Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Chris Chan gets kicked out of a Video Game Con (Chris Chan MeToo-ed)

Chris Chan gets kicked out of a Video Game Con (Chris Chan MeToo-ed)
Despite not having enough money to pay the bills, Chris Chan decided to go to a video game convention. He begged people to pay for him to go to this Con. Due to his large ego, he thinks he is a celebrity and walks around as such. He started to kiss and grope people during his picture taking. The con managers warned him and he ignored them. After many complaints, they kicked him out.
From Jab twitter post, ((Ok so long story short, Chris Chan was kissing and getting too intimate with con attendees without their consent. Staff gave her multiple warnings to stop and she didn't listen. She was 100% in the wrong and she deserves to be removed from the convention as she broke the rules. ))
So, what does he do when they tell him to leave? He rolls up into a ball and refuses to move.
I honestly feel bad for him here.  It is not because what happened to him, but because he doesn't understand that he on the verge of having it all torn down. He doesn't understand that everything is going to crashing down. He's been kicked out of a local gym and a gaming store recently. Plus, he has a trespass charge pending.
He is a terrible person that likes to put his hands on women.  However, it has been reported that he has been trying to grab and kiss men too.  I can't feel bad for him getting kicked out.  He needs to keep his hands to himself.  

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