Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ghetto-acting Woman Vs. Hipster

Ghetto-acting Woman Vs. Hipster
I am not sure who I can side with in this video. Okay, the hipster smart ass was annoying, but the loud angry black woman is in the wrong. The hipster dude never touched her and never said anything offensive. The right to do is buy your shit and just leave the store, but she wanted to get her last word in and attack him.
Side note: I had a confrontation at a gas station where I had to deal with a stupid store clerk. Instead of yelling at him for four minute, I just left mad, but not in court over some bull crap.
I think he should press charges. And, please tell she doesn't have any kids.
-The Hipster did cut in front of her trying to get Black and Whites.
-How many Muffins?: This woman ended up getting a whole bunch of muffins just because she wanted to wanted to piss off the hipster. She ended up buying more stuff than usual.
-Coolest Store Clerk ever: This guy didn't give two shits about the situation. He seems to ignore the whole and even calmly tells the peppered sprayed hipster to wash his eyes. But he shows little emotion.
-She sprays him and he stumbles and falls to the floor. It sounds like he hit a display on the way down.
-The best part is that the hipster gets up, still holding his wallet, and tries to still pay for his stuff.
-“I did get enough muffins.”
-She sings, “Signed sealed delivered”. Yes, she sings a Stevie Wonder song while walking out the door. 

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Soda Ad with a twist...

A Soda Ad with a twist...
Sodastream, you actually got me with this ad. I truly believed this was a Superbowl follow up ad to those Pepsi vs. Coke ads from way back. I love this ad because you truly think you're watching an old from the two big companies.
And, the best part is Pepsi and Coke both got a little upset with this and this version of the SodaStream ad won't be on TV. From, ((As reported earlier, CBS rejected the company's initial attempt at a Super Bowl spot. Reportedly, the content of the spot concerned CBS because it was a direct hit at two other Super Bowl sponsors and heavy network TV advertisers, Coke and Pepsi. ))
SodaStream went as far as making the Coke guy look like the one in that Pepsi ad. I love this type of advertising. I find it strange that both Coke and Pepsi have used “mean” ads like this before at each other. And, they use each others' trademarks in their competing ads. 
  Here's the ad that is going to be used in the Superbowl.

F' Your Blog By Childish Gambino ( ft Flynt Flossy & Yung Humma)

F' Your Blog By Childish Gambino ( ft Flynt Flossy & Yung Humma)
I love there is a song about blogging. I wonder if they're talking about me. “And, no I'm not Charlie Murphy. The guy on the last verse is Childish Gambino (AKA Donald Glover). I guess this is Glover's alter-ego.
Of course, the other two are from the funny hip hop group Turquoise Jeep.
The track is actually very good too.

Random Stuff

Random Stuff
~Thanks for the Holy Tip:  And, I am not talking about a sexual thing either.  A guy in a large party of over 8 decided he wasn’t going to pay the tip on the bill.  He decided to throw God under the bus and blame him for not paying the tip.  Stating, “I give God 10%.  Why do you get 18?”  Bringing God into every discussion doesn’t make the other opinion moot.  He then had the nerve to scatch out the automatic tip.  I am not a fan of the auto-tip thing, but I’ll live by it.  And, asshole, why not give God 18% too?   I would have put “What does God need with a starship?” on the check. 
~American Apparel gets banned for non-nudity ad:  Wait, what?  AA is known for its stupid hipster ads with nude pornstars.  However, for once they actually had an ad banned with a model that had on underwear and a freaking shirt.  The problem was some thought she was underage, and to be fair she does look bit too young, but the model is over 18.  But, AA gets a few creep points for the young factor.  However as long as she is 18 or older you can do it.  It should be noted that UK banned the ad too. 
~30 Rock:  I’ve been watching 30 Rock on Netflix.  And, I am gearing up for the ending.  I have to say I am really enjoying watching the show unfold.  It breaks the 4th wall all the time.  I also think this will be the last year for Community as well…sadly.  Who would have thought 30 Rock would have outlived Studio 60. It 30 Rock the best show on TV?  No, but it at least makes fun of its own mistakes too.  
~Star Trek Generations Score:  I am currently listening to this score as I write this blog.  I have to say this is very good score.  It is the complete score with all the parts that didn’t make the original release.  I really dig the main theme and the action cues are very good too.  I think people often overlook this score.  

