Friday, October 20, 2017

Virtuosity Kapow

I was listening to the How did this get made podcast about this horrible, but often overlooked movie. They mentioned this scene and I always remembered this scene any time it pops in my head.
There is so much wrong with the entire scene that it is worth noting all the stupid moments in the scene.
-Why would people chant “KaPow, KaPow” during the damn fight? Doesn't that take away from the “amazing” match going on in the ring? Who started the chant? Was it Michael Buffer?
-Was the cameraman really into just this one chick? It was such a problem that the announcer had to say something about it.
-You have to love that after Russel Crowe kills that guy in the crowd, the crowd still continues with the chant. Some of the folks actually start to cheer too.
-Was Crowe going to bite her on the neck like a vampire?
-Was that her boyfriend or her “boss”? He seemed a bit too sleazy.
Despite knowing this movie is crap, I will watch it every time because it is so campy and silly. Crowe is great as the “BAD” guy, and Washinton is trying to make a good movie. As long as you view this piece of crap as an FMV CD video game from the 90s, you'll like it too.

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