Thursday, November 30, 2017

Get Out

Get Out

Get Out isn't exactly a horror movie. Despite being made by a comedic actor/writer, it is more of a psychological thriller than a comedy. Director Jordan Peele does an outstanding job with this creepy, but entertaining little movie. It starts out with one premise and switches to something else. The movie is far better than I expected it to turn out. Get Out is a good movie that works most of the time.
Get Out has some comedic elements, but not in a goofy parody manner. Most of the comedic elements are in the form of a side character named Rod Williams. Rod that isn't a part of the main storyline and he is having his own story. I have to wonder if there was more story involving said character. However, this character does pay off in the main story during the climax.
Putting aside the comedic roots of the production team, Daniel Kaluuya is the lead for Get Out. He is the face of the movie. I am impressed with his performance. He has expressive eyes and subtle things that convey that there are much bigger things going on in his mind and character. It was a nice to go with an up and coming actor instead of an established actor.
He conveys the anxiety every black male has meeting his white girlfriend's family. The movie starts out as something mundane as an interracial couple meeting the parents. However, it turns into something far more twisted and sinister as the story progresses.
While the movie is very tight in time and editing, I would have enjoyed a few more minutes of subtle strangeness and foreshadowing. What they have in the movie is good, but I wanted more before the movie switches to a more slasher/action/chase movie. The creepy build-up would have enhanced the switch to the more darker slasher/fear aspects of the story.
Actually, the acting all around is very good. Allison Williams should receive high praise for her role. Her character is a bit more twisted when you really think about what she's been doing to victims for years. Catherine Keener and Bradley Whitford are both good as the creepy parents to Williams. They give off that “something isn't right about them”.
Get Out is a fun little movie with some creepy aspects. There are some comedic elements but relies more on the horror/thriller elements than comedic ones. The direction and editing are spot-on. I like how the writing and the directing work hand-in-hand with foreshadowing. As long as you let talented people do their thing, you get a well-made product such as Get Out.  
Grade: B+

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Drop Zone Punch

Drop Zone Punch
I really liked the Snipes movie Drop Zone (AKA Passager 58). The guys over at We Hate Movies did a podcast about this overlooked action gem from the 90s. Every time it is on TV, I watch it. Yes, Wesley Snipes' character punches a woman, and you could not do that in today's hashtag world. It works here and shows that she is a person that can take a punch and gives it right back.
Here's the story behind that funny moment. From IMDB, ((The character of Jess Crossman was originally written as a man. After the character was made a woman and Yancy Butler was cast in the role, the filmmakers wanted to remove the part where Nessip hits her after she drops him out of the plane. However, Butler insisted that the "hitting" scene be left in, and it was. ))
I love that it was Butler wanted to keep it in. It is probably the funniest scene in the movie. And, yes. Claire Stansfield and Yancy Butler are both in this movie and they look like sisters. It is very confusing.  


Monday, November 27, 2017

Lindsay Shepherd tape

Lindsay Shepherd tape
This is troubling. I don't agree with everything that Jordan Peterson believes in (the religious stuff), but damn this is troubling. I am really more bothered by the trendy words like “problematic” “GamerGate” “alt-right”. All the Buzzfeed trendy words are there for you to encounter.
I also don't like the university is shutting debate in the form. Shepherd is100% right that these young people have to be prepared for varying views other than their own. Learning and knowledge will sometimes “disturb and upset” students and they HAVE to be ready for this. I've spent a lot of time in college and I don't remember it being this repressive. Then again, I was at the 300-400 level classes at the time.
I also love that she is anti-Peterson and she gets attacked for showing a video of Jordan Peterson. The smartest thing she did was record the meeting because the college would have covered it up otherwise.
Instead of me rambling on, here's a better view of my thoughts.
From Global News, ((It is axiomatic that intellectual inquiry, critical reflection and scholarly integrity are NOT POSSIBLE in an institution that prevents some ideas from being articulated,” a statement from the professors reads. ))
Instead of shielding students from “bad thought”, bring the opposing view to the forefront in order to debate and destroy it with better ideas. Then again, we live in a time when block-bots are used for Twitter when someone doesn't agree with us.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thor Ragnarok (Part 2 of 2)

