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Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World
 Thor 2 is a much darker film than the first film. You won't really get much out of this movie if you didn't watch the first movie. Thor 2 works much better on many levels that make it outshine the first movie while still paying tribute to the first movie. There are a few shockers in this movie that hopefully weren't spoiled for you and one great cameo that's an added bonus. If you liked the Marvel movie up to this point, this one won't disappoint.
There is a lot of lore connected with the first movie and Avengers involved with this story. Characters and key plot points are important to understanding the movie. So, you might get a little lost if you haven't seen those movies.
Alan Taylor sits in the director's chair this time around. So, much of the stately mannerism from the first movie present and that's fine. Taylor does an pretty good job with the material. Taylor does carry over the brightness and color nature of Thor's world from the first movie.
The movie has more humor, which is a welcome, and more action overall from the first movie. There are some problem though.
The Dark Elves have an interesting designs and the makeup is very impressive. Their ships and fighting weapons are also cool. Yet, there is something missing from them. I found myself not caring about these villains as the ones in the first Thor movie. They are the weakest part of the movie as far as personalities go.
And, the head dark elf is a little subdued to be a breakout character. He just frowns a lot. The main villains need a stronger motivation the simply wanting to destroy the universe. Heck, even the bad guys from 2009's Star Trek were better written. There is a secondary villain type that steals the movie away from the villains.
Loki, played masterfully by Tom Hiddleston, is a breath of fresh air. Hiddleston is having a lot of fun portraying the anti-hero Loki. As I mentioned before, he an anti-hero in this story more than the Avengers. All of the lack of complexities that the Dark Elves lack are squarely in Loki. He does care about his adoptive family and even Thor despite actually wanting to take over the world.
Loki is just a cooler character and it was smart including him in this story. I just wish he had more screen time. He is just awesome.
The third act is very strong compared to the first movie. It involves world jumping and Thor in a major brawl with the Dark Elves. It is the strongest portion of the movie.
Thor 2 isn't best movie in the Marvel series, but it is still entertaining enough not to take itself too seriously. The main characters are stronger in this movie, probably given a creative boost from the Avengers and Iron Man 3. Loki once again steals the show from the bad guys. Thor: The Dark World has pacing flaws and weak villains, but it is a better movie than the first one.
Grade: B+
When Thor farts, does he bring the thunder?  
 Loki and his wonderful hair. 

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