Friday, November 01, 2013

Random Things

Random Things
~Courtney Stodden and Dough Hutchison splitting up: Here's hoping so because I want this no talent b-word to disappear. Never has someone with no talent risen so fast. Even Paris Hilton has to be jealous. I hope Dough realizes that she only used him to seek attention and get a foot up. Now, do I have to remind you of how bad her music is again?

"What are you waiting for?  Cancel me!"
~The Client List is on "The End" list: I've never seen a single episode, but I like Jennifer Love Hewitt a lot. Lifetime canceled the show because there was conflict between the main actress (JLH) and the producers. She wanted to take it in one direction and the producers wanted to take it in another.

~January Jones trolls everyone by dressing as her Mad Men character: I generally heard she's not a person you want to get to know, but I love the fact she just dressed up as her character on the show. If I worked in a coffee shop, I'd wore my uniform as a costume. Hey, it saves money.
~Star Wars Ep VII: Please let the producers and Lucasfilm push the release date forward. If they need more time to iron out the story, let them. Nothing kills a movie more than a film rushed to theaters. Did you see what happened to X3? It needed another year of prep. I'm still stoked about the movie.  

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