Wednesday, November 01, 2017

When roommates go wrong...

When roommates go wrong...
Wow, this is very ugly. This is one of those stories where you go “Wait, what?” When you are willing to put your DNA and shit (literal shit) on someone's personal items.
Clearly, this Brianna Brochu is a horrible person. I truly think she did this because she couldn't stand living with a black roommate. There is trolling that goes on in college, but this was clearly being malicious.
From NBC News, ((In the video, Rowe said she always felt “unwelcome” in their dorm room and that the tension alone was enough to make her seek out another roommate. During that time, she said she also suffered from "extreme throat pain" sore throat for nearly a month and campus health officials couldn’t diagnose the illness. ))
Being a black guy, I can agree with this feeling. I've felt unwelcome in certain places when I interacted with certain white people. I also think they really hated me because I didn't fit a stereotype.
Of course, social media got Brianna (of trash) in trouble. Brianna bragged about on IG and it landed her in jail. Brianna of Trash is so stupid that this racist incident landed her in jail with a record and the school kicked her out. She also lost her scholarship.

Look at this “lovely” lady's mugshot.

Side Note: Don't let the BLM people get involved in this story. Please don't.

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