Saturday, November 30, 2013

Random Things

Random Things
~North Korea gets an apology from an 85 year old guy for war crimes: Wow, NK, what does that say about you that you let a old man bully you around? Anyway, we know its all bullshit. He was a tourist in the country for about ten days. Just as he was about to leave, they arrested him for crimes against Korea. I find it shocking that Americans would even go to the country considering they can arrest you for anything and everything. The amusing part is the apology was written in broken English and he read it word for misguided word. 
Make sure to watch the Vice Guide to NK. It is revealing. 

~Black Friday becomes Red Friday: Why do people put themselves in these situations just to get 20% off overpriced bullshit to begin with? I simply can't understand the fascination with rushing into the door with other people right behind you. One woman ended up getting arrested. How's that for the holidays? 
 ~Boardwalk Empire Season Finale: Now, this was an amazing episode. There were some shocking deaths in this episode and some that didn't happen. I also like the Al Capone storyline and where they are taking it for the next season. Johnny Torrio is out as the big boss and Capone is in. Chalky White is a great character and this season has been huge for him.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Identity Theft

Identity Theft 
 There is something gravely wrong with this movie. The movie feels incomplete and uneven. There are some good things in the story, but all the good stuff is buried in unfunny and patchy editing. The writing smacks of rewrites, retooling and studio notes. Melissa McCarthy isn't to blame for the film. It might be the direction and writing that gives me that empty and unfunny feeling.
Sandy Patterson (Bateman) is a normal by-the-books guy with a normal family and new job. He accidentally gives out his credit card information to Diana (McCarthy). Diana goes on a spending spree and even gets Sandy in trouble with the law. In order to clear his name, he goes to Florida to capture Diana. However, two factions want to kill or take Diana in. So, it becomes a road movie.
The premise is downright stupid and goes out of its way to prove to us that's it is legit. Why would the police and Sandy's boss approve of this scheme to capture the forger? It's because the script tells them to.
It is a road movie attempting to be in the same genre as Tommy Boy and Trains Planes and Automobiles. It has failed mainly due to the unfunny and aimless bits. Tommy Boy and Trains had heart and a clear through-line plot.
I will give the movie credit for keeping its Rated R despite it being a rather weak R rating. It felt like the producers and directors didn't know if they wanted a R or PG-13 rating.
The movie also feels underwritten with the actors making up stuff. It works for people like Seth Rogen and his crew. Then, there is the final act that completely falls apart and we get a sudden ending. The ending doesn't exactly tie up loose ends as just pinches them off. And, you're left with that empty feeling like after eating a bunch of potato chips.
There is one really cool thing about the movie. The two main characters are being pursued by the Terminator. Yes, Robert Patrick is actually one of the people chasing them from state to state trying to capture them...just like in T2. I'm guessing casting Patrick was on purpose. He's great at tracking people down. I wonder why?
So, how about the two main cast members?
Jason Bateman : He's playing the same character he's played since Arrested Development. He's playing Michael Bluth again. That's fine because he's playing the straight man, but it is a little boring.
Melissa McCarthy : On the other hand, Melissa is putting everything into her role and maybe too much. There is one scene that is very touching and McCarthy is giving it all. It is a straight scene and you almost feel sorry for her character. The scene gives you a clear motivation into why she is a con artist. However, there are times when McCarthy should have toned it down a bit. Even Chris Farley had some low-key moments in Tommy Boy.
The poorly constructed premise and weak script will keep most people away. For the most part McCarthy is good, if a little over the top. I can't recommend this movie to anyone.
Grade: D+
Multi-pass:  Wait a second...Is she a 5th element? 

