Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Half in the bag: Rips into Jack & Jill

Half in the bag: Rips into Jack & Jill
I mean they really rip into the movie and sum up the problem with Adam Sandler’s current set of films. 
Their review was so big that they had to break it into two parts. 
I still contend that Sandler’s decline started with Little Nicky.  I’ll have to wait and see if this movie is worst than Grown Ups, because that one was bad.   
79 million dollars was the budget of this movie? 
And, I love how they make the connections to all the product placements in the movie. 

Something is seems off

There is something wrong in this video…someone seems a little out of place…
Uh, what is wrong with the woman in the middle?  Is she doing it on purpose?  Now, I want to know her story.  What is her reason for being in the video?  Everyone else seems to really be in sync. 
So, is it an epic failure or epic win? 
Besides the woman in the middle, please note the woman in the rainbow peace shirt and reverse trucker hat.  I want her number. 
I like the comments in from the video. 
From Brunberg:  ((Fucking NAILED it! You can clearly see the frustration when she's the only one doing it right.))
From Mavman16:  ((it’s a glitch in the matrix))
The Felixnr1:  ((Haters gonna hate!))

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Too old to give a crap? (Body odor)

Too old to give a crap? (Body odor)
One thing I’ve noticed about old people is that they generally have this attitude of not giving a shit about anything.  Given their age, they are able to skirt social norms (like driving slow in the fast line) because they’ve stopped giving a crap. 
I’m sitting at the café in the library at school right across from an old guy with some intense body odor.  He has this mossy/mildew smell emitting from his body, and it is truly disturbing my vibe.   He is certainly ripe, perhaps rotten.   However, it is certainly an earthy smell that I can’t really stand.
I’ve noticed that a lot of old men tend to stop minding their personal hygiene, and they all have a similar smell.  I’m guessing there comes a time when you give up the fight and start smelling like the decomposing trees in the forest with a hint of dry dirt and mushrooms. 
So, there is probably a time when they say, “f’ it.  I’m going to go for that musky dirt smell because I’m not getting any dates.”

Chuck Norris and WOW

Chuck Norris and WOW
Is this Chuck Norris spot for WOW a little late in the meme game?  Isn’t the whole Chuck Norris (Fill in the blank) a little past its time?  While I think the spot is clever, it would have had a greater impact three years ago. 
I also thought the Ozzy Osbourne WOW Spot was a decade too late.  Do you remember when the Osbournes were hot stuff? 
However, I really like the Shatner, Mr. T and Aubrey Plaza spots.

John Ottman’s score to X2

John Ottman’s score to X2
I fondly remember hearing this amazing score to the second film in the X-Men series.  For once, they actually had a stronger set of themes for the film unlike the first movie. 
My favorite part of the suite is the Phoenix/Jean Grey theme in the middle of the track.  The use of the piano beginning the theme was a nice choice.  There is a sense of wonderment and sadness to it, with a hint of darkness. 
While I like the Phoenix theme in the X3, I felt they should have carried over Ottman’s Phoenix theme to that movie, but then again we’re talking about Brett Ratner.  

Monday, November 28, 2011

TV Stuff

TV Stuff
-Dexter:  This season so far has been amazing, if a little unfocused at times.  I can’t stand the character of Joey Quinn this season.  He’s reckless and dickish.  However, I love the twist with Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos in the last episode.  It actually does make sense in the context of the rest of the season. 
-Sons of Anarchy:  This season has been amazing too.  They’ve really pushed the limits with darker path the gang has gone this season.  There have been a lot of deaths this season, with a very shocking possible death at the end of the last episode.  Maybe, he isn’t dead.
-Boardwalk Empire:  This show continues to be outstanding and a better version of what we wanted out of The Sopranos.  Just like SOA, things are really starting to heat up on the show.  I like how the tied the whole African-American labor strike into the overall story.  The ending to the latest episode was shocking indeed.  I am surprised they had the guts to kill off a major character.  Good work, Boardwalk Empire.  


For weeks, I’ve been trying to find the name of this product.  I would discuss it with other people from my generation.  And, I finally discovered the name of this toy from my childhood.  You see, you would stick these paper disks into the top of the machine and point the View-Master into a light to see the images.   
The disk would have evenly spaced photos that were viewable through the View-Master.  You would change pictures through a click on a side handle.
I fondly remember getting one of these things as a birthday gift.  I remember getting the Star Trek II Wrath of Khan Disk-Set and watching it over and over again. I had no idea they even made some for the TNG show. 
I guess this was what we had before really good videogames and DVDs of our favorite movies.  (We also had the Read-Along books and tapes)
However to my surprise, Fisher Price is still making View-Masters.  They even have a site. 
I might just get one. 
However, why do I feel this would be something a hipster would buy? 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Disaster Movie

