Sunday, November 24, 2013

McDonald's: Teenage girl gets peppered strayed

McDonald's: Teenage girl gets peppered strayed
Does this Pepper Spray come in a super-size? Seriously though, she should have never thrown that drink at the other woman and acted like a total hood rat. If you look closely, the hood rat almost lays a hand on the woman before the woman sprays her. She sprays her right in the face and hair too. 
 By the way, you can see the woman with the spray slip out this side door after the attack. I am thinking she got away with it.
I feel bad that everyone else in the restaurant that got sprayed too, even the little kids. However, part of me see the hood rat jumping up and down as getting what she dished out. They probably had to close the store after this attack for a few hours.
While this video has recently become viral, it was actually filmed back in 2011. 
 Someone is jealous.

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