Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Dangers of Emo?

Are Emos dangerous? I've only seen them cry and write really bad poetry, while wearing bad make-up. This news report tries to convince people that Emos are dangerous. I got a good laugh out of it.

Emos shall rule the planet

You Got Served II: Clogging Goes West.

Hip-Hop Clogging? Yep

It's time for me to get some wooden shoes and jam like it's 1845! I really dig this video for some reason. Funny, I always thought Clogging meant shoving a bunch of tissue paper down the toilet, but this is pretty good.

From Wiki,

Clogging is the official state dance of Kentucky and North Carolina.

The official dance of Kentucky? Really? This is coming from a state (commonwealth) that still has a law permitting people to shot whales from a moving car...when there aren't any oceans around.

blues brothers- minnie the moocher

Here's the extended Cab Calloway song from The Blues Brothers movie

I loved this song growing up. When I rented the DVD a while back I noticed every song on the DVD version was longer. In this version, Calloway has more verses in the song and there's an extended cut of the Blues Brother sabotaging the police cars as well. You won't find this on the TV versions.

Calloway wanted to sing another version of the song and he wasn't happy when the producers asked him to sing the original version. This is great display of Call and Response in action, and something that makes American music very different than European music.

Grape Drink causes big Stank

What do you get when you mix grape soda with a Gateway keyboard? A sticky situation…

One night, I decided to open a 2-liter grape soda drink and it exploded everywhere, and I mean everywhere. My screen was covered in purple stuff, and my pants were soaked (I have a pair of purple underwear now). Some of it even got onto my wireless keyboard…shit. For a while, my W would stick, as well as my ‘Shift’ Key. Well, I cleaned my W Key, but my left Shift key is still misbehaving.

Curse you, Grape Soda!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Let’s Go Ghostbusters Let’s go!

Let’s Go Ghostbusters Let’s go!

And the cartoon Spin-off.

I guess they had to add an ape to the show, because it adds coolness. Of course when the cartoon show based on the Ghostbusters’ movie franchise came out, it was called The Real Ghostbusters to distance itself from the other show. Isn’t that the guy from F-troop in the first clip?

Is 12 the new 18?

What in the hell? Puff Daddy’s son gets a lap dance?

The little Diddy gets a round thing shoved in his face…at the age of 12. Many people are pissed because he’s 12 years old and shouldn’t be around such things, but I pissed for whole other reason. Back when I was 12, the girls would never look in my direction, yet here’s a 12 year old getting something you have to pay for in his lap. Sure he doesn’t know what to with that thing, or at least we all hope, but still he’s going to grow up to be one lucky man. “Hey, I’m the son of Diddy, lady.”

Here's the actual source

New Coke: Old Joke

New Coke: April 23, 1985

I remember back in the day when The Coke-Cola Company decided to change their formula. They also changed their cans as well. Story goes that Pepsi started to gain ground with their products and was nipping at heels of Coke’s Number 1 spot. So, something had to be done about it. So, they created New Coke as a bold 80s statement, trying to move away from their old look.

What did New Coke taste like? Like Pepsi. Did they really believe people would jump board with this new taste? At first, there were people that liked the taste, but slowly more and more people began to join the “I hate it camp”. Hell, even Fidel Castro hated the taste (I’m not making this up).

Realizing their mistake, the company switched back to their classic flavor. They renamed New Coke to Coke II and later discontinued the product all together in the States. Now I heard that you can still get Coke II in Qu├ębec, Canada. I need to go up there and check it out. It was considered one of the worst marketing moves ever, yet Classic Coke sells went through the roof after it returned.

A report on New Coke

Max Headroom does New Coke

Bill Cosby says New Coke is better? WTF? He’s wearing his trademark sweater too. Something tells me he’s lying about this.

I’d nearly forgotten that they repackaged New Coke as Coke II, something they should of done from the get go. They should have sold the two products side by side, thus giving people a choice. I still think they could sell it today as long as it was under the Coke II brand.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Review of Rome:‘Philippi’

Brutus: “They say it’s a good day to die?”

