Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Fat Albert and the Dreaded R-Word

Fat Albert and the Dreaded R-Word
When I saw this short clip, I thought it was made up or faked. However, it is very much a real episode of Fat Albert. this clip literally popped up in my YouTube suggestion feed and I watched it. The clip grew in popularity recently and the Double Toasted folks took a crack at it.
For some reason, this kid's design looks similar to that of Gary Coleman. And, Cosby and Coleman would show up in the same movie during this time. The show handles this issue is rather progressive for its time (the 70's). However, it lays on the message rather thick. Using the word "retarded" seems a bit off by today's standards.
Given I lived through similar issues, the kid in the show seems to be closer to having learning disabilities and maybe some autism than what the show is trying to convey. I had trouble connecting to other students and had to take a longer time to understand school projects especially math. I kind of acted detached from the rest of the student body. So, I understand what this show was trying to do, but fails due to its age. It is a good message but is too loud for its own good.
Ah, 70's and 80's cartoons. Keep in mind these are the same people that made Star Trek the Animated Series and He-Man. The man behind the studio Lou Scheimer passed away back in 2013.
And, there were other "Very special episodes". 
Anyway, I got a kick out of watching these old Fat Albert episodes. I used to watch them at school all the time.

Side Note: Miss Wucher is hot. I remember rule 34 and I did some digging.  Heu, Wucher, give me a call.  

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