Kim Kardashian a 10 Percenter

Kim Kardashian isn't a good person...
Yes, she is only giving 10% of her earnings to the relief fund. Sure she's giving some money, but I wouldn't promote it as being generous. She is taking in the lump sum of the “booty”. Even when she is being helpful she comes across as being selfish.
This is clearly a ploy to make her appear generous but still turn a profit. You're rich, Kim, how about a 70% return to the relief fund?
I really hate this entire Kardashian family. For people that serve no purpose, they certainly find a way to make money. Why are they famous again? She f'd Ray J. So what? 
This just pisses me off even more. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Heavy Rain: Shaun Glitch

Heavy Rain: Shaun Glitch
Okay, this glitch makes me laugh every time. How is this even possible, glitch gremlin?

Jeri Ryan reveals the feud between Mulgrew and her

Jeri Ryan reveals the feud between Mulgrew and her
In a pretty revealing interview on Aisha Tyler's podcast Girl on Guy, Ryan (7 0f 9) speaks up about the four year long feud between her and Mulgrew. She doesn't say her name, but it is clear that she is talking about Mulgrew. Things got so bad that Ryan was considering not returning for season 7, but she had a family member get sick, so she signed on. Ryan was really hurt by the down right hostile environment that Mulgrew presented to Ryan at every turn. It is hard working with someone that hates you, I've done that before. 
All Smiles
 As Wang stated, things got so bad on the set between the two that no one wanted to be around there when they filmed scenes.
Even Mulgrew has spoken many times about being displeased with a sexed up female character on the show. From Trek, ((Mulgrew: I found that that was hard, Jeri notwithstanding. Certainly, I could see with my own eyes that she was a va-va-va-voom and beautiful-beautiful bombshell of a girl. Sexuality was brought into Voyager, and that’s what I resented ))
However, did Mulgrew need to treat Ryan that way? It just seems very catty to me. I think I've lost a bit of respect for Mulgrew after hearing this interview. If she had such an issue with the direction of the show, she should have taken it out on the producers and not Ryan. I remember hearing that Ryan distanced herself from the show and the franchise for years after the show ended. She was supposed to have a cameo in Star Trek Nemesis, but turned them down. It was only recently that she started showing up for conventions again.
However, Mulgrew is right too as far as show losing something when they brought in Seven in a catsuit. That was downright stupid. She couldn't wear normal clothes, Braga? A woman can be sexy just dressing normally. I think they could have handled the transition of Seven better and perhaps not fire one of their other cast members. They added Worf to DS9 without throwing away a member of the team. 

Family Guy: Brian Dead

Family Guy: Brian Dead
I generally don't watch Family Guy anymore, but I was a little shocked when I heard and read that the talking dog Brian died in the latest episode.  I've seen a lot of major characters die off this year in TV too. 
The concept of Brian has been around since the very early stages of develop of Family Guy. I remember those proto-Family Guy shorts with the talking dog.
I tried watching the clip, but I couldn't finish it because I am a huge animal lover. I hate seeing animals suffer.  (I hate watching the wolves in Game of Thrones die)  And, I actually do like Brian as a character, despite not watching the show in years. He was the smartest one on the show. 
This will give the show (and more so FOX) a boost in ratings, so there is that reason to kill off the character. It is seems to have worked, because there are fans petitioning to have Brian return.
Given the pop-cultural laced nature of the show, I think we will see Brian again (in comic book fashion) in the same manner as Superman dying and returning. In Batman, even Robin (Jason Todd) came back from the grave literally. 
 While I like that did something this bold, people have to remember they killed off Prime from Transformers too and that had negative effects.   And, I am not convinced this is going to be long term.
So, will Brian be in the opening titles each week now?   

Sunday, November 24, 2013

McDonald's: Teenage girl gets peppered strayed

McDonald's: Teenage girl gets peppered strayed
Does this Pepper Spray come in a super-size? Seriously though, she should have never thrown that drink at the other woman and acted like a total hood rat. If you look closely, the hood rat almost lays a hand on the woman before the woman sprays her. She sprays her right in the face and hair too. 
 By the way, you can see the woman with the spray slip out this side door after the attack. I am thinking she got away with it.
I feel bad that everyone else in the restaurant that got sprayed too, even the little kids. However, part of me see the hood rat jumping up and down as getting what she dished out. They probably had to close the store after this attack for a few hours.
While this video has recently become viral, it was actually filmed back in 2011. 
 Someone is jealous.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Walmart Creep: You were doing what in the bathroom?

