Wednesday, October 18, 2017

DSP okay

DSP okay
Because he is such an ass, I enjoy the more minor trolling he receives. Like this Instagram trolling, it gets to him. Every time he posts something stupid on his IG, he receives a bunch of people leaving “okay” on each and every posts. That gives me a big laugh. Just something this small bothers him.
When I want to post a picture, I usually just put it up on the blog. I really don’t use social media anymore.  I just can’t understand the concept behind IG. However, people trolling him is rather funny.
While I might set up an IG account to host some photos, am I required to take random pictures of food? It seems to be the case in FB and IG posts.  Would someone be interested in the food I am about to consume?  Maybe a picture of where it ends up would be more interesting.  

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