Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Chris Chan gets kicked out of a Video Game Con (Chris Chan MeToo-ed)

Chris Chan gets kicked out of a Video Game Con (Chris Chan MeToo-ed)
Despite not having enough money to pay the bills, Chris Chan decided to go to a video game convention. He begged people to pay for him to go to this Con. Due to his large ego, he thinks he is a celebrity and walks around as such. He started to kiss and grope people during his picture taking. The con managers warned him and he ignored them. After many complaints, they kicked him out.
From Jab twitter post, ((Ok so long story short, Chris Chan was kissing and getting too intimate with con attendees without their consent. Staff gave her multiple warnings to stop and she didn't listen. She was 100% in the wrong and she deserves to be removed from the convention as she broke the rules. ))
So, what does he do when they tell him to leave? He rolls up into a ball and refuses to move.
I honestly feel bad for him here.  It is not because what happened to him, but because he doesn't understand that he on the verge of having it all torn down. He doesn't understand that everything is going to crashing down. He's been kicked out of a local gym and a gaming store recently. Plus, he has a trespass charge pending.
He is a terrible person that likes to put his hands on women.  However, it has been reported that he has been trying to grab and kiss men too.  I can't feel bad for him getting kicked out.  He needs to keep his hands to himself.  

Monday, June 25, 2018

Alien 3 Special Edition Cut

Alien 3 Special Edition Cut 

I re-watched the Alien 3 Extended/Special Edition on HBO last night.  I remember watching this newer cut years ago and really enjoying it.  I couldn't believe how much better this version plays compared to the theatrical cut.  Due to the production problems on set, the studio forced their cut of the movie onto the director and released a half-baked film that dropped storylines mid-movie.  Fincher disowned the movie and never looked back.  Some producers got together and cut together an alternative take of Alien 3 and it is a completely different movie.   
Never has a movie seemed so different from the two cuts of this movie. This Special Edition reveals there were tons of re-shoots as well as scenes being cut out.
-The religious stuff plays a bigger role in the movie.  Charles S Dutton character has more religious speeches and there are more prisoners observing their religious beliefs.  This cut does tie into the notion that people from Earth, in the alien universe, look down on religion like they do in Alien Covenant.   
-Charles S Dutton plays a bigger role in the movie:  There are or moments with him in the newer cut.   
-The crash landing of the pod is much more brutal and damaging:  The beginning of the movie completely changes how Riley is found. She is discovered on the beach blackened and knocked out by Charles Dance's character,  Her body takes more of beating in the new opening.  Why did they reshoot the scenes for the theatrical cut?  It makes no sense to replace the beach scene.
-Ox vs Dog:  In the special edition, the alien emerges from an Ox instead of a dog.  The dog is completely removed from the SE cut.   
-Way more interactions between the prisoners:  We get more into the lives of the prisoners in this cut.   
-The prisoners actually CATCH the alien in the special edition!:  Yes, an entire second act is removed from the theatrical cut.  When the tunnels are set ablaze by accident, their plan still works.  The inmate that attempted to rape Ripley gives her an apologetic nod and lures the alien into the trap and gets killed.  The alien is actually trapped and contained for a good 15-20 minutes.  This completely changes the way you view the prisoners because their first plan works, despite losing a lot of people.  Why would the studio completely cut this story element out of the movie?   
-Golic releases the alien from captivity:  This character is important to this extended cut. He sees himself in the alien and wants to see it again. He even murders another person to free it.
-This Bishop is human:  Despite the robotic way Lance plays him, the character is clearly human in this version.  In the theatrical cut, it isn’t made clear if he is an android or not.  Here, we see he is in great pain because his ear is about to fall off his head.  Was this a different take from the theatrical cut?  
After watching the movie in the extended state, I can see why the theatrical version left so many people with a bad taste.  However, the movie is still a dower no matter which version you watch.  It is not a hopeful movie in any form.  One person lives through the movie and even the star dies.  And, I still can’t forgive the movie for killing off three of the surviving characters from the second movie.  Knowing the strange manner this movie came to fruition, it is amazing this movie was even completed or makes any sense.  The Special Edition is just a far better movie and I think would have gotten praise from the critics of its time.  Heck, this premise could have worked as a mini-series on HBO.   
Why in the hell was this movie messed with so much?   

