Monday, November 18, 2013

Bus Driver is very mad...

Bus Driver is very mad...
What is with public transit and people?
Saw this on reddit and thought, “Dude got a major beatdown.” He beat this guy up and then proceeded to drag him out of the bus right onto the street.  You don't see these type of beat downs in real life anymore.  This seems like something out of a movie.  
Now, there is a 30 minute video that shows the bus driver get more and more aggregated. This bus driver ended up losing his job.
I found this rather amusing about the incident. From NY Daily News, ((After exploding at his passenger, Fischer can be heard on the video asking his supervisor whether he could erase the surveillance footage.))
Uh, that pretty much raises suspicion. And, that was when his boss called him back to the station. It is like calling the cops in order to ask permission to conceal a murder weapon. 

I love the colorful shirt in this mugshot.  

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