Thursday, June 21, 2018

Nu-Male: Soyboy reloaded

Nu-Male: Soyboy reloaded
I have been interested in this term Soyboy, but I found it to be misleading. And, it bothered me that there so many selfies with these fake excited expressions. Instead of using soyboy the term Nu-Boy is used.
From Urban Directory, ((Nu-males are men (with "men" being used as loosely as possible) lacking self-respect who are completely devoid of any masculinity and will jump at any moment to defend women online for feminist brownie points while falsely believing that in return, they'll receive sexual favors. They're a step above "Nice Guys" in terms of beta they are. ))
and my favorite from Urban Dictionary, ((Wimpy, submissive, and between 20-30 years old, nu males are recognizable by their signature beard and/or glasses. They are often found on twitter complaining about the latest social injustice, or donating to their favorite female indie game dev on Patreon. Outside of twitter they are often found doting over women with dyed haired and facial piercings. ))
I am guessing they are an afterbirth of the hipsters. Yeah, back in the day, we were just nerds and geeks that wore our transformers shirts and didn't get laid. It seems these Nu-males do get a lot of booty. Sure, it is dyed blue hairs, but still. They also seem to have pushed the hipsters out of the coffee shops.
I wonder if it has a connection to the “Nu” race in the Chrono Trigger game. They are shaped and look similar.

This new trend of being bearded and have horn-rimmed glasses is something NOT from my generation. And, I am not hating the game. They're a gaming system and I like the side hustle. But, the Nu-male smile/selfie has got to stop. It is really bothering me. Can we go back to duck-faces and throwing up the middle finger?  

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