Walmart Creep: You were doing what in the bathroom?
God bless the Internet, because we'd never see things like this. I love this creepy guy's goofy-waddle run. Who are you going to get away from with that run?
Allegedly, this guy was caught yanking the wankin in the woman's restroom. Why in the hell would you do that? People poop in there. There's nothing appealing about a public restroom. And, he was naked while yanking it. That puts you in a comprising position to say the least. 
As a rule, women don't do this. Now, there are exceptions. The lengths creepy men go to get off is just amazing.
So, did the yanker get captured?
From The Smoking Gun, ((While the man ran from the store, a second shopper photographed his vehicle and its license plate. ))
He was arrested two hours later. He's not a smooth criminal.
Side Note: The woman with the video was upset that no one tried to stop him or hold him down after her outburst. Uh, lady, the man was caught masturbating, I wouldn't want to lay my hands on him. 
Uni-Wanker! Okay, I am now officially freaked out.  Way to not break the stereotype.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Pharrell Williams: Happy (24 Hour music video)

Yes, the video goes on for exactly 24 hours. This is amazing stuff, because there is so much stuff in each segment. And, each hour kind of tells a story. Yes, this video even put a smile on my grumpy-evil face. I loved the reactions from all the normal people.  I've seen this so many times, and it is just fun.
It doesn't hurt that the song is very good as well.
Things worth noting
~One segment has Pharrell in a grocery store: I like how it passes off to other people in the grocery store.
~Not everyone dances in the their segments, like Jimmy Kimmel. He just grooves with the song.
~I love the transitions, because you hear still the chorus in the background. That's a nice touch.

~You can skip to each new segment and it will just skip right at the same moment you left off in the song.   

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Haunted House 2 (wait what?)

A Haunted House 2 (wait what?)
Like a STD, no one wanted it, but here it is. Are you freaking kidding me? They already have a sequel ready for release, and I had no idea. While I am all for seeing Jaime Pressly in anything, did we need another one of these movies? The last one came out this year! Way to fast track a sequel.  Didn't you learn your lesson with Scary Movie 2?  
Do you want to see Marlon Wayans mug and overreact? Did you not have enough of this guy in Dungeons & Dragons?  That's like giving Jar-Jar Binks an entire movie to star in.  
By the way, I always get this series mixed up with the last Scary Movie because they both deal with haunted houses. Scary Movie 5 only received 78 million with a 20 million budget.   

All These Nerds and not a single Trekkie among them

All These Nerds and not a single Trekkie among them
Well, that was painful to watch. I feel bad for everyone.

I love that they just blankly stare at Alex when none of them know the Trek Answers. The kicker is no one was really watching Voyager at this point, so the questions were useless. I am sure the actors didn't like doing the live video questions, but they needed the press.  This sums up VOY in a nutshell.   
They would have probably gotten TNG and TOS questions.   

Kevin Terry Gospel Singer with leaked gay tape

Kevin Terry Gospel Singer with leaked gay sex tape
Why are the most religious and conservative people the ones most likely to be deep in the closet? Why would you let someone tape you having sex if you're in the closet and famous?  It just doesn't make sense.  
I do have a problem with someone talking one way and being something completely different behind doors when people go to him for spiritual support.  Be with whoever you want, but be careful about preaching honesty and faith when you're hiding something this big.  
I had the same problem with Creed, given the lead singer had a tape released (straight). 
The sad fact of the matter most of his religious followers are going to drop him like a bad habit. Keep in mind that he has aggressively tried to remove all videos of this incident too from the net. I think he's more worried about his revenue stream drying up than actually coming out, which probably explains why he's just quoting Scripture after the scandal broke. Come on, dude. There are many closeted gay people that would like to see even someone in a religious community come out just make them feel a little bit better.  

