Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Tweenchronic: Skip Rope

Tweenchronic: Skip Rope
Patrice Wilson, Damn you.
It was like Patrice Wilson took the generic beats from those booty-shaking videos and combined it with his strange bland lyrics.  This time he’s trying to make a stupid dance popular.  While he doesn’t have the “artists” twerking (thankfully), he’s pretty much put everything else adult in this music video. 
-There’s a kid selling “illegal” candy to the kids.  He even has that shitty powder candy.  This is obviously a reference to drug dealing.  In a kid’s music video? 
-BTW, I guess Patrice got permission from the various candy trademarks. 
-The song is about Skipping Rope, but the kids are rapping behind a police car.  What?
-I almost passed out due to the blinking colorful lights. 
-Arizona Ice Tea:  They covered the cans like it was real beer.  That’s a little creepy.  Where are the parents? 
-Patrice as a construction work:  Need I say more?  Oh, and nice lipstick, Patrice.

-Bieber hate:  If you look closely, the older girl is spray-painting out Justin Bieber’s name at 3:06.  

Is this the 90s?  

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