Monday, November 11, 2013

Fat Shaming and Bullying: Taken that far?

Fat Shaming and Bullying
Joe Rogan talks about Fat Shamming: I generally don't agree with many things that Mr. Rgan says, but he kind of has a point here. I am a big guy, but I can lose the weight and I do. It's all on me. However, I am not liking the term 'fat shaming' as it's being thrown around on the Internet. Just because someone shows off their fit body doesn't mean they're fat shaming.  Fat Shaming is when someone doesn't hire you for a job or makes fun of you to your face.  
Fat shaming seems to be thrown around as much as bullying, and I don't like it. We weaken the words like 'bullying' and 'fat shaming' when we use it in every situation. In the video, the other guy has a point too.
Yes, bullying is very wrong and I've seen guys get the shit kicked out of them because they were fat or too skinny. I remember in high school watching this skinny nerdy (wimpy) kid get pushed around and messed with in gym class by this bully. I mean he would really push this kid around. At one point, I decided to tell the teacher about the bullying.  The gym teacher took the punk to the side, and it stopped. The bullied kid came up to me and said, “I heard you told the teacher what happened. I just wanted to thank you.”
I didn't like the bully anyway.  I hope he burns in hell.  
The other story I remembered was about this woman.  She was not too smart, she worked in the same area as I. She worked in a salad bar with some other women. They all hated her.  All of the other women in the department really mistreated her. After years of abuse, she forged a doctor's note and added days to her medical level in order to not work with those women. She ended up getting caught and fired. They asked, "Why did you do that?"  She sat there with tears and said, "I couldn't spend one more day with those women."  That stuck with me because of the great lengths she went to avoid that environment.
And, that's real bullying. Making fun of cosplayers or flaunting pictures of a fit people doesn't come close to real abuse and verbal attacks outsiders experience everyday. Real bullying causes suicide and actual harm.  Just because some asshole on the Internet calls you fat or a loser shouldn't mean anything to you. And, noting that someone is overweight doesn't mean they should be bestowed a bully title. 
Heck, I've called people fat on this blog numerous times. (George Zimmerman, Rob Ford)
This isn't fat shaming.  It is just a woman promoting healthy living.  
Now, if she said, "Work out, fatty."  Then you can call it that.  I find her to be a MiLF

When it comes to the Internet, we as outcasts need to grow a backbone.  

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