General: “Who?”

Brutus: “Klingons.”

General: “What the hell?”


Review of Rome:‘Philippi’

The Battle in Greece

With Mark Antony and Gaius Octavian teaming up to battle Brutus and his army, Brutus never really had a chance. Antony’s forces outsmarted his forces, and the battle quickly turned in Antony and Octavian’s favor. This episode was the playoff to the Brutus storyline that began during the first season. Brutus was the last person to stab the Dictator Julius Caesar. So, I found it neat and compelling that Brutus ended up the same way Caesar did in the end of this episode, being stabbed multiple times by his enemies. While in real life, Brutus killed himself by his own sword, the show decided to do it in an emotional level. I think it works better this way. It is a very heartbreaking moment when Brutus realizes that his war is over. The actor playing the part did a fantastic job.

The entire episode was magnificent. The acting was top notch and the score was good.

I loved the way Antony handles war differently than Octavian. We see Antony eating bread as the battle wages on, relaxed.

Great episode, and it nearly felt like a movie. It’s too bad that this will be the last season.

Grade B+

Sunday, February 25, 2007

top 15 bad guys of Sci-fi (10-6)

Sorry Fanboys, you’ll never get a woman like this, and neither will I.

10. Richter (from Total Recall): This guy was not only dating Sharon Stone’s character on the side, but also chasing Douglas Quaid/Hauser around Earth and Mars. Don’t forget he also shot a three-breasted woman in the back. “See you at the party, Richter!”

9. The Shadows and Mr. Morden (From Babylon 5): The Shadows were a cool concept. They were an old race that believed in survival of the fittest, and that wars made a culture stronger. They looked like insects and had many races as slaves, such as the Drakh. I liked their organic ships too. What made them even cooler, was the fact they had a PR guy by the name of Mr. Morden.

8. The Borg (From Star Trek TNG): Villains are more dangerous when they want to turn you into one of them. These guys were the new space age Zombies. Resistance was futile!

7. The Predator (From PredatorI and II): Old crab-face had a shoulder-mounted laser, so nothing is cooler than that. Any creature that wipes out nearly an entire Special Forces Squad has to make my list. “You’re one ugly Mother…”

6. Number Six (Battlestar Galactica): For number 6, I had to pick Number Six. While snapping babies’ necks, she continuously bangs Dr. Gaius Baltar, which isn’t a bad thing. The types of sexual acts she performs on the good Doctor could never be shown on the big networks.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Little Shop of Horrors Feed Me (get it)

Little Shop of Horrors Feed Me (get it)

This is probably one of the best songs in the movie. Levi Stubbs kills this song, and I always liked Rick Moranis’ performance in this song too.

The best part is when Steve Martin yells at Audrey for falling off the motorcycle and makes her run after him on foot!

The guy sure looks like plant food to me.

The Wiggles: Return!

Here’s another video made by The Wiggles with the same guy editing and replacing the real song with a Too Short song. I have to say he did a good job with this one too.

Bonus video: Teletubbies dance 2 D4L: This one is creepy, but it actually works. What’s up with the baby in the sun? Is he trapped in the sun? I don’t understand this show.

Homer Simpson Transmundanity Award!

I love this pic

Very cool

I received a Transmundanity award. And what did I win the award for? The Sulu vs. Hardaway post! I couldn't have done it with Captain Sulu.

And here's an added bonus with Sulu using a sword and shirtless.The new Zorro

top 15 bad guys of Sci-fi (15-11)

Sci-fi has a list of the 13 favorite Sci-fi villains

It’s a good list, so I figured I try my hand at a list of top sci-fi bad guys (and girls). Over a few posts, I’ll do my top 15. Here are my first 5…

15. The Necromongers (from The Chronicles of Riddick): They were basically Romans in space with a bit of Emo and Goth thrown in for good measure. I dug these guys and their armor.

