Friday, September 30, 2005

Matrix scripted

Here is the Matrix script

Comment: Here is the script to the movie, for no reason

Funny Fanboy playing Myst in the real world

Myst is Life

Comment: Yes, this one is an ad for the new Myst game, but it’s funny. I love how people start to get pissed with him. Pretty funny.

Mr. T Again

Mr. T gets help from New Edition, (Bobby Brown)

Comment: Yea, another installment in Mr. T’s wonderful videos. This one has a little kid hanging out with some “bad” kids. One kid finds a full can of beer and a pack of cigarettes in the trash! Then, he gives the stuff to his friends. One little kid, whom might be a little metro-sexual, refuses. Watch as Bobby (Crack-head) Brown sings an anti-drug song with his homeboyz…

Thursday, September 29, 2005

DJ James B

Yes, I will be in the DJ studio at WDJX99.7, sometime around 9 pm tonight. More than likely I won’t be on the air, or at least I’m going to try to stay off the air. I will be sitting in the studio with Ben Davis, and seeing how things work with some of my COM classmates. Who knows you might hear me on the air.

I’m only doing this because I had such a good time visiting Radio One, and hearing it’s sister station B96.5. Here is the website,

James Update

I’ve been busy these past two days. I’ve had to complete three papers and submit more chapters into my writing class. So, things are pretty crazy busy right now. I also may be on the radio tonight on DJX 99.7. I’ll find out more today in class, if we’re going to do it or have it get cancelled.

Eh! Steve!

Eh, Steve was a creation by Strong Bad, he wanted to make fun of shows like Sponge Bob Squarepants. Eh, Steve only says one thing, “Eh, Steve!” He has a wheelchair that hates him, and chases him around the show. The Wheelchair talks too. Does it make anySense , well no, but neither does Squarepants…

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

missing Star Trek 2 scenes

Back in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, there was subplot in the movie about Chekov and Terrell snooping around Khan’s cargo containers. Chekov and Terrell stand near the cargo holds, and Chekov notices something, a face looking at him through a window in the hold.

You see there was suppose to be a child with Khan’s band of outlaws. The message boards noted that there was listed a prop of a painting of Khan, his wife and a baby. This gives us edivnce that Khan was supposed to have a child in the film. I know the scenes below were filmed. Here’s what makes it creepy, the child gets killed with the rest of the Reliant crew when it blows up, where is what’s worst, the child was suppose to claim up to the Genisis device and touch it right before it blows up, very creepy. It would have changed the tone of the movie completely if they kept it in. Here are the scenes the picture of the child is above.

Tentatively they come over to it, looking around -

As Chekov looks at the porthole, a face suddenly looks back! It is the face of a CHILD! The Apparition scares the daylights out of Chekov -- and us. He screams.



What is it?

He comes clumsily over --


A face! I saw -- it was like a

child --

He points. The porthole is empty.


You're crazy -- !


I saw it -- !


There's an air-lock.

He points and they go into the airlock.



on its side in the sand: the walls are not the floor,

etc. All in crookedness - like its owner. On the

floor, smiling at them (i.e., the wall) is a BABY.

They wander as they talk, picking up objects that be-

speak a fairly sophisticated ad hoc environment: a

laboratory in one hold; a kitchen; A LARGE SAND TANK

filled with disgusting CETI EELS.




I told you! I told you I saw a --




There sits the Genesis torpedo: lights start blinking

in response. As we watch, the CHILD we met on Ceti Alpha

walks to the torpedo and smiles at the lights.

Here is the comparison between the two shots. I also should add that there is no mention of the child in commentary with Nick Meyers or anyone else...

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Batman Begins soundtrack Review

Batman Begins Soundtrack

Back in 89, Tim Burton asked Danny Elfman his long time partner since Peewee’s Big Adventure to help create his dark, gothic world in Batman the movie. Danny went anyway and created one of the best score of its time. When the movie was released, everyone raved about the dark Batman theme, accompanied by a creepy chorus. Thus, the score proved to everyone in Hollywood that Elfman could handle writing scores for big movies.

