Friday, May 31, 2019

Finally, the clips from the Webster/Star Trek TNG coverover. This is real.

Remember that Webster episode co-starring Worf and the Enterprise?   
I’ve talked about this clip for an episode of the last episode of Webster that involved a clip show using the Star Trek TNG sets and extras as a framing device.  I’ve been waiting for years to find the actual footage of this episode.  I actually remember taping this episode after my brother told about it.  I lost the tape.  At the time, I had no idea this was the last episode of Webster.  It should also be noted that TNG and Webster were both being filmed at Paramount in their syndication division.  (Remember when Paramount owned Star Trek?)   
-Seeing the Enterprise and crew in Webster lighting and cameras is a strange thing.  Worf’s makeup seems a bit off.   
-Worf’s character is a bit off:  By the time of this episode, Michael Dorn was fully into his character.  He knew how to play Worf.  Here, he is playing up his voice a bit and acting a bit off.  Keep in mind that Dorn has  
-Ensign Youngblood:  The young white dude with the feathered hair was called Youngblood.  He was a background character for TNG.  The actor passed away back in 2014.   
-Woman speaking role:  Her name is Lorine Mendell and she worked on TNG the full seven years as a stand-in and an extra.  She also showed up in some of the movies as well.   
-The tall black dude was Dexter L. Clay.  He was Dorn’s stand-in for the first three seasons.  He ended up becoming a director later in life.  Sadly, he passed away in 2015.  
-Clearly, this was a way for the Webster crew to save money by using a standing set for their cheap clip show.  Hey, Michael Dorn is already in makeup and we some of the extras to fill out the roles.  
-Please, someone, ask Michael Dorn about this appearance at the next convention.   

Pizza Predator Full Cop Interview

Jeff Sokol Police Interview (Pizza Predator)
As I posted before, Jeff was the asshat that decided he wanted to bang a 13-year-old girl and bring a pizza along for the rump.  He talked about marrying this said 13-year-old girl.  I hated this guy for his sheer arrogance.  Now, looking at the full police interview, I hate this guy even more.  He’s one of these predators that believe he is better than the rest of the world, but only in his own mind.  I like how he won’t even consider what he did wrong.  He even tries to pull the red/black pill.  The other thing worth noting is how the detective takes jabs at him and tries to connect with him via his age.  Every time Sokol makes a smart remark, the detective 
Despite the fact he is a shit-wad and brought a pizza to the sting, he was clearly grooming this decoy into marrying him.  This makes him an evil person.   

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Well, she wanted to make the Pizza Joint a Drive-thru...

Kimberly Killion: Destroyer of restaurants!
All joking aside, the lady was drunk and drove through a pizza joint at a high rate of speed. You can see her clearly injure the black guy to the left. Clerk and the other dude probably have bruises. What is interesting is there is “more famous” Kimberly Killion that is a novelist. The novelist Kim has nothing to do with drunk Kim that likes to hit pizza places.
Drunk Killion is actually a school teacher. From, ((She is a math and science teacher and an assistant coach for the girls' basketball tem at Pennsauken Intermediate School, according to the school's website.
She's also the daughter of Pennsauken Mayor Jack Killion.))
Before the restaurant received an new car-shaped open door, there were a few food reviews of the joint. Interestingly enough, one was record only a few weeks before Killion smashed the place.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Just wait for it...

Someone give this kid a contract for dodgeball.  The kid uses his superpowers to zero in on the bike girl and knock her on her ass.  I rediscovered this gem on Reddit.  

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Gas Station Encounters

Look, I hate going to the gas station.  For some reason, the gas station is the hive of shitty encounters and strange people.  I seem to have more encounters with crackheads, lottery ticket buyers and angry people.  However, this Gas Station Encounters channel is rather amusing.  The basic premise is that they record thieves stealing stuff from their location and catch them.  It is as simple as that with a guy from the place giving color commentary.   

Friday, May 24, 2019

My favorite TCAP encounters

My favorite TCAP encounters
I've been going on a TCAP stroll down memory lane. Some people wanted to know some of my favorite ones. When I say "favorites", I mean it in a burn it with fire sort of way.  Here they are.

Subway Susan: Another crazy white girl...

Subway Susan: Another crazy white girl...
Such style and grace.  
This single-handledly is one of the best freak outs ever.
This is why public transpiration is terrible. Terrible people make your day terrible. To top off the constant assault on the Asian woman, Subway Susan threw out some racial slurs. Keep in mind this happened in the morning when people were trying to get to work.
Well, she did find herself in jail. From NY Post, ((Anna Lushchinskaya, 40, was charged with felony assault following the wild Tuesday morning incident around 8 a.m. aboard the D-train in Sunset Park, the NYPD said. ))
The guy that recorded the first part made a citizen arrest after he took her down. While I don't agree with hitting women, she was aggressive and attempted to attack him.
So, do you feel sorry for Subway Susan? Do check out her response to the racial comments. She is a terrible person all around. I feel bad for anyone that has had the misfortune of banging her. That hate does translate to the bedroom. I sure she is a mean f' throwing n-words and f' words.
When Subway Susan isn't beating up and spitting on people of color, she is a lawyer. I wish I was making this up.
The woman getting beat up had her side of the story.
 Well, you know how much I like the crazy chicks...Would I date her despite the fact I am a person of color?  Hmm...

