kids instead of his best friend. I mean they should have just named the character Dupree and made it a sequel to that movie. Let’s call it Dupree and The Kids.

5. Superbad II just PG-13: The folks over at The Movie Blog made a good point about the movie being a copy of Superbad, and I started to notice it as I watched the movie. Seth Rogen didn’t even try to hide it either. Maybe this was an early draft for Superbad.

4. The Kids Aren’t That Interesting: I really didn’t care if these kids got their butts kicked. I didn’t even know their names. I called one the fat kid and another one tiny kid and the middle kid.

3. The Bullies Are Too Evil: The bullies attempt to kill the kids on numinous occasions. Are bullies really like that? In this movie, they beat the living shit out of the main stars and even take a few swings at Owen Wilson. There seems to be no motivation into the way the bullies go after the kids.

2. The Plot is Unfocused: The movie doesn’t know what it wants to be and shifts from Owen Wilson to the kids and even to a collection of bums. Owen is the kids' bodyguard and he also pretends to be a teacher too, then you throw in a half-baked love story and you have a mess. The movie needed a better focus.

1. Drillbit Taylor: Just saying it aloud makes you realize how stupid the name is.

Grade: C-

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Andy Dick in Jail?

Sure, he's on something in this picture.

Dear World,

Can we keep Andy Dick in jail for good? I mean what has he done for society?

Andy Dick was arrested at a parking for doing some nasty things, yet the news is very vague as to what happened though. Did he grope a man or woman in the parking lot? WTF happen? Then again, this is Andy Dick and do you really want to know what happen?

((The comedian Andy Dick was arrested early this morning in Murrieta on suspicion of drug possession and misdemeanor sexual battery, authorities said. ))

I mean the guy isn't really funny and he simply can't keep himself clean. Plus, he keeps having relapses and causing damage. I think he needs to show up on Dr. Drew's reality show.

Anyway, check out his mugshot will ya.

He certainly needs to stop making movies.

Update: It appears he allegedly grabbed a girl, who happen to be 17 years old, and showed her boobs at the restaurant! Uh, that's certainly not on the menu at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (part 2 of 2) review

Hellboy II

In this sequel, the action is more complex with a lot of Kung Fu and wire effects, which work and fit into Hellboy’s world. The editing is snappier with only a few slow moments here and there.

Sci-fi man Ron Perlman is born to play Hellboy. I’m not sure where the character ends and the actor begins. Hellboy is a blue-collar character that will beat the crap out of someone because they don’t give him the right answer, but loves cats and protects babies. Selma Blair and Perlman make an interesting couple too.

Luke Goss totally kicks major ass with his Martial Arts. Goss plays the main bad guy Prince Nuada, and I think he does a great job. The guy is evil, but he does it because he sees the fantasy world being taken over by the Human world and he wants to use the Golden Army to destroy it. He even tries to convince Hellboy to join his cause.

And, the Golden Army is amazing. It’s probably some of the best CGI work in the film. The scene with Hellboy and his team fighting the army is just a cool fanboy moment. You also get to see why this army is so badass too.

Overall, Hellboy II is more of an action fantasy movie than a comic book movie. It is certainly 85% more of a Guillermo del Toro vision than Mike Mignola’s vision of Hellboy. Some say this movie is a lot like a Pan's Labyrinth sequel than a Hellboy movie, and I think that’s okay. Even though there are a few missteps in the plot department and the dialogue is bad in some places, this is still a fun movie.

Grade: B+

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spree Time

Remember Driving around on one of these?

I'm kid from the 80's and I grew up in an interesting time. Mayren did a throwback post about those crazy but cool Trapper Keeper folder holders. It's strange when items seem to thrust us back to our childhood and teenager days. We seem to look back at how simpler it was.

Well, I decided to recall my own throwback thing. It's called the Spree Scooters. Back in the 80's in my end of town, all the cool kids that could afford a scooter, got a lot of tail. The Spree Scooters had a slick appearance to them, hell they almost look like a cousin to the Knight Rider car.

(Of course not to be confused with the candy Spree.)

Looking at them today, I can't help but think that they look rather ugly. I remember the girls would drive around on the pink ones.

Today, all the cool people that rode on the scooters have been replaced with skinny emo guys with tight pants and bad haircuts. If you're real lucky, you'll catch that the really fat fanboy/comic book guy riding around on something that is too small for him too.

It's kind of strange to see a different group of people driving them today.

By the way, it looks like someone is selling one of those Sprees from 1986.

Me being a lame kid, I never got one, but I still fondly remember these things. It's probably a good thing I didn't, because something tells me I would have messed something up riding that thing.

I just had a damn brown Huffy bike and a Trapper Keeper with Garbage Pale Kids stickers.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (part 1 of 2) review

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (part 1 of 2)

This Hellboy is visually stunning, bright and a lot of fun. It is certainly more entertaining than the first movie.

Director Guillermo del Toro has a colorful imagination. Hellboy II takes everything that was strange about the first movie and turns it up about 10 points. Most of the more religious background stuff is swept away for a more fantasy story. (Not everything about the fate of Hellboy from the first movie is disregarded. There is a bit of dark foreshadowing about a Hellboy III.)

The world the director creates is on a different level than the real world. It is bright, colorful, and filled with interesting characters and creatures. The movie really starts to pick up when Hellboy encounters this world, which is one of the best things in the film. It feels like the rich areas of Star Wars and the mood that George Lucas attempted to convey in the prequels but failed.

The action seems to build upon itself more and more up to the climax of this scene where a giant plant creature attacks the city.

The opening ‘flashback’ to the actual story behind the Golden Army is done in such a unique manner that I wanted to see more of it. It sums up the terrible nature of The Golden Army and the divide between the Human world and Magical world. It rather reminds me of the beginning of Kung Fu Panda, in that it has a different style from the rest of the movie.

I wasn’t really a fan of the young Hellboy stuff though. They could have done the Golden Army and elf stuff as a flashback within itself and not as told as a story to the young Hellboy.

Now, this is what I call gun control.
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