Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Madonna’s playlist for the Super Bowl performance

Madonna’s playlist has been released for her Super Bowl performance.
With the exception of two songs, I am fine with the list.  It is pretty much her 80s and early 90s songs.  I was hopping she would stay away from her Euro-DJ techno music stuff that dominated her later career.  We want to hear her old stuff.  

Hawaii 5-0 Loves Subway!

How much did Subway pay for this ad within the Hawaii 5-0 show?
I saw this on Reddit and couldn't believe my eyes and ears. Placing products into movies and films is fine, but to have a character stop the flow of the story to talk about a certain product is down right low. Did the Subway guys write that portion of the script or did they just send a memo?
Oh, and make sure you get all the subway logos into each shot from close ups to long shots. Oh, boy. Did this even needed to be shoved into the story? Nope, but this is another reason I've stopped watching most network TV shows.
I half expected Jared from Subway to pop his head in for a moment.   Maybe he did and I didn't see it.  
Anyway, this post is brought to you by Grizzlebees!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Megan Fox Island (no Smoke Monster in sight)

 Finally, Megan Fox chooses a good role...in Megan Fox Island.
An Island of Megan Foxes, and no one to talk to them. Did they tap into my dreamworld via that Inception machine?
Since Jennifer’s Body, I haven't thought she's picked the right roles or has even bothered showing up for movies. And, to be fair, she's not doing much today. You don't piss off one of the biggest producers in the world.
I guess Michael Bay didn't direct this ad, despite it looking like a Bay ad.
Plus, you can't go wrong with Mike Tyson Island. Now, that was funny. I have no idea what this tribe of Tyson will do to the boys.
I did a little digging and found this on The Huffington Post, ((In an ad for the Brazilian-based language school CCAA shot in Oxnard, California, Megan Fox greets two non-English speaking guys who get washed up on a distant island with the words, "Welcome to Megan Fox Island." ))
So, this is promotional ad is to get more people from Brazil to learn English. What better way than a million Megan Foxes.

Super (2010)

Super (2010)
Shut up, Crime!
I actually enjoyed the movie a great deal.  However, I can’t recommend the movie to light at heart.  The movie is as violent as they come.  Actually, the movie might be more brutal than Kick-ass.  Up until the last 20 minutes, the movie is very much a dark comedy, and I can’t stress dark enough.  People get their heads cracked in by this “super” hero.  And, I found myself really enjoying the movie because of this. 
Frank D'Arbo (Rainn Wilson) is a guy that works at as a cook at a restaurant, and has a rather boring life, but he has a lovely wife.  She is a recovering addict that ends up falling off the wagon and leaving Frank for a drug dealer named Jock (Kevin Bacon).  Distraught by this, Frank starts to lose his mind and becomes a superhero named The Crimson Bolt.  He fights crime by bashing people’s skulls in with a wrench.  While fighting crime, he even takes on a lovely sidekick (Ellen Page). 
This is probably Wilson’s best role yet.  You’re not sure if you should be cheering on this guy or wanting him stop his crime fighting ways.  Wilson does a good job balancing the mundane, silly and darkness of his character.  He really seems to shine when he takes on the character of The Crimson Bolt.  Wilson is just outstanding in the twisted role. 
The other actress that steals the show is a hyper Ellen Page doing something different than her Juno role.  Here, she is a fan-girl that works at a local comic shop.  She knows her comic books and helps Wilson’s character with his research.  There is a dark twisted charm about Page’s character and her intensity to become a super hero sidekick to the Crimson Bolt.  Her sidekick name is Boltie
When she dons the Boltie costume, she becomes extremely crazy to the point of harming a somewhat innocent person.  Page is extremely cute as Boltie, if a little insane.  And, there is one scene that every fanboy talks about involving her, in her Boltie outfit, and an unsuspecting/sleeping Rain Wilson.  I won’t spoil it, but you will never see Page the same way again…
“It's all gooshy. ”
Kevin Bacon is playing Kevin Bacon.  And, I am fine with that too.  I find it funny that he’s the main villain here, and it another big bad villain in X-Men: First Class. 
Besides the Ellen Page scene, there is another stand out scene involving a theater line-cutter that is extremely brutal.  I was disturbed by it, and amused with the fact they showed it. 
The story switches to a serious one toward the end of the movie.  The dark humor is replaced with some serious scenes of life and death when the Crimson Bolt and Boltie attack the drug stronghold.  I was even shocked the direction they took with one character.
The ending wasn’t what I suspected either.  While somber, there is a hint of hope, and I will leave it at that.  I am surprised how much I enjoyed the movie. 
Grade:  B+
Side Note: 
-Did I mention that Nathan Fillion plays a parody of Bibleman?  I think only a few people will even get the joke. 
 At least the outfit is better than the Batgirl outfit in Batman & Robin.  