Thor Ragnarok (Part 2 of 2)

Hulk Smash
The Hulk pays a large role in the second and third acts. The writers do use a great deal of the Planet Hulk story elements and it blends in well with the Ragnarok story. I can buy the MCU's Hulk turning into this gladiator type of warrior that kills hundreds of people and enjoys the fame of being a warrior.
Mark Ruffalo's Bruce banner is nice to see again too. It is a shock that Bruce hasn't been seen since Avengers II. Ruffalo plays the nerdy guy out of his element but is also afraid that his alter-ego will replace him for good. At this moment, I am looking forward to a stand-alone Bruce Banner/Hulk movie. However, I did like The Incredible Hulk and this movie does follow up on that storyline in a manner of speaking.
Hela Good?
Cate Blanchett is better than the Dark Elves from the second movie. You can clearly tell that she is loving the role. Everywhere she goes, something gets destroyed or someone dies. (She was hinted at in a deleted scene in the second Avengers movie.) She is fun in the same manner as your villains in those Saturday morning cartoon shows from the early 80s.
Hela isn't as fun to watch as Loki. She is great as the looming threat, but I just wanted more of her. It feels like there were entire subplots cut out involving her on Asgard.
I also enjoyed that they tied her in the deeper mythology of Asgard. Her reveal about the hidden history of Odin and his role in the realms will change the way you view the history behind the first two movies. I also like that she was basically a super weapon that was pushed aside when Asgard morphed into a more enlightened society. There wasn't a place for Hela in the newer/brighter Asgard. So, she was pushed out and erased from the history books.
It does feel her character got cut a bit from the overall final cut. Keep in mind she is sharing her villain role with Jeff Goldblum's character. And, it seems Goldblum has the better lines and moments. However, you can't take away from the coolness of her powers and Cate's acting abilities.
Other Things Worth Noting
-No Jane: I guess someone at Disney doesn't like Natalie Portman. I heard Portman wasn't easy to get along with in the other movies. She receives a mention here, so the writers have pushed her aside. Really though, she would have bogged down the story due to her poorly constructed character from the first movie. You didn't need her for a movie almost entirely based on different planets.
-No Human Team Thor members: With Jane gone, all the support characters behind Jane are not in the movie either. I like Kat Dennings and not just because she is pleasing to the eyes. She brought a bit humor to the other Thor movies. However, there is no place for her here if Jane is not part of the movie.
-Dr. Strange appearance: Having not seen the Dr. Strange movie, I enjoyed Strange's appearance. He kind of plays around with Thor but helps him out a bit. Strange is a bit of a troll to Thor and Loki. He really trolls Loki rather harshly.
-Karl Urban 's role felt a bit weak. However, there is a funny scene at the beginning with him that I like involving a Dragon. I felt his “face/heel-turn” was a bit weak. I know he was put into the story as fan service for Thor comic book fans.
-Loki being Loki: Loki is always a treat to watch. I freaking loved the reaction Loki has to the appearance of Hulk. It was one of the best moments in the movie. Pure gold and only works if you watched the rest of the Marvel movies. Tom Hiddleston brings his A game once again. He is having a lot of fun and I am too.
-A bit of Transformers: The Movie thrown in?: I have to wonder if this movie also paid homage to Transformers movies. Mainly it has to do with the manner that they kill off major characters from the first two movies. They kill these character off so brutally, quickly and dismissively that it is a shock. We got to like these characters from the first two movies and they are wiped away without much fanfare. Not even Thor shows feelings for his fallen friends.
Anyway, Thor Ragnarok is funny and fun action/sci-fi movie that brings to mind the style and feel of the 70s and 80s sci-fi movies. It is a bright and witty movie with a lot of fun moments. I liked the colors and the balance between the serious and witty moments. I wouldn't mind seeing another Thor movie with this director and team.
Being a DC Comics guy, I find it funny that I am looking forward to the Marvel movies more than the DC ones.  Not bad, Marvel.  What's next?
Grade: B+