Quentin Tarantino: Another battle in the culture war?

I hate the fact that I have to defend Quentin Tarantino.  I love his movies, but he is a bit too smug and annoying sometimes.  And, he really wants to be black.  However, there are certain people in the press that want to bring Quentin down.   
And, Robbie crushed it with her response via Maxim, ((Robbie followed up. "I got a lot of time to explore the character even without speaking. Rarely do I get to spend so much time on my own as a character. That was actually an interesting thing for me to do as an actor.")) 
Let’s look at the movies that have strong female characters.  Jackie Brown Kill Bill GrindhouseDeath Proof Inglourious Basterds .  
I find it interesting that journo Farah Nayeri was fishing for controversy and was going to find something wrong with Quentin.  He picked up on it and gave a non-aswer.  For me, I would have given a nonanswer to shut her down and let Robbi destroy instead with facts.  Has the culture war gotten so bad that we’re now battling it out even before the movie has been released?   This is getting out of hand.  We're calling for blood before we can even judge a movie on its own merits.  Telling a good story first is more important than representation, but somewhere we've forgotten this.  

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Matt Damon in Team America

Matt Damon in Team America 

One of the funniest running gags.  when they made the puppet, they realized it looked stupid and just went with the “Matt Damon” joke.  What did the real Matt Damon think of his Team America version?   

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Whatever happened to Faye Reagan?

Whatever happened to Faye Reagan?

While I generally am not into too many redheads, she was one of the exceptions. I dug her “girl-next-door” look and she had/has an amazing natural body. Someone at work told me she has fallen on hard times and dropped in and out of rehab. (Not safe for work updates)
One of her co-workers/lover had this to say about her. ((Was.. (key word, was...) the best sex I've ever had, still to this day... ever. Now, you may ask, 'why was?'... she's been dealing with major substance abuse issues for years, and for half the relationship, she hid from me. It spiraled out of control and that, along with a few other things, led to the relationship's dimise. I really hope she can get her life back in order, cause I still love her tremendously. And, I don't wish to go into much further details about her on-going issues out of respect. :) ))
Many former adult performers don't bold well once they leave the industry. Having dealt with a family member with substance abuses, they will do everything in their power to hide it for a while. This AMA was written six years ago.
Then, I found this post about her somewhere around 3 years ago. ((I was recently in contact with her sister. She went through drug rehab just over 2 years ago, got out and has been living a normal life back in Vegas. ))
Yeah, drying out in Las Vagas isn't the best place to be, but I wish her luck. Being an adult performer is very rough on you. And, it doesn't get better the older you get. Look at Ron Jermery. And, it looks like she is nude modeling for sites since 2015 (NSFW).
Side Note: At her height, she was also a model for American Apparel.

Man brings pizza to TCAP Sting...cringe ensues

Man brings pizza to TCAP Sting...cringe ensues
Dude, you're 44 years old. No one under 18 is going to care about you.
This Sokol fella is a turd. Not only is he a creepy fella with a thing for young girls, but he seems aggravated that Chris Hansen has cock-blocked him. It should be noted that he brought a marriage contract and drove 2 ½ hours to meet a 13-year-old girl. The best part is him eating his pizza while Hansen presses him. Not only does he offer the crew pizza, but he also leaves his pizza there.
When he went to court, his lawyer tried to paint a buffoonish picture with Sokol. Interesting defense. The other thing interesting is that Jeff knows nothing about the Hansen TCAP stuff.
Pizza man will be getting out of prison something in the summer. Side Note: You want more cringe? Listen to the phone call to the decoy.  The decoy is very good on the phone.  She got the rambling 13-year-old talk down pat.   

Monday, May 20, 2019

Pokémon No: Getting your ass kicked

Is getting robbed a part of Pokémon Go?   This happened back in 2016 when Go was red hot and every annoying person went around playing the game.  Look, I was never a Nintendo fanboy and I was too old for Pokemon.  
When playing a child’s game at night and wearing a bright yellow shirt, perhaps this is not a good idea.  I am sure he was only armed with a bottle of soy milk.  If you look in the back, you can see the guy sneak up behind him and takes a swing toward the geek’s neck.   
The geek should have called his detective Pikachu to solve the case.   
Anyway, what’s chilling is seeing the thief quickly reset and deleted anything that could track him.  And, all joking aside, I’ve had an entire 200-dollar bike stolen just a mere ten minutes.  To add insult to literal injury, Twitch suspended his account for short while.  Why?  Get robbed, get banned.
Side Note:  He is a long-time blogger and has made a serious name for himself in the geek community.  To be frank, I could only wish to have as much content as he does.   
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