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Nu-Male: Soyboy reloaded

Nu-Male: Soyboy reloaded
I have been interested in this term Soyboy, but I found it to be misleading. And, it bothered me that there so many selfies with these fake excited expressions. Instead of using soyboy the term Nu-Boy is used.
From Urban Directory, ((Nu-males are men (with "men" being used as loosely as possible) lacking self-respect who are completely devoid of any masculinity and will jump at any moment to defend women online for feminist brownie points while falsely believing that in return, they'll receive sexual favors. They're a step above "Nice Guys" in terms of beta they are. ))
and my favorite from Urban Dictionary, ((Wimpy, submissive, and between 20-30 years old, nu males are recognizable by their signature beard and/or glasses. They are often found on twitter complaining about the latest social injustice, or donating to their favorite female indie game dev on Patreon. Outside of twitter they are often found doting over women with dyed haired and facial piercings. ))
I am guessing they are an afterbirth of the hipsters. Yeah, back in the day, we were just nerds and geeks that wore our transformers shirts and didn't get laid. It seems these Nu-males do get a lot of booty. Sure, it is dyed blue hairs, but still. They also seem to have pushed the hipsters out of the coffee shops.
I wonder if it has a connection to the “Nu” race in the Chrono Trigger game. They are shaped and look similar.

This new trend of being bearded and have horn-rimmed glasses is something NOT from my generation. And, I am not hating the game. They're a gaming system and I like the side hustle. But, the Nu-male smile/selfie has got to stop. It is really bothering me. Can we go back to duck-faces and throwing up the middle finger?  

Monday, June 18, 2018

Mystikal, you might have a problem.

Mystikal, you might have a problem.

Do you remember the rapper Mystikal? His big claim to fame was the booty shaking song Shake it Fast/Shake Your Ass. He was a part of that southern wave of rappers that came on the scene during the late 90s and the early 2000s. They all had a similar sound.
He was also famous for getting arrested multiple times for sexual assault. He and two of his bodyguards forced themselves on a woman and pleaded guilty back in the early 2000s. After getting out of prison, he was arrested again for fighting with a “domestic partner”.
A Twitch streamer mentioned that Mystikal was back in jail...for rape.
From Rolling Stone, ((The alleged incident took place at a Shreveport casino where Mystikal was performing on the Legends of Southern Hip Hop tour on Oct. 22, 2016. Police told the media they investigated the scene and found concrete evidence linking him and another male to the crime. Mystikal said he was turning himself in to set the matter straight.  ))
So, the incident happened in 2016 and he turned himself at the end of 2017. Damn. Yeah, this guy is a monster and clearly needs to be put back in prison. When you are a registered sex offender, this new case doesn't look good for you.
Side Note: Check out his IMDB page. He has had his music in a lot of video games and he has shown up in a few movies here and there. Kind of strange given his status. With EA remove his music from Madden?

Random Things

Random Things
~Community Strikes: Two YouTube Channels I watch have gotten a few community strikes. One channel got a bunch of strikes due to reporting on the harassment and trolling against Chris Chan via a documentary. Why? Was this Chris Chan reporting the channel for harassment? I don't think Chan has that much forethought to do that. The other channel got a few strikes via some false reports one on a Movie Bob video and the other on a DSP video. Neither one was bullying. Again, I seriously can't believe that Movie Bob would tear himself away from Twitter enough to make a false report. He is too busy Tweeting about Trump to care.
~Getting over a cold: I had to go to a doctor to get over a serve cold. I had a lot of drainage and coughing. I had to take some meds for it. The only side effect is my legs are sore. A strange side effect, eh? I am still sore in the legs due to the cold/fever, but the rest of my body is doing great. Strange.
~Happy Father's Day: A clerk gave me a "Happy Father's Day" remark after she checked me out. I was going to correct her and tell her "I am no father nor do I ever want to be." I guess I am at the age when I look the part of a father. That seems strange because I never thought of myself as a father figure. And, I never will. I'd make a shitty father due to being consumed with my own problems.
~Rewriting a short story:  I submitted a short story last year to a magazine and I think I am going to rewrite it and submit it to another one this year.  It is saved in my cloud.    

Thursday, June 14, 2018

BBQ Becky: Update on that Oakland video and meme status.

BBQ Becky:  Update on that Oakland video and meme status.
I was hoping the BBQ Queen remark would stick.  Lord knows I need another meme connected to me.  However, the Internet Gods have deemed her BBQ Becky.  So, they have bestowed this new demigod with a bunch of memes.  A lot of them are of black characters or people having their day ruined by BBQ Becky.   
It later came out that the police and the 911 folks were concerned with her state of mind and put a 5150 hold on her.
From the ((Eventually, cops got to the convenience store where Schulte was waiting along with Snider, who was still filming. The police did decide to evaluate Schulte for a 5150 hold, but ultimately felt she did not fit the criteria to be placed under an involuntary hold. ))
Yeah, when you sit on a phone waiting for cops to show up for a response to an illegal BBQ, there is something wrong with you. Keep in mind she waited for at least an hour or more to get these guys in trouble. I kind of feel bad for her. To get so bent out of shape over a small infraction.
I hate being bothered by homeless people, but that doesn't mean I will call the cops on them because panhandling is illegal. Cops have better things to do.
Hey, BBQ Becky, I happen to like crazy women and I like oversized sunglasses too.  I'd take you out to a dinner of BBQ.  Call me.  