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mother gets tazed by security guard...

Mother gets tazed by security guard...
Sadly this video sums up all our problems in the black community.
1 We have rude and loud black mothers yelling and being rude.
2 Uncontrolled children running around and lots of them.
3 Trying to get someone to punch them: This one always bothers me. Time and time again, many women of color attempt to get a man to punch them by getting in their face or spitting on them. And, in this case she attacks him.
The best/worst part is seeing these young boys spouting out, “You gay” over and over again. Who taught these kids how to use that word in such a manner? Their mother of course. These kids will probably grow up acting in the same ghetto-acting manner as their ghetto-acting parents. The “You gay” thing just bothers coming from these young kids. And, the fact she is willing to cuss and act like a hoodrat in front of her kids also bothers me too.
Where is the shame?
Now, the security guard should called the police and left this mess in their hands. Should he have used a taser? I am not sure, but she did attack him after he told her to leave numerous times.

Scott Brown: Bqhatevwr

 Scott Brown: Bqhatevwr
Did Scott Brown just created one of the fastest Meme? With comments like “Whatever and Bqhatevwr “, you have my vote. I've said before that Twitter is just a place to publicly make a complete ass of yourself. (Note Chris Brown) and shouldn't really be explored. Twitter is a place build on self-righteous folks and trolls. Somewhere, Mr. Brown fits in those two groups.
Now, it may seem strange for a Senator to use such foolish kid language but he was a male model earlier in his life. It should be noted that Brown is one of the few GOP guys to come out for a ban on assault weapons, so he isn't that bad.
So, I looked up his amazing word “Bqhatevwr” on Google. There is an entire blog devoted to his new word.
Did our forefathers envision a time when former Senators could interact with people while making an ass of themselves in the process? We truly live in a golden age.
And, remember to never to feed the trolls.  
   George Washington:  "#Denzel Washington, are you the guy that invented the peanut?  WYUETYGDGH" 

Monday, January 28, 2013

No English: Prisecolinensinenciousol

No English: Prisecolinensinenciousol
“Uh, freezing cool 'gibberish' All right!”
I found this on reddit and I love every minute of this video. This is a song sung by Adriano Celentano with sound alike words to English. I like that Celentano is dressed like a Dr. Who reject in the whole video. Every group makes up words to sound like other languages. But, I've never heard what English sounds like to non-speakers before. 
I actually like this song and laugh with every non word.

Frank Ocean vs. Chris Brown

Frank Ocean vs. Chris Brown
I know very little about Mr. Ocean other than he is not related to Billy Ocean.  From what I can tell, Ocean is a good guy for the most part.  However, the news people have revealed an incident between Ocean and  Mr. Fight-y Pants Chris Brown. 
From TMZ, ((Chris Brown was involved in an all-out brawl with Frank Ocean Sunday night, and sources connected with Chris insist Ocean started it.))
I am not really buying that Frank Ocean started the fight given that Chris Brown has been involved in more than a few incidents ending with a fight.  He has a similar incident with Drake.  It would seem this incident was over a parking spot in the same studio. 
And, Brown left the studio after the incident, just like he always does.  Now, Brown is a suspect in the assault, mainly because he left the studio without stating his side of the incident.  I’m sure he’ll get off with another slap on the wrist, but this will sooner or later really blow up on him. 
Man, this man really needs some help and soon before he ends up really hurting someone.  Wait, he already has hurt someone over his temper and she’s back with him.   
Man, I hate this guy.  