14. The Operative (from Serenity): Chiwetel Ejiofor played this role so well that I think in some ways it helped him get bigger roles in the movies today. The Operative truly believed in his cause, going as far as wiping out entire families. The only way to defeat him was to show that the very thing he was fighting for was corrupt. He was a great character.

13. The Daleks (from all the Dr. Who shows): Before the Borg, there were the annoying talking trashcans with big ass cannons. Yes, they were silly, but I liked them.

12. Ash (from Alien): Before becoming the world’s favorite Hobbit, Ian Holm played an off-centered android named Ash. Ash was programmed to protect the Alien. Holm’s Ash seemed to always observe the crew in a cold robotic way throughout the film. I found his near raping of Ripley disturbing or at least what an android considered sex.

11. Megatron/Galvatron (Transformers the movie): Changing from a stock cartoon villain in the show to a cold-blooded killer in the movie, I couldn’t believe how he ruthlessly murdered some of my favorite characters, such as Ironhide and Starscream in the movie.

Friday, February 23, 2007

The Super Mario Brothers Super Show

Dance Mario!

The Super Mario Brothers Super Show

Here’s the intro to the dreadfully cool Super Mario Brothers cartoon show. I remember coming home from school and watching this cartoon all the time. Now looking back at all the Mario Brothers stuff that came out in the 80s, I can’t believe how much the Big N whored out their franchises.

Here’s the alt version.

Later the show changed into Super Mario World, and changed the setting of the show to cavemen and dinosaurs.

I really hate this version of the intro. Bring back the rap song!

Clerks II stuff

Lord of the Rings vs. Star Wars

Comment: In Clerks II there’s a funny scene where one of the main characters bashes The Lord of the Rings movies. Yeah, I loved the Rings movies a lot, but this scene is funny. I also like that they got the guy from Alias to play the Rings Super Nerd.

Pillow Pants

Comment: This is one of the most awkward scenes in the entire movie. Listen to the music when he mentions the ‘troll’.

Katharine McPhee is real

Tyra Banks has become officially my true hero.

The very cute Katharine McPhee was upset that people believed her love pillows were fake and Ms. Banks decided to give McPhee’s pillows a test drive. Do women do this behind closed dressing room doors? Wow!

Check the video out

Your Mummy is so fat...

Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh for Mummy 3? Maybe...

It's been reported by other blogs that Jet Li might play a role in the upcoming Mummy 3.

((In related news, an IGN reader dropped us a line about The Mummy 3 and director Rob Cohen. "I attend Chapman University in Orange, CA where tonight Rob Cohen did a Q&A after a screening of his film Dragon:The Bruce Lee Story. During the Q&A, someone asked what he thinks about Jackie Chan and Jet Li. In his answer, he confirmed that Jet Li will play the Mummy in The Mummy 3, which he is directing. He also said that the film will take place in China and Michelle Yeoh will also be in the film. The biggest bombshell was that the film's protagonist will not be Brendan Fraser, but rather his character's son, now 22 years-old. Also, Jet Li will be the head Mummy in a group of Mummies that were the Teracotta army." ))

Well, the series is moving away from the Middle East and into the East. Now, I'm still a little unsettled about the fact that the Japanese aren't mentioned in some of the versions of the script, considering Japan is invading China at the time this story is set.

This movie could completely stink or be a fun action adventure.

So does this mean Brendan Fraser won't be in the movie at all. BTW, what has happened to Fraser? I haven't seen him in anything lately besides that dreadful Loony Toons movie (No not Space Jam, the other one)

BTW, they better bring back Ardeth Bey. I know his character won't quite fit into the China storyline, but he's just an extremely cool character.

He's giving us 'the bird'

Thursday, February 22, 2007

24 S5 part 3

Probably some of the most compelling dramatic moments in the show came at the tail end of the season. For once, it felt like the writers wanted to push the bounties of their restrictive format and go for a dramatic tone this season. I loved every minute of it. Plus, this time around, not everyone working with Jack ended up killed.