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bill Cosby makes the Tonight Show funny again

Bill Cosby makes the Tonight Show funny again
Leave it to Cosby to actually show up Leno and make the show funnier. I think a better host would have played on the bit up better than Leno does. 
Hey, Leno, grab a bag of Doritos and STFU.  

George Zimmerman: Arrested again for violence

George Zimmerman: Arrested again for violence
Zimmerman is at it again. Why is guy walking around with guns and threaten people still? I still find it amusing that people feel that this loser is a hero. Since getting found not guilty, Zimmerman has been going around doing the dumbest things ever. Side note, does this guy even have a job now? 
When are people going to realize that this man is highly unstable and violent? It is getting stupid now. This is not a normal for a guy, that killed a teenager, to behave in such a entitled way. He seems to have the same attitude "I Don't Care" as Chris Brown and continues to do stupid things.
So, what was the latest argument attack over? From, ((Zimmerman told police the argument erupted after he tried to leave because Scheibe was pregnant and wanted to raise their child by herself, though police say Scheibe disputed the account. ))
That's right. He's having a baby. That's just scary. The woman is now claiming she is not pregnant by Zimmerman.  I guess after taking away another man's child he feels entitled to have his own.  
Yes, pulling a shotgun on your loved one is not normal. And, I love the fact he pushes his girlfriend out of her own house.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Bus Driver is very mad...

Bus Driver is very mad...
What is with public transit and people?
Saw this on reddit and thought, “Dude got a major beatdown.” He beat this guy up and then proceeded to drag him out of the bus right onto the street.  You don't see these type of beat downs in real life anymore.  This seems like something out of a movie.  
Now, there is a 30 minute video that shows the bus driver get more and more aggregated. This bus driver ended up losing his job.
I found this rather amusing about the incident. From NY Daily News, ((After exploding at his passenger, Fischer can be heard on the video asking his supervisor whether he could erase the surveillance footage.))
Uh, that pretty much raises suspicion. And, that was when his boss called him back to the station. It is like calling the cops in order to ask permission to conceal a murder weapon. 

I love the colorful shirt in this mugshot.  

Random Stuff

Random Stuff

 ~Boardwalk Empire: Man, this season has been outstanding. I love the direction the show has taken the Chalky White character. The character is front and center this season. Valentin Narcisse (Jeffrey Wright) is an excellent villain. A very young J. Edgar Hoover plays a side role in the season too. I like how Hoover really isn't focused on stomping out organized crime, but he's more into anti-US movements instead. This is right up there with the real Hoover. 
 ~Jennifer Lawrence Vs. Joan Rivers: Okay, I've had about enough of Miss Rivers and of opinions. She really seems to have it out for women that don't fit her terms of “beauty”. She of all people shouldn't talk about people's looks considering she looks laughable and un-human-like. I've come to really like Jennifer Lawrence and her stances on things. 
~FF7 music: I am listening to FF7's music as I write this post. Ah, the fond memories. I have to complain about one thing though. The music is a bit too midi for a modern game (of its time). FFT had a better sounding use of midi and live voices than FF7. And, then there's FF8 and Xenogears

Friday, November 15, 2013

Star Trek TNG Conspiracy

Star Trek TNG gore
There was a discussion about the change footage in Raiders of the Lost Ark with the melt-exploding heads. Someone brought up the famous scene from TNG's first season in the episode Conspiracy. In that episode, these creatures, the size of your mouth, would get inside you and control your mind.
The original concept for the episode involved people high in Star Fleet wanting to abandon the Prime Directive and Picard uncovering the plot. Gene Roddenberry was totally against it and changed it to aliens controlling people's minds. He felt SF officers wouldn't behave in that manner. That's why the alien reveal kind of came out of left field when you consider they set up the conspiracy in an earlier episode. 

