Sunday, October 31, 2010

Red Shirt Guy from BlizzCon

Biggest Nerd Ever? Red Shirt Guy kind of schools World of Warcraft
I'm a geek, a pop cultural geek, but even I can't beak the level of nerd this Red Shirt guy is on. They might as well crown him the king of Fanboys. Sadly, there is a guy exactly like him at my work, except the guy I know is skinny. We call him Halo-Reach-around, because he's a big Halo fan.
I kind of like that the Red Shirt Guy actually knows more about the WOW universe than the actual creators. I don't think he got any XP on that attack though. I love the reaction from the creators.
When I first heard his voice, I thought, “Man, this guy is never going to get a girlfriend.” I'll give him points for actually going up and asking questions and not being scared of the Nerd Backlash, but damn this video is funny.
Remixed Red Shirt Guy
The Red Shirt Guy made a response to his new found Nerd fame.
Was this an epic win or fail?  

Scooby-doo: Google Style

Scooby-doo: Google Style
Google, I love you. Thanks for dropping in some Scooby-Doo cartoons. If you go to the main Google page, you will see some really cool Scooby-Doo cartoon images that you can scroll through. It images actually tell a complete story.  

 When I first saw this picture I didn't notice the Mystery Van in the back. I thought it was some random cartoon characters from a newer show.

I've noticed that they've really updated Velma's character model. They've slimmed her down considerably. It probably has to do with Linda Cardellini's portray of her in the live action films. I kind of liked the old character model because she was a little dumpy and rounder. Now, she's almost as skinny as Daphne.

You should also notice the basketball players in the background. Is that a reference to the Harlem Globetrotters?   

 Again, note the basketball players throwing a basketball at the ghost.

Now, the villain is holding her head and there is a basketball next to her. That means the Harlem Globetrotters saved the day.   

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Charlie Chaplin Time Traveling mystery…not really

Charlie Chaplin Time Traveling mystery…not really.
Yep, there were people believing that there was a cell phone in the Charlie Chaplin movie “The Circus”.  This movie came out in 1928, so people were wondering if the movie makers caught a time-traveling woman on film.  Uh, yeah…
George Clarke discovered the cell phone footage.  I can see why he thought he saw a cell phone, but it looks like someone actually found out what the woman was holding in her hand.  It was a Siemens hearing aid. 
Will we ever meet some time travelers?  Probably not.
Sorry, Charlie…(yes I went there)

New Coke: Brad Tries New Coke

 New Coke: Brad Tries New Coke (Wiki page)
I wrote about New Coke back in 2007, but I wanted to bring it back for this video. I'm a huge Coca-Cola fan, so this video brought back memories.
I like 80s Guy bit.
I had no idea New Coke (Coke II) was still around in the 2000s in the US. To show my age, I remember drinking New Coke and I hated the new formula. I actually thought New Coke tasted more like Pepsi. And to be fair, the Coke Classic formula isn't the original formula anyway. It has a different taste than the old Coke before the New Coke Change over.
And, Brad is right that Mexican Coke is the original coke formula. Mexican Cokes are much sweater than the (New) Classic Coke formula. Actually, I am going to the store and pick up some Mexican Coke.
Pepsi takes a jab at New Coke
Info on New Coke