Guest Blogger Time: L. Ron Hemingway (Nick)

Guest Blogger Time!  A fellow writer and friend named Nick decided to guest blog on my crazy blog.  As he was reading the crazy ramblings of madman in the form of L Ron Hubbard’s book.  He decided to write a parody post in the same manner as Mr. Hubbard and his twisted belief system.  It is funny how he pretty sums up Hubbard’s life in this parody.  You have to know some of the strange factors of Dianetics.  (IE every mother wants a abortion)
So, below is his full guest post and enjoy. 
L. Ron Hemingway was a science fiction writer in the time between the two World Wars. He typically drew on his experience being in the first World War and also from his time fighting aliens in space. After his literary career he went on to create his own religion before tragically committing suicide. This is an excerpt from his piece, "WW1, OT3"
There were five of us that night. The bombs flickered lights onto the trees and the low hanging clouds. Dirt clods and shrapnel flew to and fro. Vicente screamed, "Ahh! It's in me and I can't get it out!!" He was grabbing his leg. He had been hit.
I ran to him, bracing his leg on either side so as to clamp it and said, "could you please remain calm Vicente?"
"Ahh! It's in me and I can't get it out!!" he screamed again.
I said, "That's good Vicente. Could you continue repeating that phrase?" Through us of the repetition technique my suspicions were confirmed. Vicente was harboring a prenatal engram. It was dramatizing itself. His screaming was a result of recalling his mother screaming about her unborn Vicente, "Ahh! It's inside me and I can't get it out!" The real kicker, though, is that through Returning, we discovered she had attempted a coat hanger abortion while Vicente was still in the womb. And, naturally, pierced his fetus through the leg. We audited this engram until his pain subsided and Vicente bled to death knowing that he was, miraculously, Cleared.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Godzilla vs. Charles Barkley

Godzilla vs. Charles Barkley
Today, I present to you Barkley vs. the King of All monsters.  WTF?
Charles Knows Monsters!  Actually, the ad isn’t that stupid.  Nike, which makes some interesting ads, really put a lot of money into this thing.  I only have three problems with the ad.  One, it is too short.  Let’s see more fighting between the two.  Two, the actual costume design for Godzilla looks wrong to me.  It seems a bit off.  Three, the cheap ADR at the end is bad. 
Hey, it is better than Shaq-fu. 

-ILM produced this ad. 
-Japanese release originally:  The ad was supposed to be for the Japanese audience only, but Nike loved it so much they released it here in the US. 

JJ Abrams will direct the new Star Wars movie

JJ Abrams will direct the new Star Wars movie
Basically, Disney has finally hired Abrams as the director of their upcoming Star Wars movie.  And, I couldn’t be happier with this decision.  Abrams added a lot of Star Wars-isms into the Star Trek franchise. 
I find this rather amusing because all the cross-breeding with the Star Trek franchise.  From Star Pulse, ((A statement from Kennedy reads, "It's very exciting to have J.J. aboard leading the charge as we set off to make a new Star Wars movie. J.J. is the perfect director to helm this. Beyond having such great instincts as a filmmaker, he has an intuitive understanding of this franchise. He understands the essence of the Star Wars experience, and will bring that talent to create an unforgettable motion picture."))
I think that Abrams did a great job with the Star Trek and the Mission Impossible franchises. He basically saved both franchises from doom.  I think he’ll bring something fresh to the worn-out franchise that is Star Wars.  Nolan was brought in to refresh the Batman franchise in the same manner as well.  Do you remember Batman & Robin? 
Part of the problem is people like George Lucas and Rick Berman hold so tight to their franchises that they’re the ones doing more harm to them than helping.  Berman had to be let go in order for the creative juices to flow again.  Part of the problem with Lucas was he really had no business directing the prequel movies, and the fact that most of the videogames and TV series have been miles ahead of what the prequels attempted to do further supports that theory. 
Lucas did the right thing by finally letting go of his franchise and letting a new generation of people take over.  Like Nolan, we now have hope that there will be quality to this new set of films.  Lucas got stale and disconnected from even the reality of his universe. 
Now, I am glad that Abrams is onboard for the next Star Wars, but I do feel that each movie should be a different director in the same manner as the Harry Potter movies. 
So, what does Lucas have to say about this? 
From E-Online, (("I've consistently been impressed with J.J. as a filmmaker and storyteller," Lucas said in Lucasfilm's statement confirming Abrams as the director. "He's an ideal choice to direct the new Star Wars film and the legacy couldn't be in better hands."))
Now with the right studio and creative people involved, here’s hoping that the right story is in place.  

