Saturday, November 11, 2017

Louis CK and all that crap

Louis CK
Yeah, this is troubling. I liked CK's stand up and the manner in which he attacked hecklers...especially SJW hecklers. Allegations came out about Louis CK. He was the realist type of comedian the spoke the truth about things. He pushed the envelope a lot with language and depression. While didn't watch all of the episodes from his show on FX, I enjoyed the balance between the humor and reality of being a lonely comedian. It hit home for me on that level.
And, I liked many of the other projects he worked on. Now, that this shit has come out.
He basically whipped out his dick and masturbate in front of women under him. He has fully admitted to the incidents in a detailed apology.
I do find it interesting that they released the story around the time of his now-defunct movie release. Did the news people sit on this story until it could make a big impact?
Anyway, I am disappointed with him and look at him in a negative light. You can have a fetish or into a type of thing., but the other person has to agree to it. You just can't bring out the lizard and start yanking it, especially if it an employee or co-worker. There are a lot of people into what he's into, and there is even a porn category for it (yes there is). So, why not just hire a sex worker or ask a one-night-stander.

Given the online apps and things, you can literally match up with someone who is into the same thing as you.   Is it a power thing? 

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