Friday, October 29, 2010

Batman: Under the Red Hood

Batman: Under the Red Hood
Based loosely on the comic book stories “Death in the Family” and “Under the Red Hood”, this gritty Batman animated movie is dark and entertaining with amazing animation thrown in for good measure. 
The Joker ends up capturing the second Robin (Jason Todd).  He beats the young sidekick with a crowbar to near death.  The Joker then blows up Robin right before Batman can get there to save him.  A few years later, Batman discovers that there is a new villain bringing all the mobsters and drug dealers into one group.  These groups of mobsters have to go by strict rules under the regulation of the Red Hood.  The new Red Hood also has a beef with both Batman and The Joker.  Black Mask, who control most of the crime world in Gotham City, isn’t too pleased about this new character. 
This home-DVD story is an extremely well put together Batman movie.  It’s dark and violent with a tragic emotional story.  The story gives us a peek behind the concept Batman and his partners.  Batman has to come to terms with bringing Jason Todd into the battle against crime in a personal way.  Plus, the movie also deals with Batman’s failure to save The Joker before he was The Joker.  The movie shows us that Batman carries the guilt with him all the time.  These aspects of the story have a deeper meaning than even some of the comic stories it’s based on.
I also enjoyed the friendship between Batman and his former partner Nightwing (Formerly first the Robin).  Neil Patrick Harris gives Nightwing the right amount of playfulness that the first Robin should comprise.  Harris is incredible with his characterization.  I just wanted more time with Harris and his Nightwing character.  The movie really doesn’t give that much in the way of this character, but what we have here is nice. 
And, that’s the biggest issue I have with the movie.  It needed an extra 15 minutes of screen time to flesh out the story.  Some of Batman’s stables of characters only get mere mentions or cameos. 
- The action and fights scenes are breathtakingly fast and well animated.  Praise goes to the animators and storyboard artists. 
- Bruce Greenwood does a good job as the voice of Batman.  He isn’t Kevin Conroy, but he’s close to Conroy. 
- John DiMaggio (AKA Bender) steals the movie with his near-prefect version of the Joker.  He almost fills into the role of The Joker close to Mark Hamill.  Hamill is the king of the Joker voice, but DiMaggio is pretty good. 
Batman: Under the Red Hood is an extremely dark and violent movie that could easily fit into Nolan’s world of Batman.  Under the Red Hood is a real treat for comic book fans.  DC comics should really take note of the direct to DVD movies and put these people in charge of their Super Hero live action movies. 
Grade: B+

Halloween for Adults?

Halloween for Adults?
I partly agree with him, but I really like the sexy female Halloween costumes…when the woman actually has the body to pull off the costume. By the way, just Google Image Sexy Halloween Costumes and see what you get. 
But, yeah, we kind of forget that this is more of a children’s holiday than anything else.  But, it just gives people another excuse to dress in goofy outfits, get drunk and get screwed.  And, not always in that order either.
Plus, this post gives me another excuse to post more sexy Halloween pictures…
Ghostbusters:  Sadly, most women between the age of 18 to 22 will probably have no idea what a Ghostbuster really is, and they’ve probably never seen the movie.  

Uh, we can’t get a Supergirl remake off the ground yet?  Note:  Look at the directions the fanboys are looking in the picture.  At least act like you’re not checking them out.  

You’re not even trying…

Are we even sure this is even a Halloween picture?  This seems more like a normal weekend night out for this group of women. 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Random Things

Danno:  "Hey, Jack Lord, William Shatner called and he wants his ego back."
Random Things
~House of the Dead reviewed by Phelous. I got a kick out this review. I actually watched about 30 minutes of the House of Dead. I couldn't get through the random clips of the game-play footage that Boll put into the film. It just makes the movie even more awkward than it should be. Bad music and bad editing makes this one of Boll's worst movies by far. I have to get enough courage to sit through this movie. I'm guessing a cable channel will show this movie again during the Halloween season.
~James MacArthur passes away: He was the character Danno on Hawaii Five-O. The main character would always say, “Book em, Danno.” I can't count the number of episodes I've watched from the HFO series when I was a kid. My mother would watch the show, and I'd watch it too. And, the show had one of the best best intros in the world.
~Limewire gets shut down: I can't say I miss the program because it was such a virus filled system that it wasn't safe to download anything from that program. And, since Napster was shut down, file sharing became decentralized with people going everywhere for their software needs.
~Montana Fishburne: Her lawyer is reporting that Montana is doing fine in rehab. Hopefully, her stay in rehab with force her to see her that she can't stay in porn. The move into porn was a decision to embarrass her famous father and lash out at his legacy. This is not the way to get famous on a long term level. Will we still be talking about Paris Hilton or the Jersey Shore cast in 20 years?
~Things seem to be getting better for me, but I need to try to apply for school newspaper, so I can get my name out there in print. I'd love to do a pop culture column for the paper.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Dark Knight Rises=Batman 3

