Monday, June 11, 2018

Thundercats Roar: What the heck?

Thundercats Roar 
Why is the music so annoying?
When I first saw the trailer/BTS stuff, I was in total shock.  I actually had a really negative reaction to the art style.  While I wasn't the biggest fan of the old series, I did watch the show from time to time.  I really hated Snarf. However, I truly hate the art style of this new remake/reboot. This Cal-Arts style doesn't work for this sort of show.
Let's dumb down the old 80s cartoons and make them into comedies. I find this strange because the new Ducktales goes to great lengths to respect the old show while bringing something new to the franchise. Yet, TCR just shits all over the old series. It seems they turned all the characters into Snarf.  Look, I am okay with some humor added to my 80s cartoon remakes, I just don't want the entire thing turned into a parody of itself.  Don't use the IP and turn it into a complete joke.   
I get this strange soyboy vibe with this new take of the  And, the creator/show-runner with his man-bun does bother me.  Nothing says I spend hours trying to pick up women at Starbucks like this look...

I am not as angry as some of the fans are about this remake but I can understand their pain though.  After the wonderful 2011 show, I can see this being a step back and an insult to the Thundercats lore.  For me, why even bother bringing back the franchise in this manner?  I even understand that the Titans Go route is a popular way to go, but it just seems strange to bring back this IP in such a manner. (Remember, the original Teen Titans' fans hate Titans Go.)
Like Titans Go and MLP, this could be a huge hit for young kids and soyboys that were born after the late 90s.  However, is Thundercats really the franchise kids and teens really want to latch onto?  I can see He-Man filling that spot.  

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