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Here's the trailer for the dropped Louis CK movie

Here's the trailer for the dropped Louis CK movie
Well, at least the cast and crew got paid for this movie. This movie seems to be a not too subtle attack on Woody Allen. Pretty much everyone has dropped this movie.
The US and International distributors have aborted the release of this indie movie.
From Variety, ((After being canceled by The Orchard in the U.S. amid allegations of sexual misconduct against Louis C.K., the comedian’s film “I Love You, Daddy” is now being dropped by international distributors as well. ))
This was Louis CK's second directed movie. Pootie Tang was also encased in production troubles, with Louis getting the boot from the post-production. And, now his second movie will get the boot. (Will we see it leak to the Internet?)

Will this be the next The Day the Clown Cried situation with only a few people seeing it at parties?  
I guess the only people to have seen this movie are the studio folks and those hipster critics with the funny/stupid hats and horn-rimmed glasses.  

Monica Fishburne Arrested...again

Monica Fishburne Arrested

Remember her? She was the one that decided to get into porn because she wanted to follow in Kim K's footsteps. She regretted it. After a few bouts in jail for attacking people, she moved to Florida. ((all crazy people move to Florida) She became a stripper down there. She showed up in my suggestion box on Twitter and I was not aware of the recent incident.  
Well, she has gotten into more legal trouble with this DUI.

I kind of feel bad for her because she is clearly doing all this to get back at her father. I believe her father was a rather demanding person and she felt left behind when he started another family. I think getting into porn was a way to get back at him. What is interesting is that not much has been written about this incident and she still can't get any fame from it. She's basically what happens when you have no talent but crave fame.
She decided to pee on the side of the road while in her handcuffs. She pulls down her pants and lets it rip. I also like the Trump bashing as well. Brilliant.
From Miami ((The scene took place after Fishburne, allegedly at the wheel of a Toyota Corolla, rear-ended a Range Rover that slowed down to avoid a previous crash.
Troopers who responded to both crashes found an open bottle of wine inside Fishburne’s car and wrote in their report her breath reeked of booze.
Fishburne, 25, eventually blew a .18 and .17 in breathalyzer tests that night, according to the troopers’ report. That’s more than twice Florida’s legal limit of .08.))
And, I can say this from family experience, You need to get some help. You are going to end up dead or homeless. Trust me. Perhaps, patch things up with your father and get into rehab.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Has anyone noticed...

Has anyone noticed...

That Pornstar Proxy Paige looks a lot like Zoe Quinn? I mean the facial features are shockingly similar and they both have similar body types. Then you throw in the blue hair and face piercings. Was this intentional?
BTW, Proxy's videos are a little bit rough.  

Throw out your trash

Throw out your trash
I've been fascinated with DSP for a while now. Just like a giant turd, He manages to stay afloat. This new reveal that his former girlfriend left a bunch of shit in his big house amuses me. It now seems she left rather quickly and didn't want to come back. He also did a video where he bragged about canceling her cell phone plan, which he was still paying for after the breakup.
I love that he still has tons of her stuff in her house and he refuses to get up and get rid of it. There is something funny about the fact he had spoiled soap rotting in a room.
Over time, it has come out that the break up wasn't mutual and that they were still friends. He made a statement that it WAS mutual and they remained friends. Hmm.
From his Twit-longer, (( This is a personal matter between us dealing with behind-the-scenes occurrences/feelings that, quite frankly, are nobody's business but our own. I wish Leanna the best (I still talk with her regularly) and we'd both appreciate it if you'd respect our privacy on this matter. As in, don't bother asking for details, because you won't get them. In fact, this is probably the only time Ill really address it, as I'd prefer to move  ))
If he wasn't such an asshole, I'd feel bad for him. I honestly believed he did love Panda Lee. However, he mistreated and ignored her in the later years that I am shocked she took it for so long. Now, he's refusing to leave that big old house that lives in alone and move back to the empty condo he also owns. This is sad.  