So, the new name of the Batman 3 movie is...The Dark Knight Rises
That's a very Frank Miller title. I actually like the new title. It tells you that Batman will probably clear his name in this movie and rises to become a hero again.
From, (("It won't be the Riddler," Nolan said. He has also previously ruled out Mr. Freeze and the Penguin making any appearances. E! also reports that the director has been meeting with actresses in their 20s and 30s--maybe trying to cast Catwoman?  ))
I think the Riddler or Penguin would fit perfectly into the Nolan version of Batman.
Anyway, it is better than the title Transformers: The Dark of the Moon.  

Guest Blogger Post: Star Wars 3-D

Guest Blogger Post: Star Wars 3-D
As I've done early in the season, I've opened my blog up to guest bloggers. Writer Jillian Interlichia from My Dog Ate My Blog has an interesting take on the upcoming Star Wars 3-D conversions re-releases.
Star Wars 3-D: Coming Soon to a Galaxy Near You
George Lucas recently announced that he will be rereleasing his Star Wars saga in 3-D, coming to a theater near you in 2012.  This has resulted in a mixed-bag of reactions, from “this is the end of the world the Aztecs predicted” to “well, Avatar was pretty awesome in 3-D…”
Given Lucas’s previous track record of ruining childhood memories with unnecessary digitalization and fiddling, the rerelease may not bode well for the saga.  Factor in the snooze-fest of the three “prequels” and we could have a giant Hollywood turkey of Gigli proportions on our hands. 
Bear in mind that to film a movie in 3-D, filmmakers must position two cameras on both sides of the action in order to mimic the way human eyes see in 3-D.  Because the Star Wars movies have already been filmed, and there is little to no chance of gathering the entire cast for a reshoot, this means the movies must be rendered in 3-D by computers.  Skeptics think this is going to result in the same kind of “fiddling” that they feel ruined the rerelease of the original trilogy in the lead up to the prequels. 
On a positive note, recreating 3-D in previously-filmed movies is not completely unheard of.  After the success of Avatar, many film companies scrambled to turn their own impending releases into 3-D, just to compete in the box office (cough, Clash of the Titans, cough cough).  This means that the technology for creating the 3-D effects has come a long way, and might actually blend seamlessly into the movie. 
And let’s face it – who doesn’t want to see one of the intergalactic battles in 3-D?  TIE Fighters zooming around on screen, the explosion of the Death Star, it’s like these scenes were created with 3-D in mind.  Even the prequels have enough action to warrant the update, and they might actually make the movies better. 
The prequels, are of course, the fly in the ointment of this news item.  We’re all going to have to sit through The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith before we get to the good stuff.  Galactic senate meetings in 3-D?  The embodiment of all that is wrong with the prequels – Jar Jar Binks – in all his annoying glory?  Hopefully by 2015, when A New Hope appears, audiences haven’t given up on the franchise altogether. 
Of course, what will really get people in those theater seats is the chance to see George Lucas’s ever-creative universe on the big screen again.  Whether you’re a fan of 3-D, the Star Wars universe, or just a movie buff, chances are you’ll find yourself inexplicably drawn to the theaters come 2012, like it or not.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sonic The Hedgehog Love and Game Gear

Sonic The Hedgehog Love and Game Gear
No, he’s not talking about Ron Jeremy, but the fast moving blue guy. 
Where did he find an old Game Gear?  I remember liking the colored screen on the Game Gear over the green/black screened Gameboy. 
Here’s a review on the Game Gear.

