Friday, November 22, 2013

Pharrell Williams: Happy (24 Hour music video)

Yes, the video goes on for exactly 24 hours. This is amazing stuff, because there is so much stuff in each segment. And, each hour kind of tells a story. Yes, this video even put a smile on my grumpy-evil face. I loved the reactions from all the normal people.  I've seen this so many times, and it is just fun.
It doesn't hurt that the song is very good as well.
Things worth noting
~One segment has Pharrell in a grocery store: I like how it passes off to other people in the grocery store.
~Not everyone dances in the their segments, like Jimmy Kimmel. He just grooves with the song.
~I love the transitions, because you hear still the chorus in the background. That's a nice touch.

~You can skip to each new segment and it will just skip right at the same moment you left off in the song.   

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