I enjoyed the whole conflict between Peter Weller’s Christopher Henderson and Jack Bauer during the whole season, but I really loved seeing these two being forced to work together toward end of the season. Weller (Robocop) just kicked ass as one of the main bad guys. It was a little shocking to see Bauer shooting him in cold blood, but if there ever was a guy that deserved to see his maker, it was Henderson.

Kiefer Sutherland going after President Logan was also another cool moment, especially when he kidnapped Logan, demanding a confession. That was an intense moment, and I wasn’t sure if Bauer was going to pull the trigger or not. The most amazing scene was when Logan finally gets ousted as the man responsible for President David Palmer’s death. We watch as Palmer’s body is loaded into the plane and Logan is taken into custody. It was truly a remarkable and somber moment. I should also note that by having Palmer killed, we get to see that Bauer will stop at nothing to find the people responsible for his friend’s death. It shows that despite Bauer’s faults, he is still a honorable person.

I didn’t think they could do it, but season 5 was one of the best seasons since the 1st and 4th seasons. Like wine, 24 does get better with age.

Grade A-

Jack: "Can you hear me now, mother*#$er?"

Yes, Sam the Hobbit was part of this season’s plotline. I’m just happy he didn’t say ‘I’m sorry Mr. Frodo’

Poor Edgar Stiles, he never got to kiss a girl.

This year’s Kim Bauer.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

random bits

Fake Till Scam

I have never heard of this scam before, but man it takes a lot of guts to pull this off. Here’s how you do it, you take a functioning cashier till and enter a store with a stolen uniform and make people pay for their things like you actually work there. After you’re done, you take your cash.

Joe Rogan calls out a Hater by posting her Myspace Pictures!

Comment: I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the Carlos Mencia vs. Joe Rogan story, but I just love how Rogan posted some pictures of a woman that decided to bash him. The woman is huge, and she has a mullet, as she’s licking something off a male stripper. Note: Notice all the chicks with cameras in the picture.

This woman is frightening, and you have to wonder why she decided to put those pics on her MySpace.

How to make Microsoft Windows faster

We all know that Windows is a shitty product, but at least XP is stable. However, our computers do tend to slow down a bit the longer we use them. This video will show you a few ways to speed your windows program up a bit.

While I didn't care for the new age music, the video is pretty easy to follow.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Captain Sulu likes Hardaway

Well, Mr. Sulu has a response to Tim Hardaway's anti-gay remarks.

George Takei kicks ass in this video. You go, Mr. Sulu!

Here's what Tim said.

"You know, I hate gay people, so I let it be known," Hardaway said. "I don't like gay people and I don't like to be around gay people. I am homophobic. I don't like it. It shouldn't be in the world or in the United States."

Agree or disagree with someone's lifestyle, but to hate people is another thing altogether. Remember just because they aren't like you, doesn't give you the right to hate them. (Semaj stepping off his soap box). The Snickers thing was harmless, but Tim Hardaway went too far.

The Wiggles: keeping it real

The Wiggles

Okay, Monday morning I was flipping through the channels, and I noticed that strange show The Wiggles was on The Disney Channel. I had seen it before thinking, why are these men dressed up in Star Trek outfits? Something inside forced me to put the remote down and watch this bizarre children’s show. I watched as four grown men sung songs about hopping and jumping for an entire episode. After the show ended, I asked myself one question; what in the hell is a Wiggle anyway?

Well, I didn’t get an answer, but I did do some research into these strange guys. Two of the founding members were part of an Australian band named the Cockroaches (I guess they couldn’t use The Beatles.) After the band broke up, two of the members formed The Wiggles, a kid’s band, singing upbeat songs. They do tours around their homeland as well as the UK and the US, where they’ve become smash hits with the kids. I know I’m not a child, but the guys’ overly happy expressions combined with their Power Rangers colors just scares the crap out of me. Lame comes to mind, and yet I can’t take my eyes off the show.