Alexander Piggee Burns down a GameStop and Mall

Alexander Piggee: Hated Gamestop and Malls?
Alexander Piggee had a bad day, a really bad day. He burned down portions of a mall and a GameStop store.
This guy walked into a Gamestop with a backpack full of chemicals and burned the place down. He also took half the mall with the videogame store. Why aim for the videogame store first? Did they sell him a Red-Ringed X-Box?
From CBS News, ((The incident began just after 10 a.m. when the 23-year-old suspect entered a GameStop store located on the mall's second floor.
Employees at the store say the suspect, who a friend and co-worker identified as Piggee, made some incoherent remarks about his sister being held captive and ordered employees out of the store, telling them that he had a gun.
The man then set a fire inside the store. Witnesses told CBS affiliate KOVR that they saw smoke billowing out the front doors of the GameStop and then saw SWAT officers with guns drawn approaching the store and ordered the suspect out.))
Even Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger called for a state of emergency because of Piggee.
What was his reason for doing what he did? Did he think he'd get extra lives for it? This is another reason we need to make sure people that should be medicated for mental problems stay on their meds. An unstable mind can be a dangerous thing. People should remember I had an encounter with someone very similar to him and that person killed someone later on.
Luckily, no one was killed this time, but think about how many people have been killed by these unstable people? Given a little push, how many of us could very well turn into an Alexander Piggee?
Before someone deletes it, here is his Facebook. Or at least I think it is his facebook. He has some very entertaining posts, and there are some disturbing ones as well. I've come to the conclusion that this man is a true poet. The news channel reported that he had pictures of guns and other things(allegedly) , but someone removed all his pictures.
((ALexander Piggee Aye guys not sleeping out side anymore found A shelter to live at, its pretty nice they feed us but only dinner, not the best but better then nothing. If you guys wanna come visit me I am at "The Gathering" in Roseville. Come by make me laugh I need a good laugh right about now))
There are some conflicting reports about how he become homeless. One story says his mother kicked him out and another says that a friend kicked him out of their house. There are a few post here and there talking about him being homeless.
((ALexander Piggee Tonight fellas I will help you to not put the pussy up on such a high LEVEL that you end up killing ya self when a bitch leaves you. Todays lesson imma train a square TA a PLAYER ))
Let me write this down, brilliant. Thank you for your word of wisdom. He did a lot of facebooking when he was free and not being an arsonist.
((ALexander Piggee And this is the shit I wanna get off the biggest one. All you stupid ass young dumb fucks from highlands I do not and did not get fuckin herpes from Kristen Griffith the only thing the bitch gave me was a broken heart and emptied my wallet and pockets. Ask the many of bitches I fucked recently, my DICK stay cleaner then the fuckin FITS a be wearing. So))
So, was it the GameSpot refund policy that made him burning mad?