Bane goes to a drive-thru

Bane goes to a drive-thru
This comedian (Comedian Sam Beman) does a spot on Bane voice.  I love the reaction from some of the people in the drive thru.  That one chick has no idea what is going on. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Wow, Microsoft, you actually made a good ad. Internet Explorer

Wow, Microsoft, you actually made a good ad.  Internet Explorer
Most of their ads are annoying or annoyingly funny. (Dub Step, Microsoft, really?) Most of the time it feels like old uncool people trying to be cool. But, this ad is actually fun, and it brings back all the nastgia of the 90s without it seeming hokey.
Makes me wish to go back to that Internet age when you ad either IE or Netscape ( I was Netscape).  How about those hours spent talking in AOL chat or IM?  Now, we have people arguing over tweets.  

~Troll Doll: “At least a Troll was still a friend.”: F' you I hated those troll toys. They looked like the Olsen Twins. I never understood why people got these things. (I'm talking about the troll dolls and not the Twins.)
~Fanny Pack: There was a period when these packs were consider cool. Heck, I used one on my bike as an extra pack for years, tied it around the backseat. Now, Fanny Packs are used by has-been wrestlers and pumped up d-bags.

~Supersoaker: I kind of hated these things. Okay, the little water gun was fine, but these giant 3-liter monsters were crazy.
~Sony Walkman: Kind of ironic that they show a Walkman, (without the Sony logo) in the ad given that Sony and Microsoft are competitors. And, yes I owned one of these things and proud of it.
~Did the Reebok Pump just blow up in the ad? Was it using Windows Vista?
~Hungry-Hungry Hippos: Yes, I had this toy when I was young. My brother and I was play it all the time. It was loud too.
~The Chain on the Wallet: I hated this trend too. People actually still used these, mostly hipsters. And, also there was and is the keys on a chain.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Random Things

Random Things
~Racist Pickup Truck?: I was pulling into a McDonald's parking lot right beside a big ass red truck. A thick layer of dirt rested on the entire truck. As I got out, I saw KKK written on the side of the truck through the dirt. And, it had the added bonus of the “N-Word” written in all of its glory as well. All the racist stuff was written with someone rubbing their fingers through the dirt, and it was on the passenger side. It is my luck that I, a black man, was able to read this refreshingly racist stuff. I guess someone wrote this on this guy's truck as a joke, but it is not that good for me to read it.  Oh, and they also drew a cock and balls (smiling?) on the back of his truck too.  There was a time when someone would just put "Wash me" on the car.  Sometimes I get a message "Hi, James" on my dirty car.  