Flash-forward to 2005, a new Batman was in the works and it was announced that Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard would both write the score to Batman Begins, together. Many people accepted James Newton Howard as a great choice by the Director, but they questioned the decision to bring in action composer Hans Zimmer. Well, I can strongly say that both of them worked well together. They didn’t break the score into sections but wrote the music together.

The music isn’t as good as Elfman’s score, and it leans toward a more dark techno slant. With a 90 piece orchestra, there parts that sound full and grand.

Track 1 Vespertilio: This track opens with cool drums that sound like bat wings flapping! This theme will be used later. We also hear the main theme sneak into the score for the first time. It is a two note theme, which is simple in nature, but very powerful, well call it The Batman theme. We also hear Zimmer’s Last Samurai notes mixed in as well. Grade: A

Track 2 Eptesicus: This one opens with James Newton Howard strings and sounds like some of his Signs score. It’s very warm and mysterious in nature. The piano solo is beautiful in this track, then it switches to more of Hans Zimmer’s moving strings, and as they roll off each other. It has a very smooth feel to this section of the score. The music and the training theme grow in volume, very powerful. Grade A

Track 3 Myotis: This one moves into more dark ranges. Some of it is too off the wall and random with low brass and string. Then, it switches into full-blown Hans Zimmer action cue mode, with full beat machines. This isn’t the best music on the CD, because it sounds too much like something out of The Rock. Luckily it switches back to softer music toward the end, good way to save the track from Zimmer action mode. It ends with the two-note Batman theme, very soft. Grade B

Track 4 Barbastella: This one begins with a creepy voice of a lone child singing. This is pretty. We get more of the nice Piano solo mixed in with wonderful strings. We hear more of Howard’s strings, before it changes to Zimmer’s techno beats, which sounds cool. It builds and builds until it burst into a loud tuba solo of the Batman theme. Then it get louder with all the low brass joining in to finish the Batman theme. This is one of the best tracks on the CD. We hear the Batman theme the loudest and grandest you’ll ever hear in the score. It also shows how Howard’s soft strings mix with Zimmer’s loud music, and works out well. Grade A+

Track 5 Artibeus: Lots of random horror music dominates the beginning of the track, with whispers and random bat flaps. It’s very on edge. It weaves into a strong Asian theme that will play out later in the score. We hear some Asian flutes in this one. Not too good, but okay. Grade C

Track 6 Tradarida: The last track leads right into this track, and we hear the Bat flaps from the drums. The score goes all crazy and gets back into the horror sound effects with moans this time. Then we move back into the little child singing again from track 4. Grade C+

Track 7 Macrotus: We hear the very pretty love theme in this track. The piano is mixed in with Howard’s strings. This section of the score is very pretty. It’s sad and beautiful at the same time, and the love theme grows stronger until it switches to a dark section of the score. There are some strange Asian bells and then we hear more whispers. There is a build in horns and strings and the child singing comes back in. It’s followed by the piano solo again. We hear more sad themes at this point, and fades out. Grade B+

Track 8 Antrozous: We hear Howard’s strings mixed in with Zimmer’s strong action cue beats and themes. There is short sound of the Batman theme. It all mixes with techno beats and strings; this is a complete merging of Zimmer and Howard’s styles in this track. Grade C

Track 9 Nycteris: This track has strong Howard rap beats mixed in with the Batman two-note theme, so think his Unbreakable score. It last for about a minute and the track moves into a funky techno sound effect that really works well. The Bat flaps come back and there is a lot of really cool drum music here as the beat takes over from the techno effects. The two-note Batman theme comes in strong here as the nice drum theme is in full swing. The track switches gears and goes back to the wonderful piano theme, where it ends softly. Grade A

Track 10 Molossus: We move into a purely Zimmer action score here, full of beats from a beat machine. On the CD, we finally hear the Hero Batman Theme, not to be confused with the two-note one. You see, in the movie, we hear the Hero theme when we finally see Batman in full gear, and he says “I’m Batman, nice jacket.” That’s not in this early part of the released CD, so this is the first time we hear the Hero theme on the CD. Of course, we also hear the two-note Batman theme here a lot. This track is loud and full of all the old school Zimmer tricks. Grade C

