Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Really? Not even a boob joke is safe?

Great, now a lesbian comedian can't even make a breast joke on Twitter. These two are clearly friends and I am sure they make a lot more dirt tier jokes outside of twitter. By the way, this is where we are now at, Twitter? This is what we're offended by?
And, you clearly see Katy smiling as Ellen peers into her fun balloons. They are just having fun and some people have to twist it into something sinister.
I am no expert on female to female behavior, but many of friends to make these dirty jokes just like men do. Relax, people. This is not the same as a fat rich guy groping and trying to pressure actresses in his bedroom. I love how the far left and right are attacking her over this harmless photo.
I am not a boob guy, but even I have to give Katy Perry praise on her “balloons”. I am not going to leer, but I will give you a passing glance. And, it should be noted that she's made fun of her body numinous times like that SNL thing.
As I stated before, I am not a boob guy, but damn.

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