However, remember the rule about three coolest things in the universe and you have to have at least one in your show or book to keep it cool. The three things are Monkeys, Ninjas, and Pirates. The Wiggles have a Pirate that goes by the name Captain Feathersword. He’s a friendly Pirate that has a feather for a sword. (Don’t ask, it’s better that way).

Anyway, here are some interesting videos to get you interested…

The Wiggles - The Monkey Dance: I actually laughed at this one. Do the Monkey!

The Wiggles - The Numbers Rhumba: We can all count to 3! This one just creeps me out.

The Wiggles- Hot Potato: Come on, if that was a real pirate he would have shot him in the back to get that dish of food.

the wiggles/ young joc: Meet them at the Trap. Trust me, you will want to see this one. I can watch this video over and over again.

Gangster Wiggles Yep, another hip-hop remix

Are they pointing at me?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Employee of the Month (2006) (I watched this because The Departed was out)

Employee of the Month

I knew going in that this movie wasn’t going to be great or even good. Dane Cook stars in this work related film about a slacker that dreams of some day banging Jessica Simpson. Simpson’s character likes to have sex with the Employee of the month. Cook goes out of his way to get into her undercarriage.

Yep, that’s the plot. Too bad movies like Waiting and the 40-year-old virgin did the work-related plotline better. This movie isn’t really that funny and Cook looks lost without a microphone in his hand. One has to even wonder why they even got Cook for the role. Simpson looks pretty, yet she still hasn’t gotten over her Daisy Duke role in Dukes of Hazard. She’s playing the same character except without the short shorts.

I used to work in a supermarket and this movie reminded me of all the stupid things that went on there. Those times were not fun, and neither is this movie. Avoid this film. (Kind of funny that Dane shows up in Waiting too, and that’s a better movie.)

Grade D+

Daisy Duke: “I think something bounced up in my…”

Semaj: “Undercarriage, we get it!”


“Weren’t you in one of those Direct TV ads?”
Daisy Duke: “I don’t know what that means, but I want it.”
This is the second movie in a row I’ve reviewed with Pedro Sanchez, er Efren Ramirez, in it. This means something, a sign of things to come.

Anna Nicole Smith: More fame now than alive.

Let the dead rest, and let the past remain the past, Captain Picard

Anna Nicole Smith

Okay, I made an effort not to mention her in my blog until the Smith Death hoopla died down. Well, it hasn’t died down and it has gotten worst. I flip through CNN, MSNBC, and FOX and all I see are shows devoted to this woman. What has this woman done other than to make us laugh at her? Yes, it was tragic that she died, (I believe she never got over the death of her son), but come on. I’m all for honoring the dead, but this is beating the dead over the head repeatedly. Aren’t there other issues to discuss other than who will acquire Anna’s Trim-Spas money? Did she have a bigger impact than James Brown or Gerald Ford? Can we let her rest in peace and let the story die?

We have far more pressing issues to discuss, like Britney Spears shaving her head and cheerleaders taking off their clothes…

Let’s look at her award winning roles shall we.

Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult: Certainly the weakest of the Naked Gun movies and you know you’re in trouble when the marketing surrounded Anna Nicole Smith’s body and not how funny the movie was. She doesn’t play a bad role, mainly because she’s playing herself.

Skyscraper: Straight to Video! From, A helicopter charter soon turns deadly when the female pilot finds that she is on a building held by terrorists. It is up to her and her husband to save the hostages. All this just so she can get naked…

"The Anna Nicole Show": Sigh…

Countless Trim-Spa ads: At least she was better than Jared from Subway.

So, let this whole than die down, and let the lawyers fight over it in private. Bring on Britney-gate!

If I had to sum the problem with the Smith story, it would be Nancy Grace and her show. Nancy, do we need wall-to-wall coverage? Don’t you have other people to yell at?

