Thursday, July 30, 2009

Garbage Day Follow up: Eyebrow Acting

Garbage Day Follow up: Eyebrow Acting

Eric Freeman has a way with his eyebrows. He really knows how to move those eyebrows. Perhaps this is the reason he quit acting. He got a look at the dailies.

not real, but still funny

An English comedian takes on a ‘sensitive’ heckler (Is the accents English or something else?)

It is rather funny. I liked how the guy handled the heckling.

But it does bring up a point. Was this all staged? She appears to be Miked up. The people in the comment section mentioned that it is stage too. It seems too perfect to be real.

Is Kevin Federline having a baby?

Is Kevin Federline having a baby?

It certainly appears so. At first, I was shocked on how big the man has gotten. But, then I realized he doesn’t do much of anything. We know his ‘rap’ album isn’t putting food on the table, so I guess it is his ex-wife’s income keeping him big.

I know he’s taking care of the kids, but maybe it’s time to get a gig too. Sitting around the housing listening to "PopoZão" is not going to help.

The sad thing is there is talk of a reality show about him taking the pounds off. Please don’t do it. Don’t give this guy another reality show. I hate this guy, but he appears to be an okay father.

Side note: I find it amusing that Britney is now in shape and her loser hubby isn’t.

When is that next rap album coming out, Kevin?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random Thoughts

Now Broadcasting Crap
Random Thoughts

~During one of my long rants, I realized how much I truly hated High School. I didn't bother going to prom, and I couldn't wait to get out of there. The rant started out with me noticing a guy wearing class shirt where all the names are plastered on the back.

~Lost Comic Con Panel: This comic con panel was pretty funny. Part One, two, three, and four. Look for some guests from the cast to show up.

~NBC and Ben Silverman part ways: I'm surprised they even lasted this long with this guy. NBC should have fired his butt a year ago. And don't get me started on the network hanging onto Knight Rider as long as they did, and then quietly canceling it. Oh, and I still think the Jay Leno Thing is a bad move.

~Jake Lloyd Ten years later: He was Anakin Skywalker in episode one. At first, I thought he was a little bitter, but he seems to have a level head. I just want him to say, “Are you an Angel?”. Jake seems to defend the direction Lucas took the franchise with Episode 1, stating that it was meant for children. However, I argue that Episodes IV and V weren't really for children.

Garbage Day! (Silent Night, Deadly Night 2)

Garbage Day! (Silent Night, Deadly Night 2)

People at work wanted to see this clip and here it goes. Out of context, it is rather jarring and goofy. In context, is rather jarring and goofy. There’s no way to explain the logic because there is no logic.

Here’s a poor sap just taking out his garbage and someone yells out, “Garbage Day!” and shoots him. Did the guy need to yell out Garbage Day before shooting him?

Here’s what happens leading up to Garbage Day.

Yes, that was pretty stupid.

What was up with the goofy cop and why does he have a different uniform than the other cops?

Anyway, Garbage Day has become a popular meme across the Internet.

However, the credit for the terrible scene should go to the lead actor Eric Freeman. His IMDB page shows that he only has 7 projects to his name. My favorite is Ghost Writer as “Guy #1”. Wiki mentions that the producers tried to get him to come back for a commentary on the DVD, but he has disappeared. His last role was in 1992.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tough Guys Don't Dance (Oh, God, oh, man!)

"Oh, God, oh, man!"

Tough Guys Don't Dance (Oh, God, oh, man!)

Remember that “Worst line reading ever”? (Someone did a 'remake'.)

I wanted to do a follow up on that clip. MC looked up a the movie, and that compelled me to look up a little bit on this masterpiece film.

Here's the trailer, if you can call it that.

I have a few questions about this movie.

-Why is Cyrus Redblock in this movie (I'm Cyrus Redblock)? Lawrence Tierney was his real name. I'm joking. He was a rather famous Character actor. I remember him from his Star Trek roles (Business as Usual and The Big Goodbye). He was also in a deleted scene from Armageddon playing Bruce Willis' father.

-Why is Penn Jillette in this movie? Don't believe me, watch his acting here. I liked him better on that B5 episode.