~Talking back TV Show or Recording: On TV shows and movies, there was a point when someone would record a video and another character would watch said video. The character watching the video might say something about the video and the video would remark back to the character as if they were in the same room with them. “Chicken?” “Yes, I said chicken.” You don't really see that anymore. I should look it up on TV Tropes, but I am not sure what it would be under other than Breaking the Fourth Wall. A friend brought this variation of the trope in Baseketball.
One of the few funny things about that movie. 
~Shannon Fill Update: It looks like someone did in fact discover what happened to that actress from those TNG episodes. Literally, there was little to nothing on her because she gave up acting. Someone discovered a photo of a woman in a salon. She seems to be working in her family-owned Salon called Steur & Friends. When you out the pictures side by side, I think you got a match. It is good to see her turn up in something positive and not in some stupid reality show. There are certain Trek Alumni that aren't doing so well...
Shatner doesn't look happy in this picture.  
~Shatner is still a dick: Besides being an ass to Wil Wheaton, Shatner has some clashes with James Doohan . Shatner refused to get up on stage for Doohan's last convention appearance. Doohan's son wrote about it before deleting it on a blog. Takei, who hates Shatner too, talked about it on Stern back in 2010. Shatner said a very mean thing about Doohan, but it is part of his demeanor. Remember his attack on Wil?  Whenever the focus wasn't on him, Shatner would get an attitude.  When Nimoy got the director's chair, Shatner pitched a fit and demanded a chance to direct a Trek movie after IV.  We got Star Trek V. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ahmed Dogan: Failed assassination

Ahmed Dogan: Failed assassination
Check out the video
Assassin’s Creed, you’re not. 
This Dogan fellow is very fast, just as he hears the trigger click, he goes into action and swats the gun away.  He then leans into the assassin and tries to fight him.  This old man is a total badass.  Supposedly, the gas gun had a few pepper stray bullets in it.  It doesn’t matter what your intentions were, firing a gun up that close could cause serious harm. 
~ Oktai Enimehmedov: The would-be shooter has a criminal past.  And, he’s yoked.  I mean really check out this picture. 
When he's not pointing gas guns on people, he seems to work out.
~Beat him down:  The other interesting part of this video is seeing these older men beating the crap out of the failed assassin. 
~Did the assassin dude say, “No more”? 
~Watch the guy with the brief case:  He makes it a point to walk over and reach over the commotion and hit the guy in the head.  Wasn’t he getting enough beating already?  That was pretty funny too. 
~Watch as the really old man goes in with his wimpy umbrella (Ella-ella-ella) gets a few licks in after everyone was done. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Random Things

Random Things
 ~Jodie Foster, we really don't care: Most of the smart world all ready knew you were gay, and it was one of the worst kept secrets ever. Because of her “Coming Out”, people have finally had a reason to talk about her other than discussing her Beaver. I mean her movie The Beaver. MC, a fellow blogger, destroyed her when she attacked Sin City, and that's changed my perception of Miss Foster over the years. I always get that she has this “I'm better than you and let me school you why you're lower than me” attitude from her. She's like that annoying self-righteous school teacher.
~Bacon Pancakes New York Song Full Song: I love this mashup. This is long version.
~Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest movie bombs: I love Arnold's movies, but he's just not going to pull the same numbers he did back in his heyday. I think his decline happened around that terrorist movie or that movie where he fought the devil. In his latest movie, it only drew 6 million at the bottom right at the 10th spot. Ouch, no one wanted to watch this movie. My favorite bit about this movie is how strongly the promotional people tried to push the fact that Johnny Knoxville was in the movie. This isn't the mid-2000s, Knoxville doesn't have that pull anymore. 
It probably has to do with the fact he was cheating on his wife with the help too. 
Will Arnold be back? 
~Best Photo Bomb Ever? Found this gem on Reddit. I much rather have the woman giving the strange face in the background over the chicks in the foreground. I like a lady with a sense of humor and the bikini doesn't hurt either.  By the way, someone mention the guy on the left looks like the Illusive Man from Mass Effect. I think he looks like Gary Mitchell from Star Trek.
"Didn't I say you'd better be good to me, Jim." 
Wait a second...
I see what you did there, BioWare
I've never noticed that connection!

Kriss Kross is coming back...why?