 I remember watching this scene unfold way back in the day. I couldn't believe the gore they showed. They not only blew a man's head up, an alien burned through his chest squealing and covered in gunk and dead alien babies. Then they kill it.  By the way, it was Riker that blew his head off. 
I also love that Picard and Riker blast him after he says, "We seek peaceful coexistence!" 
These parasites reminded me of the eels from Wrath of Khan. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This is the End

This is the End
Not to be confused with This is 40. 
Writers/Directors Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen created a fun send up to Hollywood and apocalyptic movies. The movie has tons of jokes at the expenses of the actors they're talking about. Everyone gets a jab in the film.  It has some of the same sensibilities as Goldberg and Rogen's other films, so you know what you're in for.  
Basically, the Rapture happens while Rogen and Jay are at a party at Franco's home.  No one at the party notices it because all actors are "bad" people, so they don't ascend to Heaven.  The Rogen crew have to deal with the fallout of the Rapture while trying to not turn on each other.  
Almost everyone plays themselves. Think of these people as hyper versions of themselves. Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel are the stars, but everyone else also have some meaty parts too.
I also like to note that the special effects are also impressive. For a comedy on a smaller budget the monsters look extraordinary. With the background setting, you really get the feel that Hollywood is totally on fire.
James Franco : Franco parodies everything people say about him in the tabloids. Franco probably receives the most jabs in the story. I especially liked the Spider-Man 3 jokes. It is worth noting that Rogen and Franco have known each other for a long time.
Jonah Hill : He's sort of a secondary villain to the main characters. Hill has some funny moments, especially one subplot involving a demon. That's all I'll say.
Seth Rogen : He receives most of the screen time. He's more or less playing himself in real life. And, they talk about the annoying laugh.
Jay Baruchel : Jay is the main star and he's the one that takes notice of the Rapture first. He's the hero more or less.
Danny McBride : He's the true villain in the piece. He acts like his character from East Bound. He ruins every plan the characters try to form with his selfishness. There are moments when he just goes off on a rant. It is clear they weren't scripted, and these are some of the funniest moments. He's my favorite character.
Craig Robinson : He's the character I thought would die first.
This is the End is very funny and a great send up to all those End of the World movies that keep popping up. There isn't much to gripe about. If you liked 21 Jump Street or the other Rogen movies, you will like this one.

Grade: B+

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

GTA 5: Paul Deen Spoof: Bless your hearts show

GTA 5: Paul Deen Spoof: Bless your hearts show
I love these radio stations. I was sitting with my brother as he played GTA 5, and I noticed the Paula Deen sound-a-like. They called her Bobby June in this universe. She's racist and makes unhealthy food just like her real version.
There is clearly a parody version of Jessica Simpson as the second guest. Simpson switches from straight pop to a shittier version of country music.
I love these parody stations. 

Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World
 Thor 2 is a much darker film than the first film. You won't really get much out of this movie if you didn't watch the first movie. Thor 2 works much better on many levels that make it outshine the first movie while still paying tribute to the first movie. There are a few shockers in this movie that hopefully weren't spoiled for you and one great cameo that's an added bonus. If you liked the Marvel movie up to this point, this one won't disappoint.
There is a lot of lore connected with the first movie and Avengers involved with this story. Characters and key plot points are important to understanding the movie. So, you might get a little lost if you haven't seen those movies.
Alan Taylor sits in the director's chair this time around. So, much of the stately mannerism from the first movie present and that's fine. Taylor does an pretty good job with the material. Taylor does carry over the brightness and color nature of Thor's world from the first movie.
The movie has more humor, which is a welcome, and more action overall from the first movie. There are some problem though.
The Dark Elves have an interesting designs and the makeup is very impressive. Their ships and fighting weapons are also cool. Yet, there is something missing from them. I found myself not caring about these villains as the ones in the first Thor movie. They are the weakest part of the movie as far as personalities go.
And, the head dark elf is a little subdued to be a breakout character. He just frowns a lot. The main villains need a stronger motivation the simply wanting to destroy the universe. Heck, even the bad guys from 2009's Star Trek were better written. There is a secondary villain type that steals the movie away from the villains.
Loki, played masterfully by Tom Hiddleston, is a breath of fresh air. Hiddleston is having a lot of fun portraying the anti-hero Loki. As I mentioned before, he an anti-hero in this story more than the Avengers. All of the lack of complexities that the Dark Elves lack are squarely in Loki. He does care about his adoptive family and even Thor despite actually wanting to take over the world.
Loki is just a cooler character and it was smart including him in this story. I just wish he had more screen time. He is just awesome.
The third act is very strong compared to the first movie. It involves world jumping and Thor in a major brawl with the Dark Elves. It is the strongest portion of the movie.
Thor 2 isn't best movie in the Marvel series, but it is still entertaining enough not to take itself too seriously. The main characters are stronger in this movie, probably given a creative boost from the Avengers and Iron Man 3. Loki once again steals the show from the bad guys. Thor: The Dark World has pacing flaws and weak villains, but it is a better movie than the first one.
Grade: B+
When Thor farts, does he bring the thunder?  
 Loki and his wonderful hair. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

New meaning for “Double Parked” Not safe for work

New meaning for “Double Parked” Not safe for work
Because of the nudity, I won't embed the video. You can follow the NSFW video. Why in the hell did the guy whip out his equipment and start “fixing” stuff? Did he already have it out while in frame? I love the reaction from the driver. He or she has a moment and the calmly backs the car away and drives off as the creeper continues to jack it. Plus, the jacker seems very pleased with himself as the driver pulls away. 
You don't see random females running up and rubbing one out in front of dudes...or ladies in public.   Not that I am against that.  It is just an observation.   Guys are just creepy.  

Wolf Blitzer: Never mess with a man with two cool names

  Under that exterior is a man of fiery passion and powerful anger.
Wolf Blitzer
Never has two names sounded better together since “Buttered Popcorn” “Corn Dog” and "Moderate Republican" .
Yeah, he looks like your science professor (the one that gave you an C-). However, you have to give his parents props for naming him Wolf with a last name Blitzer. He sounds like one of those special GI Joe figures you mailed off for because you couldn't get him in the store. 
If he was in the WWE, he wouldn't have to change his name.
While it sounds like his name is fake, it is actually far as his wiki is concerned.
Do you want to know something cooler about his name? From his Wikipedia, ((Zev (זאב) is the Hebrew word for "wolf" and Barak (ברק) is the Hebrew word for "lightning" (which in German/Yiddish is Blitz). ))
That means his name is Wolf Lightning, which sounds like a Metal Gear Solid character.
Yeah, he'll show you the situation room.  Once he knocks you out!

Fat Shaming and Bullying: Taken that far?