-Why is the director, Norman Mailer, hamming it up for his own trailer? He even winks at the audience!

-Are we certain Tough Guys Don't Dance? I'm sure Chuck Norris and Captain Kirk can cut a rug. (I hate that phrase.)

As far as the “Oh God, oh man” scene goes, IMDB has this to say,

((Norman Mailer, in the director's commentary on the DVD, said that he was counseled to cut the ending of the scene in which Ryan O'Neal's character Tim Madden reads a note from his ex-girlfriend Madeline informing him that his wife was having an affair with her husband, and he exclaims, "Oh God! Oh Man! Oh God! Oh Man!" because of O'Neal's poor performance. Mailer kept it in because he thought the poor line reading actually added something to the picture. O'Neal, who had been friendly with Mailer, turned on him, as the bit revealed his shortcomings as an actor and embarrassed him. ))

So the director though it was so bad that he kept it in the movie. That certainly sounds like a Boll move there. Did Boll get his inspiration from Mailer?

AT&T vs. 4Chan: Well, not really.

AT&T vs. 4Chan

On Sunday, all hell almost broke loose. Was an Internet War about to erupt?

From PC World,

((On Sunday AT&T blocked access to portions of, an image-board Web site that allows users to post uncensored images and content anonymously. Soon after the blockade was detected by its founder Christopher "Moot" Poole posted a statement to the 4chan site complaining about AT&T's actions and urged 4chan users to "call or write (AT&T) customer support and (AT&T) corporate immediately" to complain about the blocking.))

The blocking of certain portions of the site 4Chan ended up causing a major s’storm. At first, I started to get this feeling that other service providers were going to start blocking unappealing (to them) sites. If someone pays for a service, there shouldn’t be any censoring.

One thing I had always given America points for was that it didn’t attempt to block sites they see as indecent. There are countries out there that block all kinds of sites for negligible things. Remember, there is that Great Firewall of China. On the surface, it looked like AT&T decided to censor the web from their members by blocking 4chan.

4chan members and its allies were all set to attack AT&T. There were a few opening shots.

Was the censoring really the case?


AT&T says it blocked the site because of denial of service attacks (DOS).

This is from the Associated Press,

((The phone company blocked access to 4chan on Friday to protect broadband customers from a "denial of service" attack, which floods targets with meaningless traffic, AT&T spokesman Michael Coe said Monday.

On Sunday, AT&T concluded that the attack was over and restored access.))

Christopher Poole, the man behind 4chan, confirms the attack and the AT&T block. And, it is good to see an ISP attempt to stop its users from getting attacked. But, the company could have handled it just a little better.

(("In the end, this wasn't a sinister act of censorship, but rather a bit of a mistake and a poorly executed, disproportionate response on AT&T's part," Poole said. ))

Well, it was a minor screw up with AT&T/4chan and that's it. The Internet War will have to wait.

If there is one positive thing to come out of this incident, it showed that people weren’t going take this blocking without a fight or noise. Because we all know that day will be coming soon.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Super videogame fanboy destroys his Computer monitor

Super videogame fanboy destroys his Computer monitor

Some stupid videogame nerd destroyed his computer screen over DDR (Stepmania?). Uh, it’s only a videogame, dude. (MC and I had a conversation about these types of people just before I saw this video!)

Even if it isn’t real, this sums up the state of video gaming right here.

Btw, look at the damage he did to the rest of his room. I’ve thrown down a controller or cussed out a videogame, but smashing your machine is just stupid. Smashing a harder object against a softer one is just not a smart move. Don't take it that seriously, unless you're the Angry Videogame Nerd.

I heard, allegedly, he posted this for his friends and took it down, but not fast enough. It went viral. This was mentioned in the comment section.

Think of the video above as the skinner version of this video.