Halloween Meme

Halloween Meme
Megan did a Halloween Meme over at her blog and I decided to do the same one with my spin on it. Halloween has always been my least favorite holiday.  I can’t pen point why that this, but I wasn’t in for dressing up but for the candy.  By the way, I hate when people try to remove the darker elements of the holiday by calling it something other than Halloween or All Hallows
1 What is the worst treat to get when trick-or-treating?: Rocks, isn't that what Charlie Brown used to get all the time? Have you tried eating rocks? They have very little taste other than a mossy/dirt taste. Kidding aside, probably candy corn at this point. I used to like candy corn, but it just doesn't have the thrill for me anymore. The thrill is gone.
2 What character from any horror film would you most like to play?: Jason probably because I kind of loom over people just like he does.  I think I’d make a good Jason.  However, Freddy is the one that seems to have all the fun.  Plus, Freddy has that pimping hat and that kick-ass claw glove. Plus, he controls the dream world.
3 Would you rather be a zombie, alien, or psycho? (why): Hmm, probably a psycho.  They seem to get away with murder…literally.  Now, how about an Alien Psycho?  Are Alien Psychos L. Ron Hubbard’s worst nightmares come to life?   
4 How many Halloween, Friday the 13th, or Nightmare on Elm Street movies combined do you have on dvd?: None. I'm not a huge horror movie fan. But I love the first Nightmare on Elm Street and think it still holds up today. I like the first two Halloween movies too. They're wonderfully well-crafted movies. And, I love H20. I think it is a fitting end to the series. The remake to Friday the 13th isn't bad.
5 What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?: The scariest movie isn't even a movie, but a videogame series called Silent Hill. The Silent Hill franchise is a good mixture of jump-scares, pure gore, and psychological scares. The sense that something might jump out at you at anytime is a pretty neat concept for a videogame series.
6 Lamest costume you have worn on Halloween?: That was a long time ago, so I don't remember. A Gorn?
7 Favorite Halloween treat? Any hot woman in a sexy Halloween costume that you see at a Halloween party. Wait, you meant candy right? Oh, those pumpkin shaped Reese’s Cups. Yum, Yum.
8 Friendly-faced jack o’lantern or scary one?: How about a smashed or kicked in one? We all know what happens when you blow out a Jack o Lantern before Halloween is over right? The Ghost of L. Ron Hubbard shows up and forces you to join his church and watch Battlefield Earth 25 times.
9 Have you ever had nightmares about a scary movie character chasing you?: Yes, I had a dream Tom Green from Freddy Got Fingered was chasing me around an empty city trying to get me to pull his finger. Damn you, Tom Green.
10 Best thing about Halloween?: As I said before, it gives otherwise normal women a chance to dress like sluts or a sluttier version of something like a nurse's outfit or school girl outfit.
11 Strangest Halloween custom you’ve heard of?: This Cracked post says it all. A sexy Ninja Turtle outfit?
12 Person in your family who most likes Halloween (not counting yourself): My brother I guess. I never really asked him about Halloween.
13 Are you superstitious? If so, name at least one superstition of yours.: I have never believed in that stuff. It gets on my nerves when people make a big issue of their superstitions like splitting poles or walking under ladders. I actually notice when people are doing something to avoid bad luck or omens. I always notice the great lengths people go to avoid splitting a pole when walking with me. I always try to split it anyway. Damn your superstitions.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kanye West: Runaway

Kanye West: Runaway
This is the reason I hate and like Kanye West. His ego is so big that he is willing try doing new things that are completely out of the realm or the Hip-Hop world. “Runaway” pretty much is an outgrowth of his ego but in a good way.
This video is basically a sampler of all of his new tracks.
Kanye does fairly good job in the directing chair. The transitions from each song and scene is fairly seamless.
Lady Gaga could takes notes on how to
~Some of the quiet moments between songs might turn some people off.
~Half Naked Bird Woman? I have no problem with. She has an amazing body. Selita Ebanks plays the strange bird woman (The Phoenix). She was a Victoria's Secret Angel. Now, I under why she looks good in the outfit.
~I kind of like seeing Kanye West playing around with a drum machine.
~There is a tribute to Michael Jackson at the 8 min mark.
~Somehow he’s made ballerinas sexy. This is probably one of my favorite sections from the video. It is just a nice little set piece. I love the tribute to the “Douche Bags” because the song is related to his problems after the MTV incident last year. (He's had a few MTV incidents.)
Grade: B

Random Thoughts

Their Logo is so Extreme that it constantly on fire.  Those are passion flames from the heart of gamers everywhere.  BTW, what's up with the green tracing on the logo?  Is a Green Lantern protecting it?