Unrelated question: Does Jared carry around oversized pants wherever he goes?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Funky places on the planet.

Thanks to Google Earth, we can finally see images from the surface of our great blue planet. I like the use of music in this video. The opening portion is from King Kong (the new one), and the rest is from The Mummy II. I think you'll enjoy it with the music.

words are just words

Most people already know about the amusing site that goes by the name People know that it isn't easy to translate Japanese to English, but many of the ad mix ups in Japan are Localization issues. It's one thing to translate something, but it is something else completely to make sense of the translation. Many of Squaresoft's older games had these issues too. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the site

When a Zombie has had a long night searching for brains to eat, there's nothing better than to drink something to relax and reflesh (With mint frosting)


Pace, sweet!


Cowpoo? Come on, what kind of business are you running here? BTW, note the symbol of gas on the sign.


24 open, that's like the McDonald's signs right (over 2 billion)? So, they sell sand and sushi. Mmm, good.


I'm not even going to comment on this one.


Monkey of the Magic! Please, someone explain how monkeys and magic fit together, let alone on a shirt.


You don't say...

I really want this shirt

Bordertown becomes Booed-town

J-Lo's new movie gets booed by moviegoers at its premiere.

Well, it looks like Jennifer Lopez will end up doing cheap romance comedies for the rest of her career.

((The first ominous signs came at the press screening on Thursday afternoon, when the film was booed by the audience, apparently annoyed that Nava had decided to make a B-movie thriller out of such a tragedy. Then there were boos during the official premiere on Thursday evening, and applause at the end was muted. J-Lo looked visibly upset. ))

Man, I know movies can be bad, but to boo a movie at a premiere is a little harsh. Premieres are the only times people are suppose to say the movie is good, when in fact it's just a floating turd. People go up to the director and say, “Brilliant work my friend, brilliant!”

It's kind of sad, because J-Lo will fall back to doing safe romantic comedies instead of trying her hand at daring roles. Hey, J-Lo, if you need a shoulder to cry on, I'm there for you...



Man, this movie is violent. Crank is about a former hitman getting pumped full of poison by his former employers. He discovers that he has to keep moving in order to stay alive, or his heart will stop. Given that he only has a day to live, he decides to get back at all the people that were responsible for his condition. What we get is a bloody movie fast-paced film that sometimes is little too quick for its own good. Putting fast edits over style, the movie is sometimes a little unforgiving to the non-video gaming crowd, and this might be to its advantage. Perhaps, people over 35 will turn the movie off within the first 10 minutes.

There are things to like about the movie, such as its liberal display of nudity for the sake of being an R-rated film, and the countless scenes of people getting shot and arms being cut off for good measure. It doesn’t shy away from being a violent film in an almost comical way. And, perhaps this is where I truly enjoyed most of the movie, because it never takes itself seriously. (Watch the scene where the main character does something with his girlfriend in the middle of Chinatown, because I’ll never forget it).

Jason Statham handles the role fairly well. He reminds me of a mean bulldog on the loose. He is able to play the comedy with a straight face, while kicking a lot of butt in the process. One of the biggest problems I have with Crank is the appalling score. Hell, I would have settled for a recycled James Horner score than to listen to that horrible hardcore rock/techno mess again. Yes, the movie is fast, but you don’t have kill us with your Rock Mix tape. Because the movie is so strange and frantic, it is sometimes hard to keep up with the movie, and we lose sight of the central plot. Yet, this isn’t a movie for plot, but to display neat camera tricks and high speed chases.

In the end, Crank is fun, yet not too compelling. Not a bad flick…

Grade CJason Statham: “For the last time, I’m not going to take the Transporter Italian Job!”


I’m not saying anything.

Yes, this is Pedro Sanchez from Napoleon Dynamite, gosh!

I'm for real...
Jason Statham realizing he stepped into the Hip-Hop Music Awards Show.
I got nothing; I just find this picture funny as hell…
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