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith: The Battle over Coruscant (Film Version Score)

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith: The Battle over Coruscant (Film Version Score)

I always like the Film version of the music in the opening scene. You can’t find this on a legit album, I believe.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

MP3 feeling better

MP3 player is feeling better…

After deciding to soak my MP3 player in water (accident), it stopped working. I dried it out by placing it near a fan. It started working, but it wouldn’t turn off so I kept it on while I went inside for work. After work, it started working, but when I connected it to my computer it kept resetting itself. That meant I couldn’t download anything to my player.

Now, it’s working just fine as if nothing happened.

Rant Fail?

Rail-Fan Fail

This is probably a rail fan filming trains. While filming, a business man nearly runs into him because he's messing around with his MP3 player. The guy filming gets pissed and says, “Stupid yuppies need to stay home. Put your Ipod away.”

Hate to break it to you, but I do need my own personal soundtrack at all hours of the day. My composers are John Williams, Goldsmith, and Zimmer.

I'm sure this guy has an Ipod himself.

Buzz Aldrin vs Bart

Buzz Aldrin still has it…

Chick out more information.

In an ambush confrontation, Bart Sibrel calls Buzz Aldrin a coward, liar, and a thief. Buzz punches Sibrel in the face.

Congratulations, Bart, you have officially pissed me off. You don't confront someone that has risked their lives trying to get into space.

These people, just like the 9/11 conspiracy folks, really do piss me off. But, confronting Buzz Aldrin and calling him names just tops my list. Aldrin risked his life to get to the moon and train for that day to go out in space. The Space Program has given us many scientific breakthroughs. What does Sibrel have to gain by insulting a 70 year old man?

And, trust me, I am big on conspiracies, but this one just isn't believable. Besides all we have to do is watch Superman II when those three aliens landed on the moon.

All jokes aside, leave Buzz alone.

I'm not going to get into the story behind Bart Sibrel, but these videos speak for themselves.

Here is a brilliant site that knocks down all those Moon Landing conspiracy theories.

And, here is another site.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dropped my MP3 Player in the water…

Dropped my MP3 Player in the water…

Damn it, this year has really sucked for me. I really can’t get into why it has been a shitty year. This accident is just another pile on.

As I was listening to a podcast, I had my “Philips mp3 player go gear aria 8gb” player drop into the kitchen sink right into a small pot of water. (A small pot!) It could have dropped anywhere in the sink, but it had to drop into the pot of water. My first thought was, “Well, shit.”

I reached in and got it out.

Right now, it is not working. So I sat it in front of a fan at full blast to dry it out. If I can’t get it to work, I’m going to buy the 16 GB one. I mean I really can’t live without my MP3 player. I use it to block out people and noise, plus I listen to a lot of Podcasts.

I’ve never done this before.

I’ve been doing research.

I’ll keep you updated.

Seth Rogen talks about “Entourage” and the creator

Seth Rogen talks about “Entourage” and the creator

((The writers had their characters referring to Seth's “ugliness … oddly fascinating” in a comic debate over whether Rogen could get a Katherine Heigl babe in real life.))

I found the whole thing funny, because I was watching the very ‘Entourage’ episode that mentioned Seth Rogan. Even I was little taken aback by the slam against Rogan. The women in the episode pretty much agreed that they wouldn't have sex with Rogan. I thought, “Ouch.”

But, you should find out what kissing Seth Rogan is really like though.

Doug Ellin does seem to have something against certain doughier actors. His show has insulted Kevin Smith, not once but twice in two episodes. He's now gone after Rogan too. And, I know that Rogen is a bit overexposed now, and there is a backlash toward him, but I felt it was a bit much.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chia Obama: That's Strange

Why does it look more like a Chia Bill Cosby?

Chia Obama?

Send one to a friend? I wouldn’t send one to an enemy. You can have it for 19 bucks, so it isn’t that expensive, but still…

Yep, it's real. You can check out the real site here.

Someone at work told me about this little gem. And, I can’t believe that this stuff is real. First off, the actual Chia Obama (Pet?) doesn’t look anything like him. Second, would you want to have thing sitting on your bookshelf? Then again, we do have comedian beef jerky.

I never really understood the need for a pottery character filled with sprouts.

Anyway, would a ‘Bush’ chia pet be a better choice. It says Bush in his name, but I’d doubt anyone would buy that one.