Fat Shaming and Bullying
Joe Rogan talks about Fat Shamming: I generally don't agree with many things that Mr. Rgan says, but he kind of has a point here. I am a big guy, but I can lose the weight and I do. It's all on me. However, I am not liking the term 'fat shaming' as it's being thrown around on the Internet. Just because someone shows off their fit body doesn't mean they're fat shaming.  Fat Shaming is when someone doesn't hire you for a job or makes fun of you to your face.  
Fat shaming seems to be thrown around as much as bullying, and I don't like it. We weaken the words like 'bullying' and 'fat shaming' when we use it in every situation. In the video, the other guy has a point too.
Yes, bullying is very wrong and I've seen guys get the shit kicked out of them because they were fat or too skinny. I remember in high school watching this skinny nerdy (wimpy) kid get pushed around and messed with in gym class by this bully. I mean he would really push this kid around. At one point, I decided to tell the teacher about the bullying.  The gym teacher took the punk to the side, and it stopped. The bullied kid came up to me and said, “I heard you told the teacher what happened. I just wanted to thank you.”
I didn't like the bully anyway.  I hope he burns in hell.  
The other story I remembered was about this woman.  She was not too smart, she worked in the same area as I. She worked in a salad bar with some other women. They all hated her.  All of the other women in the department really mistreated her. After years of abuse, she forged a doctor's note and added days to her medical level in order to not work with those women. She ended up getting caught and fired. They asked, "Why did you do that?"  She sat there with tears and said, "I couldn't spend one more day with those women."  That stuck with me because of the great lengths she went to avoid that environment.
And, that's real bullying. Making fun of cosplayers or flaunting pictures of a fit people doesn't come close to real abuse and verbal attacks outsiders experience everyday. Real bullying causes suicide and actual harm.  Just because some asshole on the Internet calls you fat or a loser shouldn't mean anything to you. And, noting that someone is overweight doesn't mean they should be bestowed a bully title. 
Heck, I've called people fat on this blog numerous times. (George Zimmerman, Rob Ford)
This isn't fat shaming.  It is just a woman promoting healthy living.  
Now, if she said, "Work out, fatty."  Then you can call it that.  I find her to be a MiLF

When it comes to the Internet, we as outcasts need to grow a backbone.  

Friday, November 08, 2013

Rob Ford is Pookie (Yes, a New Jack City reference)

 Rob Ford is Pookie (Yes, a New Jack City reference)
This Rob Ford story is one of the best stories for bearing fruit. If you remember, he wanted the video to be released after the police obtained the video. Now, he seems a little more humbled about it. Ir is time for Mr. Ford to step down.
The video below seems to be another video of Ford going nuts and appears to be high and not drunk.
What the hell was he talking about?
After watching this video, I've come to the conclusion that Rob Ford is Chris Farley jumbo sized. His mannerism and speech patterns are the same. I typed in Chris Farley and Rob Ford and it auto-filled the search for me, meaning a lot of people have made the connection. Even Colbert made a comment about his uncanny likeness to the talented but late Farley.
"Smoking toking, all in a days work." 
As a fellow big guy, we don't last long partying hard like the skinny folks. We burn out much quicker than they do. Just look at what happened to your twin, uh, I mean Farley. So, you might want to slow down.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Tweenchronic: Skip Rope

Tweenchronic: Skip Rope
Patrice Wilson, Damn you.
It was like Patrice Wilson took the generic beats from those booty-shaking videos and combined it with his strange bland lyrics.  This time he’s trying to make a stupid dance popular.  While he doesn’t have the “artists” twerking (thankfully), he’s pretty much put everything else adult in this music video. 
-There’s a kid selling “illegal” candy to the kids.  He even has that shitty powder candy.  This is obviously a reference to drug dealing.  In a kid’s music video? 
-BTW, I guess Patrice got permission from the various candy trademarks. 
-The song is about Skipping Rope, but the kids are rapping behind a police car.  What?
-I almost passed out due to the blinking colorful lights. 
-Arizona Ice Tea:  They covered the cans like it was real beer.  That’s a little creepy.  Where are the parents? 
-Patrice as a construction work:  Need I say more?  Oh, and nice lipstick, Patrice.

-Bieber hate:  If you look closely, the older girl is spray-painting out Justin Bieber’s name at 3:06.  

Is this the 90s?  

Justin Bieber, You're an ass

Justin Bieber, You're an ass
1k to meet your sorry ass? I am sorry, but that's just taking advantage of your fans. They get a picture and shove right out the side door. Real classy, Justin.
From Daily Mail, ((But a shocking video posted online by one disgruntled fan who secretly filmed her ‘once in a lifetime’ encounter with the teen idol shows how they weren't allowed time to even exchange words with the Canadian singer. ))
Paying that much money to only spend more time with his security team. And, he also turned up for the Meet and Greet really late (Three Hours).
How does someone get away with such bad behavior, yet his fans still love him?

And, put a damn shirt on, a-hole.  

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