Disaster Movie
If shit could film and edit itself, this movie would probably be the byproduct of that venture.  Never has a movie felt more rushed and pasted together than this unfunny piece of a shit.  With a few moments of chuckles here and there, I actually came away from the movie angry at the world for letting this movie be released in theaters.  This movie is beyond terrible.
Friedberg and Seltzer, the two assholes directors from Epic Movie and Meet the Spartans, unleashed this mess onto the planet.  The movie was filmed within months of its release date after Meet the Spartans turn into a hit for the pair.  And, it shows.  Somehow, they managed to make a movie even worse than their other entries.  Usually, filmmakers improve upon their past works, and they’ve gone backwards.  The editing and acting is really awful.
It is hard to even explain the plot of the movie because nothing even remotely makes sense.  And, that’s where Fartface and Sputzer show that they have no idea how to make a compelling parody movie.  Most good parodies have a straight or somewhat straight plot that the jokes and references can grow out of without it seeming jarring.  The Airplane and the Naked Gun series are good examples of that.  
There is something about a crystal skull and planetary disasters being linked somehow, but they also throw in killer chipmunks and Beowulf for some reason.  The movie doesn’t even bother staying on track on making fun of disaster movies and goes into other genres.  Screw the plot.
There are points when they would cut away and have a super long bit that takes away from the main plot, and these side bits always ran too long to be mildly amusing.  At one point, Kim Kardashian and Carmen Electra wrestle for a good three minutes and even a horny guy like I started getting bored with the scene.  I find both Kim and Carman attractive, but the wrestling scene was too long.  And, you get scenes like this throughout the movie and none of them are funny in any manner. 
Like other Friedberg and Seltzer movies, characters will literally spell out the joke for you by saying, “Hey, look it is…”  That’s just lazy writing.  If they don’t care about their movie, why should we?
Nicole Parker as the Enchanted Princess is the only performance worth watching in the movie because it is so out there and crazy.  They could have centered a movie on her character.  She’s only thing funny in the story. 
Luckily, the movie didn’t do that well box office-wise.  So, that’s a good thing.  However, that didn’t stop the directing pair from making another movie.  (Vampires Suck)
Avoid this movie at all cost, unless you like torturing yourself.  The movie will cause pain, rashes and death.  This movie makes me hate myself for watching it and the makers of this movie.  F’ this movie and f’ Friedberg and Seltzer. 
Grade: F-


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ricky Gervais returning to the Golden Globes (tee-hee)

This is old news, but Ricky Gervais returning to the Golden Globes makes me feel all warm inside.  Gervais pissed off everyone from Scientology to some of the Hollywood big timers.  And, I loved every story and video on it. 
The rather boring Golden Globes certainly needs him more than he needs them.  His antics got people to actually talk about the Globes for once outside of Hollywood.  Somehow, he’s able to piss off the right and left at the same time for different reasons, and I love that. 
How many PIs did the Church of Scientology hire to look into Ricky?  I'm just asking. 

The Friday After-After (Friday 4.0 aka F4 aka Fast Friday Furious Friday)

The Friday After-After
Well, there was the movie First Sunday, which wasn’t related to the Friday franchise. 
There are some rumblings of a new Friday movie coming out. 
From, ((That could all change as New Line is in talks with Ice Cube to write, produce and star in another installment of the series. Cube executive produced and starred as Craig Jones in the 1995 original and reprised his role both on screen and off in the 2000 sequel Next Friday and 2002’s Friday After Next. Cube may also be in line to direct the next segment.))
This time, Ice Cube might take the directing chair, which I am not in flavor of.  However, I still have fond memories of the first Friday movie and the loose storytelling.  I can still sit down and watch the first movie and enjoy it. 
So, New Line is interested in making another one of these, probably because they’re cheap to make. 
The biggest question is this; will Chris Tucker return?  Remember, he was in the first movie, but left the series due to “religious reasons”.  And, he demands a pretty steep price tag to star in movies now, despite the fact his last movie was Rush Hour 3.  Yet, he’s slated for the upcoming movie The Silver Linings Playbook.  Plus, he’s in some money troubles so that might play a factor in his decision.
Can they make a good sequel?
And, please don’t have any Rebecca Black connections.  

Best library moment ever...cell phones

Best library moment ever
This just happened a few minutes ago
Some a-hole decided to talk loudly in the library without a care in the world.  Another, person in the library did the loud, “Shhhhhhhhh-Shhhhhhhhhhh.”
The Cell Phone Guy ignored him and continued to talk loudly. 
“Be quiet,” The concerned guy said.
“Hold on a minute,” Cell Phone Guy said to the person on the phone.  He raised his voice even louder to the concerned guy.  “Man, I’m on the telephone!”
That was when I chuckled.  This guy must have the biggest balls in the world that he doesn’t care that there are other people in the library.  He thinks it is all right to talk on the cell phone in the library. 
The concerned guy mumbled, “Unbelievable.”
There does seem to be this total disregard for other people when it comes to cell phones.  People will check their phones in the theaters and let them ring with their Justin ‘Beaver’ ring tones as if we all want to hear it.  Look, I didn’t pay you 12 bucks to hear you talk about your worthless life at home, so why would I want to hear it in a theater? 
It is the same way with libraries too.  Your call may be important to you, but not the rest of the world.  I shouldn’t be entitled to listen to your conversation.  I also like that anger that boils up when someone confronts them.  
“I’m on the telephone!” 
Please, shut the f’ up for all of humanity.

