Monday, November 04, 2013

Trick and Threat: Mother Puts Son in KKK costume

Mother Puts Son in KKK costume
Is Halloween a time when people lose all intelligence? A woman dons her young son in a KKK outfit to go out into Halloween. What household let's this little Klansman walk up and say “Trick or Treat, or I'll put a burning cross in your front yard”?
This is sicken to see for real.  It pisses me off. 
From Huffington Post, (("My brother has [worn it] when he was in Kindergarten and when he was 13," Black said. She went on to claim there is nothing wrong with the costume or with the White Supremacist group, which she says still exists in their Virginia town. "It's supposed to be white with white, black with black, man with woman and all of that. That's what the KKK stands for." ))
Congratulations, you have broken the Internet with your sheer stupidity, lady. The Internet is now shut down thanks to your none logic. 
Now, here's the other problem with her thought process. People generally put on Halloween costumes in order to parody something or make jest of something. By the rules of Halloween, you're making fun of the KKK by letting your son dress in the outfit.  People wear costumes for either jest or fear.  

I also found it amusing that the mother's last name is Black, which makes it even funnier and sad.  And, it really seems like she was looking for attention because she did an interview.  However, this kid is going to have live with this fame.  
Way to fit the stereotype, lady.

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