Thursday, January 24, 2013

Random Things

Random Things
~Racist Pickup Truck?: I was pulling into a McDonald's parking lot right beside a big ass red truck. A thick layer of dirt rested on the entire truck. As I got out, I saw KKK written on the side of the truck through the dirt. And, it had the added bonus of the “N-Word” written in all of its glory as well. All the racist stuff was written with someone rubbing their fingers through the dirt, and it was on the passenger side. It is my luck that I, a black man, was able to read this refreshingly racist stuff. I guess someone wrote this on this guy's truck as a joke, but it is not that good for me to read it.  Oh, and they also drew a cock and balls (smiling?) on the back of his truck too.  There was a time when someone would just put "Wash me" on the car.  Sometimes I get a message "Hi, James" on my dirty car.  

~Talking back TV Show or Recording: On TV shows and movies, there was a point when someone would record a video and another character would watch said video. The character watching the video might say something about the video and the video would remark back to the character as if they were in the same room with them. “Chicken?” “Yes, I said chicken.” You don't really see that anymore. I should look it up on TV Tropes, but I am not sure what it would be under other than Breaking the Fourth Wall. A friend brought this variation of the trope in Baseketball.
One of the few funny things about that movie. 
~Shannon Fill Update: It looks like someone did in fact discover what happened to that actress from those TNG episodes. Literally, there was little to nothing on her because she gave up acting. Someone discovered a photo of a woman in a salon. She seems to be working in her family-owned Salon called Steur & Friends. When you out the pictures side by side, I think you got a match. It is good to see her turn up in something positive and not in some stupid reality show. There are certain Trek Alumni that aren't doing so well...
Shatner doesn't look happy in this picture.  
~Shatner is still a dick: Besides being an ass to Wil Wheaton, Shatner has some clashes with James Doohan . Shatner refused to get up on stage for Doohan's last convention appearance. Doohan's son wrote about it before deleting it on a blog. Takei, who hates Shatner too, talked about it on Stern back in 2010. Shatner said a very mean thing about Doohan, but it is part of his demeanor. Remember his attack on Wil?  Whenever the focus wasn't on him, Shatner would get an attitude.  When Nimoy got the director's chair, Shatner pitched a fit and demanded a chance to direct a Trek movie after IV.  We got Star Trek V. 

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