Thursday, June 14, 2018

BBQ Becky: Update on that Oakland video and meme status.

BBQ Becky:  Update on that Oakland video and meme status.
I was hoping the BBQ Queen remark would stick.  Lord knows I need another meme connected to me.  However, the Internet Gods have deemed her BBQ Becky.  So, they have bestowed this new demigod with a bunch of memes.  A lot of them are of black characters or people having their day ruined by BBQ Becky.   
It later came out that the police and the 911 folks were concerned with her state of mind and put a 5150 hold on her.
From the ((Eventually, cops got to the convenience store where Schulte was waiting along with Snider, who was still filming. The police did decide to evaluate Schulte for a 5150 hold, but ultimately felt she did not fit the criteria to be placed under an involuntary hold. ))
Yeah, when you sit on a phone waiting for cops to show up for a response to an illegal BBQ, there is something wrong with you. Keep in mind she waited for at least an hour or more to get these guys in trouble. I kind of feel bad for her. To get so bent out of shape over a small infraction.
I hate being bothered by homeless people, but that doesn't mean I will call the cops on them because panhandling is illegal. Cops have better things to do.
Hey, BBQ Becky, I happen to like crazy women and I like oversized sunglasses too.  I'd take you out to a dinner of BBQ.  Call me.  

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