Supposedly, some Walgreen stores removed the Chia Obama for being racist. I don’t think it is racist, it’s just stupid and needless. Now, if they had an Obama ShamWow, I’m down with that.

What Just Happened (2008)

What Just Happened (2008)

I wanted to really enjoy this movie, but it felt a bit unfinished. It started out good, but it turned out rather boring. With the talented Barry Levinson, you would think the movie would turn out better.

Basically, it centers on Robert De Niro’s character, who is a major film producer, and how he handles the movies he's overseeing. He has to deal with studio heads and crazy directors.

There is a great deal to like about this movie. It is entertaining to watch the studio people, producers, and the director argue over final cuts and editing. And, one of the best scenes comes from the reaction from the test audience’s reaction to a dog’s death scene. Everything about that test screening is true.

The Bruce Willis scenes are funny. I love that Mr. Willis plays himself and he makes himself look like a complete a-hole.

The movie’s biggest weakness is Robert De Niro’s character’s love and personal life. We get bogged down in learning about his wife and children that it takes away from the far more entertaining aspects of his work. This turns the movie into an boring event.

Despite its flaws, there are some good things to take away from the movie. I just wish it would have been more witty and enjoyable.

Grade: C+

More pics from Iron Man 2

A few more photos from the Iron Man 2 movie

Make sure to head over to Slash Film to check out the other photos. I’m looking forward to the movie, and the Avengers movie too. I just hope the main villain is stronger than the one they had in the first movie.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Adam Carolla vs. Danny Bonaduce

Adam Carolla vs. Danny Bonaduce

In CA, Adam and Danny had radio shows on the same radio channel (KLSX). The channel flipped to Top 40’s (Amp) format and they cancelled all the talk shows. Bonaduce went on a full on attack on Adam, mainly because Adam fought to have Danny removed from his own morning show. And, I think Danny is a bit bitter about that.

Danny goes on and on about how unprofessional it was for Adam to reveal that KLSX was going to flip formats on Thursday. He went on for a while, before Adam actually called into the show to confront Danny on his BS. I love how Adam sets him straight and Danny starts to kiss his ass.

It reminds me of the Dennis Rodman/Danny Bonaduce battle. You have to hear this one.

Grew up a D-bag

Top ten teen heartthrobs becoming D-bags

The list is very good. Many of these people grew up to be total dickheads and seem to latch onto some crazy reality show or something. Did they ever think they’d end up in the state they’re in now?

I’d like to bring in my thoughts on a few of them on the list.

Kirk Cameron: This guy has certainly made some money with Fireproof, but he just comes across as a jerk sometimes. I’m all for people believing in your faith. Just don’t force it down other people’s ears. Though, I love that he’s taken some swipes at Scientology, which I don’t believe is a faith.

Scott Baio: Most people would go, “who the hell is Scott Baio?” Now, you would just say Reality Star.

Tom Cruise: “You’re jerk. Why did you do that?”

Joaquin Phoenix: It is still an act...I believe. He’s making this into a Borat type movie. The joke is on us.

Corey Haim and Corey Feldman: The two trashcans of evil. I hate Feldman more than Haim. Haim doesn’t realize he’s heading for a bad end in the very near future. I’m still mad at Feldman for that stunt he pulled at the MJ thing.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Black Eyed Peas rant

Black Eyed Peas do suck, but this is even worst. (A slight rant)

The Hate by numbers guy rips them a new one. I've never liked any of their songs. Plus, I really don't find Fergie that attractive to begin with. Some would call her a butter face, but I'm not that mean. She certainly has a kick ass body. (Great, I'm sounding like Perez Hilton.) They're group represents that is wrong with modern music. I guess when they're not beating up wimpy bloggers, they're making terrible songs.

I wonder if Fergie ever mentions that she had a role in Mr. T's Be Somebody... or Be Somebody's Fool! ? Is she proud of it?

You can watch her here (She's the little girl in the pink.) She is in this clip (16 seconds mark). She receives some points for hanging with Mr. T. It is interesting to see her turn from an innocent girl to what she is today. (A woman taking about her lovely lumps.)

