Sunday, October 08, 2017

In Chris Chan we trust...

In Chris Chan we trust...
I had written out a post about Chris Chan getting a “girlfriend”, but that post was moot because he has allegedly broken up with her. I asked, “What kind of woman would want to deal with a smelly mess that is mentally breaking down?” Well, “Jessica” may have been a troll/white knight. She was supposed to have gone on a date with him. She must have gotten cold feet and dumped his ass twice. The second one appears to have been a fabrication of a Facebook hack. She blamed it on the trolls and broke up with him.
Why would any woman risk trolling or white knighting him due to his mentally unstable mind?
After all the trolling, you would think he would have known by now that no true woman would want to be with him unless it was a ruse. Somehow, he was able to receive a breakup BEFORE the actual first date.

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