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Knock Off

Knock Off
Man, another Jean Claude Van Damme movie that was bad and overlooked by everyone. This silly movie was just on Showtime. So, we got green explosions with knock off toys and clothes that are used as bombs. We also have the Van Damme acting like his doing Street Fighter II.
The movie is set during the change over of Hong Kong from British rule to Chinese. There were a lot of movies with this setting during the late 90s. (Rush Hour). The movie is about terroists planting bombs within “knock off” pants and toys. They plan on setting off the bombs across the world. And, that's the plot of the movie. Brilliant...
So, Van Damme takes on killer pants.
The worst part is Rob Schneider is the costar and partner to Van Damme's character, and he's channeling his role in Judge Dredd. What is it with Schneider costarring with actors that are hard to understand? He's really super annoying here.
-The stunts by Van Damme are very entertaining. It is just a shame he can't choose better scripts.
-Hey, they even threw in the lovely “Sunshine” girl from Harlem Nights. (Lela Rochon)
-There is a guy that uses his glasses as weapons. I am not making this up.
-And, we get multiple ass shots from Van Damme. I've never seen a guy more in love with his ass than Van Damme.  

Friday, January 27, 2012

Speaking of Ferris Bueller...

Speaking of Ferris Bueller...
This is the version of the song “Oh, Yeah” that was used in the end credits of the film. I listened the other version and realized it was the one used when Ed Rooney boards the school bus.  

Ferris Bueller sequel, an ad?

Inspector Gadget IV? I hope not.  
Ferris Bueller sequel, an ad?
This could be a tie in with some viral marketing event with the old movie. But, what does this mean? Well, I looked through Reddit and discovered a link to a story about this short clip. It seems to be a promotional thing connected to a bigger Super Bowl ad.
However, there are discussions about a possible sequel to Ferris Bueller (not to be confused with the lame TV show).
From the Daily Mail, ((This suggests that all will be revealed during this year's Super Bowl, which takes place on February 5 and could be that Broderick has decided to step into Bueller's shoes once again.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2092653/Ferris-Bueller-sequel-Matthew-Broderick-reprise-famous-role.html#ixzz1kgHNDaSH))
As I have written before, I love Ferris Bueller's Day Off. I remember when my mother rented the movie back in the day and I watched it.
I liked the complex relationships and the notion of cheering on a character that cuts school and is sort of a jerk to his friends. And, that's the thing about the original movie, Ferris is a bit of a user when it comes to his friends. Plus, there is a strange threesome thing going on with Ferris, Cameron and Sloane. It isn't fully explored, but it is certainly there. I could see Cameron and Sloane getting together.
And, keep in mind that this hasn't been the first time a sequel has been talked about. Back when John Hughes was still alive, there was talk of a follow up movie. From the wiki page, ((Broderick and Hughes stayed in touch for a while after production. "We thought about a sequel to Ferris Bueller, where he'd be in college or at his first job, and the same kind of things would happen again. But neither of us found a very exciting hook to that. The movie is about a singular time in your life."[24] "Ferris Bueller is about the week before you leave school, it's about the end of school—in some way, it doesn't have a sequel. It's a little moment and it's a lightning flash in your life. I mean, you could try to repeat it in college or something but it's a time that you don't keep. So that's partly why I think we couldn't think of another," Broderick added. ))
Then again, this could just be for an ad for a product, and I am fine with that. I would just love to see Broderick reprise the role, because he's been known for some real stinkers.
Oh, did I mention what a huge crush I had on Mia Sara? And, she looks pretty good for her age now.
And, keep Godzilla and his wife Sarah Jessica Parker out of the promotion or the movie.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Napoleon Dynamite is a cartoon show?

Napoleon Dynamite is a cartoon show?
Is it still 2004? I thought this show would have been HUGE back around 2004 or 2005. But is ND still as popular? I have to say that I like the Beavis and Butthead style of animation. I'll have to try this show on Hulu or On Demand, so I'm not going to bash it. But, do you remember the Space Balls cartoon show? Most people don't and I am getting that vibe here.
We finally had the whole Napoleon Dynamite impressions die out, only for this show to bring them back. Now, we're going to get a bunch of people doing their bad impressions again, just like 2004. Great...