Track 11: Now this track is very cool. It opens with the piano theme and moves into the very pretty love theme. Howard’s strings sweep in and grow in sound until a we hear a nice lone violin playing, followed by the love theme once again in it’s strongest form ever. It moves into a more touching version of the piano theme. This is heart-warming stuff here. The techno music comes back and we get the famous two-note Batman theme. It builds and the Hero theme is heard in full force here. Grade A+

Track 12: The Asian theme I told you about is in full effect here in this wonderful concert piece. The music here is moving and very un-Batman like. It is here that a nice theme slowly builds; growing each time it is played. It grows louder and then dies down. This is when we get the famous Strings doing their version of a drum roll. I kid you not. Many reviewers have pointed this out. And, the score fades with the Drum Bat flaps. It’s a nice touch to end on the bat flaps just like it started. Grade A

On a tour of B96.5

Well, I just came back from a Radio One tour here in Louisville. It was a wonderful experience. We actually went inside the DJ booth and talked to the DJ. We got to see her live on air, and hear her talk. I don’t have much time, because I have to work on an interview, but it was a really cool experience. I’ll have more soon.

It kicked ass.

Hollywood car number 4

The Ghostbusters’s car is one of the ugliest cars on this list. However, it is on the list for a reason, because it drives the Ghostbusters around. I also like all that junk on top of the vehicle. I just like the damn ugly car.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

~I’ve been busy since Friday, and I haven’t stopped. I had to finish three chapters and get ready to write an interview section of questions up. Then, tomorrow I have to go on a tour at a Radio One station with another Media class.

~Yet, I still need to get some sleep, more sleep…

~Doing all this stuff today, I still have to go into my crappy job and deal the crappyness of it all.

~Rome is really starting to get good now. However, I just don’t think America can handle a history based show, when we have Big Brother and Survivor still on air. Maybe, I am wrong. People don’t like gray, because they like black and white characters.

~After reading one blog about dating, and another blog about a date/email gone wrong, I am more than happy to stay single. There are more than enough crazy women out there. I’m not saying I am trying to stay single, and I won’t count out the possibillty either.

~Talking to Rich, he’s convinced me to go out and get a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics. If I can…

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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Here are pics of the damage done with Rita

Look at that
Rows of cars out of gas…, and f'ing SUVs
The Short Bus got Pwned. Really though these pics are amazing.


Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

~I was driving down a street in my hood, at night, when I nearly hit a damn cat. Dumb cat

~I cooked something for my so called co-works, and they loved it. I rule.

~I am currently running on Tea caffeine and nothing else. I cranked out three chapters in two days, I rule again.

~I wonder if Disney is going to ever release DuckTales on DVD, my goodness I’m still a child.

I always dreamed of being as rich as Scrooge McDuck, and I could swim in my own money.

Friday, September 23, 2005

I just got the Batman Begins Score CD at (evil) Walmart. I am loving it, sure its not as good as Danny Elfman’s Batman score, or the even better Shirley Walker scores of the 90’s cartoon show, but it’s still a good score.

I can kind of tell the Hans Zimmer influences and the James Newton Howard ones. It’s good to see WB not release a really bad Soundtrack CD with pop/rap/rock songs, as they did with past Batman movies.

New info on Star Trek: Nemesis DVD

New Details on Star Trek: Nemesis DVD set

Comment: Well, Star Trek Nemesis is getting a collection’s edition like the rest of the Star Trek movies. And, all trekkers will be happy with the results. The DVD is jammed packed with special features, and there are more deleted scenes on the second disk. (Yes, the Wesley Crusher scene has been added.) Many of these scenes showed up on trailers. There was a lot of stuff cut from the film.

Oh, yeah, there will be a new commentary by Rick Berman. I don’t know if I will like that one, there’s only so many ways he can say, “We are very pleased.”

Yeah more deleted scenes

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

~Man, I want to go to the movies, but I am so sick of the people acting like azzes.

