Friday, October 13, 2017

Jaden Smith: Batman

Jaden Smith: Batman
Jaden Smith really annoys me. He's everything bad about the born rich entitled kids from talented parents. Jaden is a talentless hack that is a blight on the creative world with his shitty movies and music. He's a guy we all wish would just go away. Thanks to his new shitty Netflix show, I've been seeing Jaden's stupid mug show up in my YouTube feed. I decided to watch this music video.
Now, the reason this music video and song exist is that Jaden dressed in a full Batman suit for Kanye West's wedding for no reason other than to be “different”. I think he honestly believes he is Batman. So, I guess it makes sense for him to make a song about it. From his point of view, it makes sense.

This song is garbage. It is that trend of using a filter on your voice while repeating shit over and over again. This is why I can't listen to modern hip-hop. Yet, Jaden has made this song even sound worst.
The video opens with Jaden waking up in a field. I am guessing this is how he usually wakes up. I believe he thinks he is Batman because someone calls him Bruce Wayne in this world. We get shots of him walking around in slow motion in the city in his stupid Batman suit. What does any of this mean?
To be fair, the musical track to the song isn't bad, but Jaden's mumble repeat rap brings it down.
The music video is of Jaden rolling around town and bouncing in his bat suit.
What's the damn point of the entire thing? Just to hear Jaden mumble shit?
I guess being rich and learning Scientology all your life will do this to you. This is what happens when you have a lot of money and no talent.  

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