Bus Association doesn’t the Priceline ad…

Bus Association doesn’t the Priceline ad…
No matter what you do, you’re going to piss off someone or something.  Now, that recent Priceline ad that kills of the Priceline character via a bus explosion, has rubbed a certain organization the wrong way.
From CNN, ((The American Bus Association is asking that Priceline pull an ad that shows its longtime spokesman William Shatner dying in a fiery bus explosion, saying that it believes the ad is in bad taste.))
Uh, if we use this form of logic, then this ad and Star Trek Generations should offend bridge builders because Shatner died in both of these scenes falling off a bridge.  Is it really in poor taste?  I thought it was rather funny, but the funniest part is Shatner cutting off the Priceline Negotiator theme song. 
Every group has to be offended by something I guess. 
From CNN, ((Group spokesman Dan Ronan concedes that he doubts any potential customers will be afraid to take the bus after seeing the spot, but said "it portrays the industry in a bad light. We're protecting our brand and our reputation."))
Then I guess you all really didn’t Speed either or that Rosie O’Donnell bus movie either.  Okay, I hated that Rosie bus movie, but come on.  Bus crashes portray the industry in a bad light not an ad by TJ Hooker himself. 
Your group should be offended by this…
Why is Rosie so over the top?  I'm sorry, but Shatner is better actor than Rosie. 

SearchQu is a piece of crap: Annoying program

SearchQu is a piece of crap: Annoying program
My brother downloaded some programs to my computer and to my surprised my Google home page changed to the ever crappy searchqu page without my permission. I was really pissed about this change too. Then, I attempted to change my homepage back to Google and it wouldn't let me. I did some digging and came across some people that had the same problems with this annoying add-on.
I removed most of the parts of the program, but there are a few hidden elements within the Firefox version. Because, windows did a reset update and I noticed the searchqu came back up in that browser.
Why would you want to force someone to use your search engine in such a intrusive manner?  

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Remember, kids, stay in school  (or Shcool) 
And remember, there are no "backspaces" on street painting.  

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dixie Square Mall gone?

Dixie Square Mall

While watching the commentary on the by Paw on the Blues Brother review, he mentioned the Dixie Square Mall. I looked into the comment section and it was stated that the mall was being destroyed this month. I got a little upset with that news.
The Dixie Square Mall chase from the classic movie The Blues Brothers is one of my favorite car chase scenes. The production company rented the closed mall for about eight weeks.
-Yes, that was Frank Oz asking for a Miss Piggy doll.
-Right as the car cashes through the store, a woman can be seen jumping out of the way in the nick of time. And she crashes right into the side of a counter. That must have hurt!
-Also, you can see an R2-D2 toy in the lower right corner near the same counter the woman crashes into at the 19 second mark.
-They destroyed a lot of things in the scene that would make my head spin. Some stores didn't want to be associated with the movie and had their store faces changed.
From what I've read, the mall was closed before they started filming the Blue Brothers scene. So, they were able to really do a number to the mall in that scene.
The kicker is the town didn't have the funds to destroy the mall, so it just sat there in decay for over 30 years. I can't believe no has decided to buy it or develop it. It is just a ghost town of twisted metal and rust.

There is a lot videos and pictures showing the complete decay of the mall.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

William Shatner to be killed off in a new Priceline Ad?

William Shatner to be killed off in a new Priceline Ad?

Here's my Favorite 
I actually liked the Priceline ads with William Shatner. They were the few ads I could actually watch and not be disgusted with them. Shatner turned the hammy Shatner up a notch for the ads. And, he was the face of Priceline. Now, there is talk of Shatner's character literally going off the deep end in a new ad for Monday.
From People Magazine, ((After 14 years, "The Negotiator" will be no more. 
William Shatner is leaving his role as pitchman for the online travel site Priceline.com, and he is not going softly into his good night. He's falling off a cliff. And dying.  ))
Uh, didn't Captain Kirk die in a similar manner? 14 years is a long time for an ad
Also, did you know Shatner is 80 years old. Holy crap.
Priceline has already released the ad on their youtube page.
I wonder who are they going to bring in to replace him? Captain Picard?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Enough with this spam

To that Spammer that keeps posting in my comments section, knock it off. 
In my Red Tails post some spammer continues to post Spam after I deleted the first comment. 
Why would you keep posting the same spam?  I will delete it. 
It just pisses me off. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Megaupload shut down by the US government

Megaupload shut down by the US government
This will be my last post on SOPA and copyright laws for a while.  However, the US government has shutdown Megaupload.com without SOPA.  They already have the power to shutdown sites that already have copyright infringing content. 
And, they arrested the owners of the site through New Zealand.  You don’t need to add more power to government because they can shutdown stuff in other countries.  I can go into the reasons why there are problems with this issue pre-SOPA, but I won’t.  
 However, people need to use this as way of proving you don’t need new laws to stop copyright infringement.  The messy part is the profits that Mega received that don’t make this a black and white issue. 
It is a real shame the US government doesn’t move this swiftly against drug dealers or terrorists.   

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