Black Eyed Peas, please don't act me too.

(side note: Fergie also showed up in a Barbie Commercial , and I actually remember watching this ad too)

Worst Acting Ever!

Worst Acting Ever!

What the heck? Was the letter that bad?

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

It’s DOA: Dead or Alive all over again, but it is better than Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Street Fighter. But, that’s not saying much.

The poor acting completely holds this videogame movie down. It certainly has a lot of action in it, but acting is so bad that it becomes laughable. There was a constant smirk on my face with every attempt at acting from the cast.

Neal McDonough tries his best, but comes across as being campy. Michael Clarke Duncan is just playing Kingpin and Frankie Figs from his earlier gigs. Moon Bloodgood is hot, but not much else.

Kristin Kreuk plays the lead character (Chun-Li). And, she’s supposed to carry the movie, but Kreuk’s acting is so bad that it is an embarrassment to watch her. Then you have to sit through her voice in an unbearable voiceover. She doesn’t even try to make the voiceover interesting. She is a beautiful girl, but damn she can’t act. I really wanted to like her.

Chris Klein is just horrendous in the leading man role. I laughed every single time Klein opened his mouth. He doesn’t have an off switch and continues to chew through the movie and the script. He sucks worst than Josh Hartnett. You have to see his “performance”, because it is that funny.

The plot isn’t bad; it is just full of holes. The un-rated version is certainly bloodier. And, I’ll give them credit for putting it on the DVD. There are some violent scenes in this cut. One scene has Bison beating the living crap out of a woman as blood spatters on his face. He then touches and talks to the dead body of the woman he just killed. It is a creepy scene.

This Street Fight is filmed better than the 90’s Street Fighter movie, and some of the FX shots are okay. But, the acting is so bad that I can’t give this movie a positive grade. I blame the director for this, because it’s just being lazy.

Grade: D+

Side Note: Yes, Robin Shou from the Mortal Kombat films is in this movie. He still plays Liu Kang type character. I do like seeing a more mature Shou though.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blinded by the Light! “wrapped up like a douche”

Blinded by the Light!

I had to post this because I’ve had numerous discussions about the “revved up like a deuce” portion because it sounds like the singer is saying “wrapped up like a douche”. He garbles the words so badly that you can't even understand him.

When I heard this song in a grocery store, I thought, “Do they want me to buy douche? Why is the light wrapped up like a douche anyway?”

~What’s even funnier is the Urban Dictionary has an entry.

~Parody Ad with Wrapped up like a douche. “dressed up like a goose.”

Captain Caveman!

Captain Caveman!

I used to make the “Captain Cavvvveeman!” call all the time. Looking back at this old cartoon, it hasn't aged well. Like other Hanna-Barbera cartoon, the animation and writing isn't that good. And like other cartoons from this production company, they copied the concept from another established show. Charlie's Angels was their 'influence' here.

There are a few things I've learned from this stupid show.

-Captain Caveman doesn't wear any clothes.

-The three Angels don't have sex with him.

-Caveman will eat anything, including glass bottles.

-Mel Blanc makes Captain Caveman sound like a stereotype of an old Native American character on TV.

-Captain Caveman didn't serve in the Armed Forces, but he has the rank of Captain. Did he serve under the same fleet as Captain Crunch?

Later on, Captain Caveman has a son. Were one of these Teen Angels the mother?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Terms

New Terms (From the Urban Dictionary)

elbow tag: When in a theater with shared armrests, the act of carefully adjusting one's posture so that your arm touches the arm of the person next to you, but not so much that they move their arm away.

Comment: I actually know about this one. I generally try to find a location where I can sit with both armrests free for my elbows. But, I usually let my elbows hang down when around other people, so I don’t have to touch them. I don’t like touching other people.

dick magnet: Used to refer to anything or anyone who easily attracts guys. Also used with straight guys who easily attract gay guys (My personal favorite).

Comment: What? To be fair, there was this straight guy that seemed to always have a few gay admirers. Actually, he had some strange encounters. Probably the only magnet I wouldn’t want. You can’t stick that magnet on the refrigerator.

