Tuesday, November 19, 2013

George Zimmerman: Arrested again for violence

George Zimmerman: Arrested again for violence
Zimmerman is at it again. Why is guy walking around with guns and threaten people still? I still find it amusing that people feel that this loser is a hero. Since getting found not guilty, Zimmerman has been going around doing the dumbest things ever. Side note, does this guy even have a job now? 
When are people going to realize that this man is highly unstable and violent? It is getting stupid now. This is not a normal for a guy, that killed a teenager, to behave in such a entitled way. He seems to have the same attitude "I Don't Care" as Chris Brown and continues to do stupid things.
So, what was the latest argument attack over? From CNN.com, ((Zimmerman told police the argument erupted after he tried to leave because Scheibe was pregnant and wanted to raise their child by herself, though police say Scheibe disputed the account. ))
That's right. He's having a baby. That's just scary. The woman is now claiming she is not pregnant by Zimmerman.  I guess after taking away another man's child he feels entitled to have his own.  
Yes, pulling a shotgun on your loved one is not normal. And, I love the fact he pushes his girlfriend out of her own house.

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