Kriss Kross is coming back...why?
Despite the fact the fact no one asked for it, the child rap pair Kriss Kross is coming back together. From EW, ((That’s right, the hip-hop duo of Chris Kelly and Chris Smith (or, as you may know them, Mac Daddy and Daddy Mac) will reunite onstage for the So So Def All-Stars Anniversary Concert, which will go down in Atlanta on Feb. 23. ))
Crap, I was never a huge fan of their music, but I jokingly sing “Jump”. Everything about them seemed like a gimmick to me. They're little kids rapping and they wear their stupid pants on backwards. My brother, on the other hand, loved this group.
Given the state of pop music today, having Kriss Kross return might actually help. But, I don't think anyone ever asked for a 20th Anniversary reunion of the group.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

American Reunion

American Reunion
There is another movie in the tired American Pie franchise, great.  Actually, American Reunion isn't that bad and it is few steps better than American Wedding.  That's not saying much, because many of the jokes fall flat.  This probably partly has to do with the directing team of Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg.  However, the movie luckily doesn't fall into the same trap as the third movie of the franchise.  While the movie isn’t a complete bore, the franchise and dirty jokes seem a bit tired this time around. 
This story picks up a few years from the last one.  Jim Levenstein and his flute-shoving girlfriend are married and have a child.  They find that the sex life is suffering due to their boing lifestyles.  After a rather strange opening mirroring the masturbating scene in the first movie, we get to the meat (sorry) of the story.  The high school reunion is coming up and the American Pie gang is getting back together for more “crazy” hijinks. 
American Reunion is raunchy, but I can’t say everything works.  For every funny dirty joke, there are a few “domestic” jokes that I found rather boring.  Every time the movie focused in on Jim’s married life and his child, I found myself getting bored.  I know you have to shoehorn in some stuff for the other audience members, but it gets a little tedious.  The tries to shows that life doesn’t turn out the way we dreamed or desired, but that moral gets shoved into the background. 
Because the guys from the Harold and Kumar franchise directed this film, the jokes are a bit more uneven.  And, there isn’t really a certain plot like the first movie.  In the first movie, a group of guys decide to get laid before they graduate high school.  So, the hijinks ensued because of the plot, whereas this movie has the random hijinks with the focus and the plot coming in a distant second.  So, the movie has more of a disjointed feel to it than the first movie. 
That is not to say there aren’t some nice nostalgia moments from the first movie in this movie.  While those moments are crammed into the last of the third act, they are handled pretty well.  Actually, most of the cast from the first movie make an appearance in the last few moments.  And, the 13 year payoff with Stifler and Finch is worth watching the entire movie for at the end. 
-Chris Klein:  Somehow, this guy has gotten worst as he’s gotten older.  Did the Street Fighter movie ruin his acting chops?  He’s really horrible in this movie. What happened Klein? 
-Tara Reid:  Oh, boy.  What happened to you, girl?  To be fair, she looks much healthier in this movie than during her botched boob-job era.
-Seann William Scott:  Does this guy even age?  He looks nearly the same as he does in the first film.  I didn’t find him as annoying as he was in the third movie. 
-Mena Suvari:  Since she likes being in movies with the name American in the title, this was not a surprise.  She looks much better older. 
-Natasha Lyonne:  She finally reprises her role.  Lyonne looks like she’s lived two lifetimes of hardship.  Given all the problems she’s had, that’s understandable.
-Shannon Elizabeth has a small cameo.  I love me some Shannon Elizabeth, and no she doesn’t naked. 
-The scene where Jim has to take home a naked 18 year old girl to her house and hide from her parents is probably one of the better set pieces. 
There is a lot of male and female nudity, if you’re looking for that.  This follow up the American Pie franchise is tired, but there are some funny moments and bits that will put a smile on your face. It certainly doesn’t have the boyish charm of the first movie.   Overall, the jokes are bit staler, but there are enough bits that will keep you from turning off the movie.  Not bad.
Grade: C
 Seann William Scott:  "Why do I get the feeling I've been playing the same character the last ten years?" 

Jason Biggs:  "Look, I've been playing the guy in all my movies too."
On the beach, the Smoke Monster shows up and takes them all out.  