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Thor Ragnarok (part 1 of 2)

Thor Ragnarok (part 1 of 2)

First off, I really liked both of the other Thor movies. I enjoyed this one even more though. Thor 3 brings the 70s camp while furthering the Thor and Asgard arc. This movie fully embraces the 70s sci-ci look and feel. Thor 3 is a lot of fun and it also makes for an enjoyable Marvel movie. Despite having some major dark themes, it is the funniest of the Thor movies. It even changes the lore of the Thor universe going forward. I laughed and smiled as I watched this movie and that's what I wanted from Thor Ragnarok.
While not perfect, director Taika Waititi has crafted a fun throwback to 70s and 80s sci-fi adventure movies. Ragnarok is an early 80's movie with a bit of the Heavy Metal paint covering the edges.
Waititi took what happened before and molded into this strange hybrid of a Marvel movie and a homage to Tron and Flash Gordon. The movie is flashy and campy toward the second act when Thor ends up on a junk planet. During the planet stuff, we get to see some freaky colorful aliens and clothing. Even the planet looks like something out of the pages of Heavy Metal.
For that, I have to give credit to the movie for fully embracing the campy and in your face nature visuals. When the movie shifts toward the Junk planet, it takes on a 70's/80's look and feel. And, it is all wrapped up into the campy and over the top Jeff Goldblum. His take on the Grandmaster is a lot of fun and you can tell he's having a lot of fun. GM is the secondary villain in the piece and is better of the two villains too.
Goldblum plays the GM as that rich prick that thinks he's good at everything but sucks at everything. The GM even has a DJ table!
The GM's planet Sakaar is something we haven't seen in a Marvel movie and is an interesting take on that Star Wars worn-in environment. It's new and different for a Marvel movie and I like it a lot. (Loki seems to really like this planet too.) Again, it brings us closer to that Flash Gordon appearance.
The other thing that brings the strange campy 70s sci-fi feel is the score by Mark Mothersbaugh. Mothersbaugh is a founding member of Devo, so that is why you get that synth vibe in this movie's score. While the visuals embrace the Flash Gordon and Heavy Metal influences, Mothersbaugh's score bathes in the nostalgia of late the 70s and early 80s synth music. It should also be noted that the other Thor themes do come back during the later portions of the film.
The score does shift from being synth into a more traditional score in the third act, but some of the synth stuff does mix into the choral and strings. The score is the true star of the movie. (Make sure to listen to the Planet Sakaar track for a big smile.)
Chris Hemsworth is more laid back as Thor. The minor humorous elements from the first movie are bigger here. I like that Thor has changed from the first movie up to this newer movie. Because he has been hanging out with Tony Stark and Cap, he's a different person now. Hemsworth can is good with the improvisational nature of this story. While he is fighting demons and aliens, he makes jokes.  

Louis CK and all that crap

Louis CK
Yeah, this is troubling. I liked CK's stand up and the manner in which he attacked hecklers...especially SJW hecklers. Allegations came out about Louis CK. He was the realist type of comedian the spoke the truth about things. He pushed the envelope a lot with language and depression. While didn't watch all of the episodes from his show on FX, I enjoyed the balance between the humor and reality of being a lonely comedian. It hit home for me on that level.
And, I liked many of the other projects he worked on. Now, that this shit has come out.
He basically whipped out his dick and masturbate in front of women under him. He has fully admitted to the incidents in a detailed apology.
I do find it interesting that they released the story around the time of his now-defunct movie release. Did the news people sit on this story until it could make a big impact?
Anyway, I am disappointed with him and look at him in a negative light. You can have a fetish or into a type of thing., but the other person has to agree to it. You just can't bring out the lizard and start yanking it, especially if it an employee or co-worker. There are a lot of people into what he's into, and there is even a porn category for it (yes there is). So, why not just hire a sex worker or ask a one-night-stander.