Two Snow White movies…

Two Snow White movies…

Am I seeing double?  Yes, there are two live versions of the Snow White story.  I could use the old cliché that Hollywood has run out of ideas, but I won’t.
Snow White and the Huntsman
This one looks pretty interesting visually.  I’m guessing I will like this one better than the other one. 
Mirror, Mirror
Snow, way?  Snow, way?
Okay, I know what they ever going for here.  However, it feels too much like a Tim Burton film and that’s not a good thing.  Tarsem Singh is a visual director, but not so good at plots…just like Tim Burton.  

The Last Starfighter

The Last Starfighter
Man, I just got done watching this movie again after all these years.  I remember actually watching it in the theaters on its first run back in 84.  My family loved it as much as I did.  I remember coming out the theater pumped about the movie.  I think every kid that’s played a space fighter game wanted to go up in a real ship and fight bad guy aliens.  This movie showed us what would happen in that situation.
This movie certainly brings back memories of a better time for me. 

-Wil Wheaton?:  I’ve read that Wil Wheaton had a few scenes filmed, but the director deleted them from the final cut.  I guess it was to make room for the added scenes of the Beta Alex.  You can still see Wil in a few shots, check them out here.  He's in the red shirt.  
-Beta Alex:  I remember loving the concept of the android Alex replacing the real one as he goes on his mission.  I loved every minute of the “fish out of water” story of this android. I read that test audiences loved the Beta character so much that they added more scenes with the character after filming completed.   
-Sequel preparing?:  The movie clearly ends with an open-ended conclusion.  The main villain gets away, and it ends with the main hero training other fighters to join the war.  It is completely open for another movie…and not a remake.  How about one 25 years later?  I have to wonder why there never was a sequel made to the movie, considering it was at least a modest hit. 
-The Score:  It is pretty good, if a little bit too Indiana Jones in some parts. 
-Early CGI:  For the 80s, the CGI is pretty amazing.  And, it lends itself to the VG feel that the early portion of the movie was trying to convey. 
-The StarCar:  I loved that car, and I remember wanting one.  While it isn’t as epic as the time machine in Back to the Future, it was a cool car. 
-Robert Preston as Centauri:  He’s like the grandfather to the main character.  Centauri is a bit of a trickster/conman.  While he likes Alex, he’s always putting on over on the character the whole time.   Preston passed away a few years after filming this movie. 
-I keep hearing about a remake to this movie, but I’d prefer a sequel instead.  How about a story about Alex coming home and wanting to retire, but a new enemy shows up and he has to recruit a new group of gamers from today’s hardcore gaming world?
It could work. 

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

No update

No update for the next two days, but I should be back on Friday for more blogging fun.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Why would anyone pay to see Courtney Love?

I’ve never been a fan of Courtney or her music.  Look, I can understand her being an a little uneasy over a dude holding a sign with her late hubby Kurt Cobain.  But, keep it professional, Love.
The Foo Fighters are gay?:  What does that even mean?  I like that the crowd didn’t really follow through with that chant. 
Storming off the stage won’t win you much pity from the fans that paid money to see you play. 
I’ve always hated her because she is the woman that no one wants to see naked, yet finds a to flash body parts or get naked.  She was at the premiere for the film Hugo and she was literally popping out of her outfit.  No one wants to see that.  (NSFW)

Re-post: Tears for Fears concert videos

Repost Tears for Fears concert videos
Because I was talking to a friend at work about these videos, I figured I’d repost these videos so he can re-watch them.  These videos come from a concert called Night of the Proms in Rotterdam, Netherlands.  They used a full orchestra with a choir.
Mad World

Robert Wagner and this whole Natalie Wood thing is bad timing…

Robert Wagner and this whole Natalie Wood thing is bad timing…
I keep hearing about this story in Podcasts and Blogs that I thought I give my two cents.  I only knew about this story a few days ago. 
If you want poor timing, Robert Wagner is going to guest star on the (long in the tooth) NCIS as a damn murder suspect.  Wait, what?  So, this episode is (already) going to air right after the police have reopened the case on Natalie Wood. 
From E! News, ((Wagner will star as Anthony DiNozzi Sr., the father of Michael Wetherly's character, who's suspected of murder after he wakes up with no memory of his previous night's activities and the body of a dead woman in the trunk of his car.))
Holy, crap.  This will be good for NCIS and bad for Mr. Wagner.  Plus, I’m guessing more people will be tuning in other than the over 50 crowd. 
Side Note:  The conflicting stories behind her death just make Wagner look bad and that he might be hiding something…allegedly.  

Monday, November 21, 2011

Skyrim/Morrowind theme

Skyrim/Morrowind theme:

It has a bit in common with the Game of Thrones theme.

I love the strong theme with the chanting from the chrous. I read that composer Jeremy Soule had a 30 person choir, which they layered a few times making it sound bigger.

Best Star Trek/Freakazoid moment

Best Star Trek/Freakazoid moment
Ricardo Montalban is great isn’t he?  He died back in 2009, but his characters are still memorable today. 
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