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

PUBG sues Fortnite

PUBG sues Fortnite
From, ((PUBG Corp., an affiliate of South Korean studio Bluehole Inc., is suing the Korean unit of North Carolina-based Epic Games, arguing that its smash hit Fortnite copies many of the characteristics of its own PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The suit, alleging copyright infringement, was filed in South Korea. ))
Really, PUBG, you're going to sue your competition when they made a better product than you.  This has to be one of those stupid lawsuits since the Maddox lolsuit. This is just sad and sour grapes. The folks at PUBG are jealous that someone took their model and make it better.
You really shouldn't sue the company that you are paying for the game engine from the company you are suing in the first place.  It makes no sense. PUBG is built on the Unreal engine which owns Fortnite.
This happened during my break and it made me laugh. This lawsuit is going to have a negative impact on PUBG. While PUBG might have a case, I don't think it is going to get very far.  A lot of IPs are based on other popular IPs like Star Wars was born out of Star Trek.  Star Trek doesn't have the right to sue SW.  Like GTA Online, Fortnite is printing money while PUBG is still an unfinished game.
Instead of suing Fortnite, how about making your game better?  

Monday, June 11, 2018

Thundercats Roar: What the heck?

Thundercats Roar 
Why is the music so annoying?
When I first saw the trailer/BTS stuff, I was in total shock.  I actually had a really negative reaction to the art style.  While I wasn't the biggest fan of the old series, I did watch the show from time to time.  I really hated Snarf. However, I truly hate the art style of this new remake/reboot. This Cal-Arts style doesn't work for this sort of show.
Let's dumb down the old 80s cartoons and make them into comedies. I find this strange because the new Ducktales goes to great lengths to respect the old show while bringing something new to the franchise. Yet, TCR just shits all over the old series. It seems they turned all the characters into Snarf.  Look, I am okay with some humor added to my 80s cartoon remakes, I just don't want the entire thing turned into a parody of itself.  Don't use the IP and turn it into a complete joke.   
I get this strange soyboy vibe with this new take of the  And, the creator/show-runner with his man-bun does bother me.  Nothing says I spend hours trying to pick up women at Starbucks like this look...

I am not as angry as some of the fans are about this remake but I can understand their pain though.  After the wonderful 2011 show, I can see this being a step back and an insult to the Thundercats lore.  For me, why even bother bringing back the franchise in this manner?  I even understand that the Titans Go route is a popular way to go, but it just seems strange to bring back this IP in such a manner. (Remember, the original Teen Titans' fans hate Titans Go.)
Like Titans Go and MLP, this could be a huge hit for young kids and soyboys that were born after the late 90s.  However, is Thundercats really the franchise kids and teens really want to latch onto?  I can see He-Man filling that spot.  

We are back...

We are back... 

I have to apologize for my prolonged departure.  A few weeks ago, I went through some major mental issues.  After 20 plus years of being loyal to a company, I came to a decision that I have to either find a way to retire or quit the job.  Then, I had some bad news the next day that sent me over the edge.  I spent my Saturday night sitting in the dark being angry and depressed to the point I couldn't get up.  I was having some of my darkest thoughts ever that week.  So, I needed to take some time off from everything and just sleep on it.  I am going to schedule a few sessions soon.   
The depression is always going to be there.  I am going to have to take steps reducing those aspects of the depression.  I can't end up like Spoony and sitting in my room as everything starts to get worse.   
Part of my source of depression comes from working at a company that doesn't seem to respect the fact I gave them 20 years of work and totally disrespected me a year ago.  I tried forgiving that, but I can't.  Within the next two-three years, I am going to walk away from the company.   During my time off, so many crazy things happened that I want to talk about that it compelled me to return to this crappy blog.   
TB passing away, Chris Chan, DSP, BBQ Becky update and Thundercats Roar. All this crazy crap happen when I took my break. I won't be updating as quickly as before. However, I am back.
Let us begin...

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Coming Soon...(or cumming soon)

I wanted to note that I will be returning to blogging soon.  I will have a longer post about it soon.
Here are some random photos.

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