Conversational Blue Balls: When someone brings up a topic when talking but immediately drops it and refuses to switch back to the dropped topic.

Comment: This happens all the time and it bothers me. Someone will get scatter brained and forget the juicy topic they brought up. I love this one, uh not the blue balls.

butter face: n. A girl who is hot, except for her (but her, butter) face.

Comment: Wow, I’m surprised this one wasn’t on Urban Dictionary before. There was a woman that had an amazing body, but not a smoking face to match. People used to call her Butters, and they told her friend about her nickname!

Pullin' a Palin: Quitting when the going gets tough; abandoning the responsibility entrusted to you by your neighbors for book advances and to make money on the lecture circuit.

Comment: Nice, this one made it into the Urban Dictionary. I’m going to have to start using this one. Has she read this? Now, I have one called “Pulling a Adam” for screwing up.

hotness hypnosis: When act of finding someone so physically attractive that you overlook serious flaws in their personality.

Comment: Yeah, this usually happens when I go to a strip club. I start talking to an attractive stripper, and think I could take her home for mom to meet. I’d forget that she “F’ing takes her clothes off for a living” as a serious flaw. Wait a minute. I shouldn’t be saying this. Beleted!

Hiking in Appalachia: To have an extramarital affair. Stems from the disappearance and subsequent reappearance of South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford(R). Gov. Sanford was thought to be hiking in Appalachia. In actuality, he was having an affair in the South American country of Argentina.

Comment: Can one “Pull a Palin” and “Hike in Appalachia” at the same time? Is that even physically possible to do?

This guy knows what I'm talking about: An expression used to diffuse responsibility for an unpopular statement made in a public setting. Typically used to imply complicity or collusion on the part of an unwilling stranger.

Comment: Me: “Hey have you ever ‘Hiked in Appalachia’ with another woman? This guy right here knows what I’m talking about, eh?”

Friday, July 17, 2009

Kriss Kross videogame?

Kriss Kross videogame?

As read through 7 blunders of Games, I came across this ‘wonderful’ game.

I vaguely remember this videogame. It is a part of the series of music editing software from “Make my video” series.

Could Kriss Kross make a comeback? Will they ever make another videogame?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

The number one reason Billy Mays kicked butt

Hi, there. Billy Mays here.
I just love this picture. Check out that gun, I'm sure it has some Oxi Clean bullets.

Remember the Rap Chop video? (Real ad now?)

Remember the Rap Chop video? (Real ad now?)

Well, it went viral and now Vince Offer has officially endorsed the video. Plus, the Rap Chop remix is going to be shown on live TV. DJ Steve Porter has found himself famous now and he deserves it.

From MTV,

((His fun forays into video remixing — which also include the much-buzzed-about sports press conference mash-up "Press Hop" — have turned into a cottage industry for him: He has teamed up with Slap Chop pitchman Offer to create official remixes, and the exposure also scored him a job doing remixes for FedEx. ))

Now, he's going to do more remixes for Mr. Offer. Keep in mind the TV viewing audience is a little more Matlock centered and might not understand what the heck is going on.

I guess Vince has come out of hiding, after beating a call girl up, and taken his place as the major pitchman.

I also think they're going to make the Jam Wow remix too.

I think this is great for advertising, because most ads usually suck.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Troll 2 (a major train wreck)

The Ewoks version of Hell!

Troll 2 (a major train wreck) Wiki page

I have one thing to say...

You can't piss on hospitality

I was reading through “the Ultimate 11 worst movie sequels” and they were talking about Troll 2. Troll 2 has become famous for being one of the worst movies ever. There is no acting involved in the movie and they're simply reading from the script as if it was the first time.

Besides, you cant really ‘act’ to lines like this,

Joshua: They're eating my mom!
Troll: Do you want some, Joshua?
Joshua: AHHHHH!

Comment: Out of context, this line can be seen in a completely different light, very disturbing light.

Michael: We left at nine thirty an hour and a half off schedule and we never saw a sign of your beau.
Holly: Elliot is not my beau! He's my boyfriend and he told me last night that he loves me and that he wanted to come on this trip with me and my family.