Given the online apps and things, you can literally match up with someone who is into the same thing as you.   Is it a power thing? 

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

RIPD Kinect: Xbox, shutdown

RIPD Kinect:  Xbox, shutdown 
From Gamespot, ((Microsoft's Kinect sensor, which sold millions across its Xbox 360 and Xbox One iterations but was often criticized, is officially dead. Ahead of its next earnings report later this week, the company has revealed that it has put an end to manufacturing of the device, meaning those still sitting on store shelves will be the last ones available for purchase. ))
I remember hearing about the Kinect way back in the day. It was Microsoft's answer to Wii's motion control system. It was a stronger version of Sony's Eyetoy. For the Xbox360, it was merely an add-on. Then, they tried to force-feed the Kinect down everyone's throats with the XB1. Plus, we'll add another 100 bucks to the XB1 and pretend the Kinect is necessary to the XB1's function. That was until they dropped that,
I found it funny that Microsoft tried and tried to push the Kinect with all their might. It kept failing and failing, but they were willing to support it all the way to this point.  
I really think the Kinect could have been an amazing piece of equipment if designed and promoted decently. I still find it funny that Microsoft wanted to fall on their Kinect sword when first selling the Xbox One. While support for the Kinect will dry up, Microsoft is providing Adapters for you to hook up the Kinect to your new more powerful Xbox One X.
By the way, you have to love the early demos for the Kinect "games".
I would have loved to have seen that Milo game (Demo), and watched it crash and fail. It was basically a Pokemon Snap with kids. It was called Project Milo. This project was fine, but what about the game challenge or story? Allegedly, Microsoft dropped the project due to disinterest.

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Neo Yokio

Neo Yokio

Created and written by Ezra Koenig (who f' is this guy?). And, you get to hear human-tampon Jaden Smith voice the main character. When you have the useless rapper Jaden and someone I've never heard of team up for a cartoon show, how can you go wrong?
Well, a great deal. Spoiler alert: I hate this show. I hate everything and everyone around it. I honestly feel dumber after enduring its six episodes.
The show is hot garbage if said garbage was set ablaze upon a mountain of turds. I can't completely throw the entire series under the bus. There are a few funny moments here and there. Other than Smith, the rest of the cast is impressive. (Jude Law Susan Sarandon Jason Schwartzman Steve Buscemi ) They are just not given much in the way of good dialogue and writing.
If the show is supposed to be a comedy, it misses the mark at nearly every point. If it's supposed to be a demon-catching show, it fails completely. Is it a comedy about anime? Nope. It doesn't handle it all that well either.
Actually, Dragon Ball Super is a better series that parodies anime. Plus, we already have the funny One-Punch Man for that. Neo Yokio show takes itself too seriously for me to consider this a biting commentary on anime and anime tropes and cliches.
The animation goes from being very stiff to passable in some cases. There are times when it feels a bit too Marvel Comics from the 90s animated in some places. However, I am not sure if this was intentional.
I never have seen a show so out of touch with itself and the people watching it. These characters are all rich assholes written by rich young assholes for rich assholes. Instead of telling an interesting ghost-busting (demons) show, the show is more focused on talking about trendy things that rich people wear and do. Why should I cheer for anyone given that no one is redeemable? No cares about the name-brand suits or the names perfume. We want to see a dude busting demons. They're all stuck-up assholes that no one can cheer for. We can't even cheer for Jaden's Smith's Kaz Kaan.
Speaking of Kaz Kaan, he is one of the worst “heroes” I've watched on a TV show. I cheered for Stanis from GOT more than Kaz. Stanis killed his own daughter and brother, but he was a more interesting character than Kaz. Stanis is far more likable than Kaz. Kaz is supposed to be a magician that has the power to get rid of ghost and demons. The problem with this concept is that Kaz is more interested in dressing in nice clothes and buying big name gifts than saving people's lives. Why bother with the trendy shit, when you have a compelling idea for a show?
I could have put up with this shit if the show built to something. Yet, it just...ends...without much of a resolution or character growth.
This show isn't written for normal people or even normal anime fans. Instead, this show is written for the sons and daughters of the one-percent that spend time tweeting and don't have to worry about getting a job. I care for no one in the series. I would have cheered for the demons, but they play such a small role in the series that I can't even call them the villains. Clearly, the show started out as one thing and switched gears as the production went on. In the end, we get an entitled little shit hero and poorly conceived and written anime show that is worse than even most things on Fox or CBS.