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Woman gets a discount from a burger joint for having a GREAT ass.

Woman gets a discount from a burger joint for having a GREAT ass. 
I can't believe I didn't catch this one. From Huffington Post, ((Reddit user caraficionado24 said a friend was surprised to look down at her receipt from a burger joint and find "Best Butt" and "Best Looking" itemized along with her veggie bowl -- add fried pickles -- and soft drink. ))
I bet the guy wanted to show his own “fried pickle” to her. I mean it that's a bold move to add “best butt and looking” to the receipt. To be fair, saying someone has a great ass is better than calling them “fat girls”. We need photos to confirm the fact she has the best butt. Photos or it didn't happen.
And, you have to love she got 2 cents from the whole thing. Don't spend that on something silly, girl. Would women even bother to pull something like this to get some tail? I actually think they'd add more money to my bill if I came in there. “You're a piece of shit. Added 3 dollars.”
Since I have no swagger or good looks, I don't see these types of messages happening.
This restaurant made it on that creepy fat head Guy's show Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives

Kara PS3 Demo: This is amazing.

Kara Demo: This is amazing.
I've never felt the emotion for a freaking tech demo like this does for me.
I almost teared up when she said, “I'm scared.” I love the fact the developer of the android decides to give her life anyway. There are subtle expressions in the android’s performance that are nice touches. Watch her eyes when she discovers that she is a product.
Sadly, this demo won't turn into a game. Which is a shame, because this would be a great way to open up a videogame. However, this works a short film. But, I'd loved to see Kara trying to make it as a human out in the world.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Old Fart vs. Very Old Woman

Old Fart vs. Very Old Woman
Epic Beard Man this is not.  It is rather painful to watch. 
Since they probably were born in the same decade, you would think they would have a better respect for each other.  I love the failed “White Knight” approach the crazy old man took.  And, you can see the racism seeping out of him.  I love the complete madness of the old woman too. 
It is like someone said, “Let’s see how many crazy people we can force on a bus?” What is it with public transportation and crazy people?  You get to see the worst out of people
-Please note the old woman that seems to have a smile plastered on her face the whole time.  What is she smiling about?  I guess she is the one that had her glasses taken. 
-Were they kissing?  Did he sneak in a kiss?
-Have you noticed they both have the same Doc Brown hair style? 
-After beating the woman numerous times in the head, the old man says, “God bless.”  Thank you, crazy old man.
-My other favorite part is when the bus driver says, “You’re going to have to get off the bus”.  She then proceeds to sit down as if he meant the opposite.  Yep, old lady, make everyone else late for their appointments. 

Alternate version of Star Trek IV theme

Alternate version of Star Trek IV theme
Very strange to hear the old theme being played through Leonard Rosenman sound.  Some have said that Rosenman’s themes are a bit too Christmas-ish, and I have to agree with them. 
 As you already know, Gene received money every time the main theme was played. 

Casio PT-1 Keyboard Demo song (Da Da Da)

Casio PT-1 Keyboard Demo song
I remember owning one of these.  I believe my parents got this keyboard for my brother and I.  I would play around with it all the time.  I fondly remember playing the demo song that was preset on the board. 
I also remember the song and the keyboard showing up in a Strong Bad Email.  Eh, Steve.
I love that this early keyboard has become a pop culture item of sorts. 

Bill Burr’s take on John Lennon/Chuck Berry and Yoko bit

Bill Burr’s take on John Lennon/Chuck Berry and Yoko bit
Yes, I nearly choked on my energy drink after watching this.  That moment when Yoko adds her two cents to the song is freaking funny.  Chuck Berry should have said something to John. 
“Don’t bring that crazy woman on stage with you.”
Here's the fully song.  
Yes, she completely ruined that song with that animal call.  What the heck was that noise?  And, where does that fit into this type of song?  I guess Yoko couldn’t let Chuck and John take all the spotlight.  Holy crap she is the anti-music.  
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