Monday, June 18, 2018

Random Things

Random Things
~Community Strikes: Two YouTube Channels I watch have gotten a few community strikes. One channel got a bunch of strikes due to reporting on the harassment and trolling against Chris Chan via a documentary. Why? Was this Chris Chan reporting the channel for harassment? I don't think Chan has that much forethought to do that. The other channel got a few strikes via some false reports one on a Movie Bob video and the other on a DSP video. Neither one was bullying. Again, I seriously can't believe that Movie Bob would tear himself away from Twitter enough to make a false report. He is too busy Tweeting about Trump to care.
~Getting over a cold: I had to go to a doctor to get over a serve cold. I had a lot of drainage and coughing. I had to take some meds for it. The only side effect is my legs are sore. A strange side effect, eh? I am still sore in the legs due to the cold/fever, but the rest of my body is doing great. Strange.
~Happy Father's Day: A clerk gave me a "Happy Father's Day" remark after she checked me out. I was going to correct her and tell her "I am no father nor do I ever want to be." I guess I am at the age when I look the part of a father. That seems strange because I never thought of myself as a father figure. And, I never will. I'd make a shitty father due to being consumed with my own problems.
~Rewriting a short story:  I submitted a short story last year to a magazine and I think I am going to rewrite it and submit it to another one this year.  It is saved in my cloud.    

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