Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Family Guy: Brian Dead

Family Guy: Brian Dead
I generally don't watch Family Guy anymore, but I was a little shocked when I heard and read that the talking dog Brian died in the latest episode.  I've seen a lot of major characters die off this year in TV too. 
The concept of Brian has been around since the very early stages of develop of Family Guy. I remember those proto-Family Guy shorts with the talking dog.
I tried watching the clip, but I couldn't finish it because I am a huge animal lover. I hate seeing animals suffer.  (I hate watching the wolves in Game of Thrones die)  And, I actually do like Brian as a character, despite not watching the show in years. He was the smartest one on the show. 
This will give the show (and more so FOX) a boost in ratings, so there is that reason to kill off the character. It is seems to have worked, because there are fans petitioning to have Brian return.
Given the pop-cultural laced nature of the show, I think we will see Brian again (in comic book fashion) in the same manner as Superman dying and returning. In Batman, even Robin (Jason Todd) came back from the grave literally. 
 While I like that did something this bold, people have to remember they killed off Prime from Transformers too and that had negative effects.   And, I am not convinced this is going to be long term.
So, will Brian be in the opening titles each week now?   

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