Friday, November 15, 2013

Star Trek TNG Conspiracy

Star Trek TNG gore
There was a discussion about the change footage in Raiders of the Lost Ark with the melt-exploding heads. Someone brought up the famous scene from TNG's first season in the episode Conspiracy. In that episode, these creatures, the size of your mouth, would get inside you and control your mind.
The original concept for the episode involved people high in Star Fleet wanting to abandon the Prime Directive and Picard uncovering the plot. Gene Roddenberry was totally against it and changed it to aliens controlling people's minds. He felt SF officers wouldn't behave in that manner. That's why the alien reveal kind of came out of left field when you consider they set up the conspiracy in an earlier episode. 

 I remember watching this scene unfold way back in the day. I couldn't believe the gore they showed. They not only blew a man's head up, an alien burned through his chest squealing and covered in gunk and dead alien babies. Then they kill it.  By the way, it was Riker that blew his head off. 
I also love that Picard and Riker blast him after he says, "We seek peaceful coexistence!" 
These parasites reminded me of the eels from Wrath of Khan. 


Anonymous said...

I really hope that other filmmaking people will make new good horror, sci-fi TV shows like "Star Trek: The Next Generation," "The X Files," or "The Outer Limits" from the 90's; and they should do 10X twice as many more special creature effects, alien special effects, body swelling mutation makeup fx, and special makeup effects. And Hopefully they should do an over billions of creepy Neck Bulging parasite makeup fx horror movies soon.

MC said...

I think the conspiracy idea is a much more interesting and compelling one than this whole alien scheme.

Semaj said...

Anon: While I like CGI, there is something compelling about real creature effects like The Thing or Alien. There is a creepiness to it that CGI still can't do.

MC: Agreed. Michael Piller did introduce a corrupt Admiral later, once Gene had passed. I think the real human conspiracy would have helped the struggling first season.

Here's the kicker, they reused the human Star Fleet conspiracy for DS9 where Star Fleet was going to overthrow the Federation. It was a very good episode with Two starships fighting it out at the end. (Home Front/Paradise Lost)

Anonymous said...

No CGI effects can top the special makeup effects, bladders effects, and creature alien effects. Unlike the CGI, the practical makeup effects and creature effects are more scarier, creepier, and looked 30X real.

I seriously think that they should make millions more horror, sci-fi films about all that weird NECK BULGING alien mutations only they should do other body parts expansion, alien mutation special makeup effects.

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