Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Justin Bieber, You're an ass

Justin Bieber, You're an ass
1k to meet your sorry ass? I am sorry, but that's just taking advantage of your fans. They get a picture and shove right out the side door. Real classy, Justin.
From Daily Mail, ((But a shocking video posted online by one disgruntled fan who secretly filmed her ‘once in a lifetime’ encounter with the teen idol shows how they weren't allowed time to even exchange words with the Canadian singer. ))
Paying that much money to only spend more time with his security team. And, he also turned up for the Meet and Greet really late (Three Hours).
How does someone get away with such bad behavior, yet his fans still love him?

And, put a damn shirt on, a-hole.  


MC said...

I'll just put this here.


Semaj said...

I love that clip. Might have to make it my screen saver. I love his expression afterwards. like "WTF?"

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