Saturday, November 23, 2013

Walmart Creep: You were doing what in the bathroom?

Walmart Creep: You were doing what in the bathroom?
God bless the Internet, because we'd never see things like this. I love this creepy guy's goofy-waddle run. Who are you going to get away from with that run?
Allegedly, this guy was caught yanking the wankin in the woman's restroom. Why in the hell would you do that? People poop in there. There's nothing appealing about a public restroom. And, he was naked while yanking it. That puts you in a comprising position to say the least. 
As a rule, women don't do this. Now, there are exceptions. The lengths creepy men go to get off is just amazing.
So, did the yanker get captured?
From The Smoking Gun, ((While the man ran from the store, a second shopper photographed his vehicle and its license plate. ))
He was arrested two hours later. He's not a smooth criminal.
Side Note: The woman with the video was upset that no one tried to stop him or hold him down after her outburst. Uh, lady, the man was caught masturbating, I wouldn't want to lay my hands on him. 
Uni-Wanker! Okay, I am now officially freaked out.  Way to not break the stereotype.

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