From Wikipedia,

((Troll 2 is a 1990 horror film, directed by Claudio Fragasso, under the pseudonym Drake Floyd. During production, the film was known as Goblins, and some foreign releases of the movie were labeled as such, but upon release in the United States, the title was changed to Troll 2 in an attempt to help sell the film by connecting it to an established horror movie, the 1986 Empire Pictures film Troll. The two films, however, have no connection apart from the title. In fact, despite the title, no actual trolls appear in Troll 2. ))

One guy created a documentary on the fanboy response to the movie. Michael Stephenson, the child actor in the film, directed the documentary Best Worst Movie.

Never has popcorn seemed sexier(?) (this is the worst scene ever created)

You can actually watch the whole damn movie

(right here is part 1) (you can watch the rest here)

But I dare you to finish the movie. I remember watching it when I was younger, but today I couldn't get past the really bad 80s music in the opening credits.

-Patton Oswalt interviews one of the actors.

-A video review.

Like I said before, I double dare you to watch this stupid.

Oh, my

Whoa, so Megan Fox was in Bad Boys 2?

Whoa, so Megan Fox was in Bad Boys 2?

Apparently, she was an extra in BB2 at age 15. Imagine this, she played a dancing girl in a club. So, really does have Bay to be thankful for. There is a video in the link above that has her in it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Rampage Jackson loves female reporters

Remember when I told you about Rampage Jackson dry humping a reporter?

Well, this wasn’t his first time doing ‘it’. It seems he enjoys dry humping attractive female reporters. He ended up dry humping a young Japanese Reporter as well and he did it on the floor! Is this his form of a handshake?

What the hell is this guy's problem?

Anyway, the woman that received the second hump has come out to discuss it.

From the

((Some people have question if Rampage humping Heather Nichols was just a publicity stunt. Nicholas has answered this question using Twitter. She said "1. No, that was not planned. 2. No, I did NOT enjoy it. 3. The reason I kept going was to finish the interview & be professional."))

What a professional. I would have run away like a little punk.

((Heather Nicholas was interviewed by Sports Illustrated about the Rampage incident. She said "I tried to play along a little bit because I knew he was trying to be funny, but after about the first 5-10 seconds, it was just plain awkward. I kept thinking, "What should I do? Knee him? Keep going?" So I decided to keep asking questions, assuming he would stop if I did that."))

Well, now you’re famous Nicholas. I wonder if this is going to start a trend like speed dating.

Random Stuff

Random Stuff

~Chris Brown says, “Oops!”: He was going around wearing a necklace with the words 'oops' plastered all on it. Was this his way of saying sorry for beating Rihanna? I'm not sure, but he really needs to disappear for a few months. Oh, I also give Jay-Z major props for blocking Brown from preforming on that BET show.

~For some reason, I keep getting damn bugs flying into my face or head while I'm riding my bike. Are these bugs mad at me for putting that beetle on the hate list?

~Rampage Jackson dry humps a very hot chick while she's interviewing him!: Out of nowhere, Jackson grabs Heather Jackson and starts to hump her while she continues to ask questions. She never loses it. In my neck of the woods, this is called sexual harassment. I guess when you're famous or good looking it is okay to dry hump a woman you don't know. Sure, she's extremely attractive, but don't you want to ask for her permission before you take her to second base. (I don't know what the sexual bases are anymore.) Would Jackson dry hump a dude if he started asking questions?

~MC and I were online on Ustream and I remarked that Tila Tequila has a live stream, which had thousands of viewers mind you, she was doing some freaky things. I'm no Tequila fan , the drink and the woman, but even I was shocked at what she was getting away with on Ustream. You can check the replay here.

For her first show, she wore a see-through shirt-thingy and underwear. A food delivery guy came to her door and she answered in her see-through top and underwear. This is usually something out of a Porn movie. Every delivery guy dreams of having a half naked chick answer the door. In reality, it is usually some fat, hairy guy in a sleeveless shirt with a cigar hanging from his mouth.