~I was playing around with a friend’s new laptop computer, trying the wireless connection. Since it was a brand new computer, you wouldn’t think it would lock up on me. Well, Windows XP proved me wrong. Yeah, Im not going to spend another 100 bucks for another sh*tty windows program. I like my buggy ME windows, so there!

~One Phrase every fanboy hates to hear from a girl, “I only see you as a friend.” These words are more powerful than “William Shatner” or “Level Up!”

Kanye West hates DJs

Kanye West Flips out
Comment: I’m going side with Kanye on this one. There was no reason for a black station to censor the word “white girl” off the air. Why did the channel not censor black girls? The DJ doesn’t understand why he’s pissed. Check it out, yo…

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Strange movie

Funny collection of videos

Comment: Look for rednecks with mullets, and rapping fast-food cooks, and a kid being bounced by a backing car. All this and more in this video. I laughed at the guy being crushed and the kid flying in the air.

The Humanity Critic's Guide to Blogging

The Humanity Critic has a great post on beginner blogs on his site, check it out. Very well written…

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Guess Who (You forgot the '?') review

Guess Who

Some movies are going to suck no matter what (Leonard Part Six), while others had a chance to be good, but people decide to get the wrong actor for the part. Guess Who is one of the latter ones. Whoever decided to cast Ashton Kutcher in the role of the white guy made a terrible mistake. Kutcher can’t hang with the more funny Bernie Mac.

The movie does have some nice moments, such as what people have to go through in an interracial relationship. Despite what people say, there will always be racism in our world, and the movie shows one portion of it. There are people, white and black, that can’t stand interracial dating. For me, it doesn’t matter.

Guess Who could have been much better without the goofy jokes from Ashton. While Zoe Saldana is not only pretty, but also she carries the relationship when Ashton falters. The writing is all right for a comedy and doesn’t stray too far into chick-flick land. That’s a good thing folks, because I’m tired of going into movies and being tricked into romantic comedies (Shallow Hal, Bruce Almighty, so on). This is a case where the movie is better than Kutcher.

Grade: C

Kutcher Grade: F+

Please, no more movies by Ashton Kutcher. Let’s stop this trend…


I really hate Ashton Kutcher…


Ashton: “Relax Bernie, there’s nothing wrong with two men dancing together, at night, alone…with no one to see us kiss.”

Bernie: “Boy, you get too close to me, I’ll kick your ass like that exploding mail box in Butterfly Effect.”

Ashton Kutcher only has three goofy faces, and this is one of them.


Bernie Mac: “I don’t like That 70’s Show.”

Ashton Kutcher: “Neither do I, I only do it to make ends meet.”


Observations of a Football game (The Intro)

UofL Observations of a Football game (The Intro)

Most people that know me are aware that I am not a huge fan of sports. I can barely watch a sporting event on TV, let alone going to a live event. Then add the fact I’m not a people person. Well, my mother is a huge sports fan, and a bigger UofL fan. She loves going to UofL football games, and enjoys watching the basketball games.

Given that my mother likes to have someone to go to the games with her, she likes to ask me to go. Now, I don’t protest, because I am willing to give her this concession, because I owe everything to this lady. She was my mother and father, when I didn’t have a father around. So, why not endure four hours of football madness? Besides, she paid for my ticket.

Saturday, at 10:30 AM, I got up and took a shower. To show my distance from the UofL fans, and to not be confused with them, I wore a blue t-shirt and blue shorts. We got to the parking lot in the Fairgrounds and, I parked the car.

I got out to see tailgaters…

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Crazy People do live in Palm Springs

Palm Springs Crazy Man breaks into the airport runway

Comment: My brother lives in Palm Springs and actually works at the airport where this incident happened. He told me that a Ramp worker was screaming for help on her walkie-talkie and asked for police because a man in a pickup truck nearly ran over her.

The man drove through airport fences, drove right onto the runway, and blocked an airplane. He even tried to break into the plane, but failed.

My brother said that the Palm Springs airport was shut down for about four hours.

Watch the video, it’s extremely strange, and somewhat funny as well. He actually said, “Why doesn’t the other cop have his gun pointed me?” The cop answered, “Because, I have my gun pointed at you.”

Here is the news report
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