If you want to see what could go wrong on a show made by out of touch people, watch it for that reason. Give me a reason to like the main character or the show in general next time.  
Grade: F+

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Yeah, that was racist and stupid.

Yeah, that was racist and stupid.
A beauty shop customer? Nope, you wanted to see if you could walk around in black-face and not get called out. I am sure it was a bit of a “This is Trump America. We can get away with this.” To further support my theory, I think she called herself something else to another customer.
If she did think it was a harmless thing, didn't any of her co-workers warn her about this shit?
From East Bay Times, ((Staples released a statement Monday, saying that a store employee “wore a costume for Halloween that they intended to have represent an office product, but didn’t realize it could be considered offensive to some of our customers.”
While it was unintentional, it was still inappropriate and once this was raised to the representative, they immediately removed the costume. Staples apologizes to any customers that may have viewed a photo of the associate on social media. We respect diversity and try to foster a sense of diversity and inclusion in our stores, as well as provide an atmosphere in which all customers feel comfortable.”))

I am not the one that claims that everything is racist and sexist, but this is a bit much for even me.
  Why does this remind of this scene?  

I had a dream...lame

I went to bed and had a dream. I had a dream co-starring this fine lady.

Yes, I had a dream about Belladonna. She was a famous pornstar from the early 2000s. For some reason, she popped into my dream world. Here's the kicker; I didn't have sex with her in my dream. She came over to my place and slept in my bed because she had to go to work in the morning. She got up and left my room and disappeared from my house to whatever “work” she had to do.  There were no sex scenes or anything during this dream. 
Even in my dreams, I am a beta-cuck that can't even pull the trigger in the dream world. I've watched Belladonna in many scenes over the years and fully know how she looks naked. Not even my dreams do I  a sex drive to make the dream narrative any different than a damn glorified sleepover.  And, I am actually okay with her just crashing in my bed and leaving the next morning.  
In the dream world, you can be a warrior or a king of a universe.  You can be the star of your own stories, but all I can dream about is a retired pornstar sleeping in my bed and nothing else.  
What's next I have a spot of tea with Aurora Snow? Will I share snacks with Riley Reid?

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

When roommates go wrong...

When roommates go wrong...
Wow, this is very ugly. This is one of those stories where you go “Wait, what?” When you are willing to put your DNA and shit (literal shit) on someone's personal items.
Clearly, this Brianna Brochu is a horrible person. I truly think she did this because she couldn't stand living with a black roommate. There is trolling that goes on in college, but this was clearly being malicious.
From NBC News, ((In the video, Rowe said she always felt “unwelcome” in their dorm room and that the tension alone was enough to make her seek out another roommate. During that time, she said she also suffered from "extreme throat pain" sore throat for nearly a month and campus health officials couldn’t diagnose the illness. ))
Being a black guy, I can agree with this feeling. I've felt unwelcome in certain places when I interacted with certain white people. I also think they really hated me because I didn't fit a stereotype.
Of course, social media got Brianna (of trash) in trouble. Brianna bragged about on IG and it landed her in jail. Brianna of Trash is so stupid that this racist incident landed her in jail with a record and the school kicked her out. She also lost her scholarship.

Look at this “lovely” lady's mugshot.

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