Random Thoughts
~Game Crazy?: I had no idea that Game Crazy was even around. I remember EB Games and Game Stop. Game Crazy had a really bad training Video for new employees. Spoony decided to riff on this strange Training Video. What were they thinking when they made the training video? Having the lamest woman in the word speak in slang is just stupid. True that, peeps. Just watch the videos to see what I mean.
~Wikileaks: That sounds like a peeing problem to me. Anyway, I've heard a lot about this group, and didn't know what to think about them. But after reading about the group pissing off the Space Church, I'm totally behind them.
~Paranormal Activity 2 made 20 million on just Friday. Jackass has made over 73 million overall. Guess which studio owns both films? Paramount. Despite losing the Marvel Comics contract for Iron Man 3 and the Avengers, Paramount is really having a good year.
~Balloon Father sells a back scratcher: Richard Heene, the douche bag that faked the Balloon Boy story, is now trying his hand at selling useless shit like Vince Offer (Shamwow guy). He's selling an item called the “Bear Scratch”. It is basically a mounted piece of wood that you rub your back on. What is this guy smoking? Hey, Richard, there are plenty of gas stations hiring right now.
Don't take my word for it...

Double Dragon theme

Double Dragon theme with DeStorm
I wonder what other old school videogames tunes can be slowed down and turned into hip-hop tunes. 
I like the blowing into the Nintendo cartridge.  Everyone had to do to his or her games.  I wonder why Nintendo’s system was the only one that didn’t work well with dust?  I remember having a Sega Master System, and I never had to worry about blowing into the thing. (That sounded strange) I did have a few glitches with the Master System, but nothing like Nintendo. 
I want them to bring back the Blowing technique for nostalgia stake. 
Anyway, my brother and I used to play Double Dragon for hours in the arcades.  I also had fun with the game on the console too.  Now, the Double Dragon movie is better left ignored.  

Friday, October 22, 2010

I had Arabic coffee today, and I think I drink too much…

I had Arabic coffee today, and I think I drink too much…
My teacher brought in Syrian Coffee and I had a half of a normal cup of coffee.  That is considered too much because Arabic Coffee is very strong.  You’re only supposed to drink from a tiny cup.  I really feeling it because I don’t think I can go to sleep now because I am so wired. 
BTW, the blend he gave me was bitter and sweet.  I’m not a coffee drinker, but I kind of liked it. 

Ventrilo Harassment Halloween Style…
Fresh Prince of Bel Air Vent
Fresh Prince seems to be a great way to spam someone. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chris Klein is the worst... has a poll up asking people to between Chris Klein and David Caruso as to which one is the worst actor.
That is a hard one to make a decision on.  While Caruso has had a longer career of making shit, Chris Klein is just laughable in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.  To be fair, I laughed every time Klein opened his mouth.  But, Caruso has done nearly 200 episodes of the overrated CSI: Miami, and that’s a lot of bad acting.  And, he really didn’t change his character from the one he played on NYPD Blue or that movie Jade. 
He also had a part in that dreadful Hudson HawkBut, he's still a bit more restrained in his roles.
I’m going to have to go with Klein only because his Street Fighter role was really bad even for a terrible movie like that. 

When Pornstars attack part 2

When Pornstars attack part 2
From E!, ((Lindemulder was exiting Orange County Superior Court after finding out that James wasn't going to show up and the hearing over visitation for their daughter Sunny would be put off until Nov. 5.
"She threw coffee at my house and broke my camera," the unidentified photographer relayed to E! News. "The lady pushed me and I hit my back on a concrete post. My back hurts really bad."
He was whisked away by ambulance as O.C. Sheriff's deputies escorted Lindemulder back into the courthouse for questioning.))
I'm no fan of either Jesse James or his ex wife Janine Lindemulder. However, part of me actually sides with her on this incident. I guess she knew the fat dude's weakness, throwing coffee in his face. He went down faster than a bad game of Jenga.
There are a couple of problems with this;
1 Why are the Paparazzi chasing an rundown ex-pornstar?
2 Fat guy Paparazzo took it too far when he almost entered the elevator.
3 Attacking a whale paparazzo is not the best way to get back your children, Janine.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mike Myers being funny

Mike Myers being funny
I originally hated So I Married an Ax Murderer when I was younger. However, I've come to enjoy this often over-looked movie. His Scottish father character is actually a carry-over character from SNL.
In those skits, an angry Scotsman would yell at customers. 
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