Saturday, January 05, 2013

Shaq Homophobic? Sorry, nope.

Shaq Homophobic? Sorry, nope.

From Huffington Post, ((On Wednesday, O'Neal posted a cartoon about proper peeing protocol at the urinal.In the drawing, one man uses the urinal directly next to another man, even though many others are available. "This is an automatic fight in my book.......LMFAO," O'Neal wrote. ))
Wow, we've certainly taken this “outrage” thing to the next level. Once again, certain elements of gay community are calling something so harmless a gay attack or slur. Stop attacking people that make a little joke and go after the big fish that want to destroy everything about you. Have solved all the other pressing issues in the gay community? How about focusing on gay marriage instead of the b-ball player that starred in Kazaam?
If you're going to be outraged, attack him for inventing Shaq-Fu.
Hate to break this to you, but most guys really feel uneasy about being in a public restroom, myself included. I have even have a problem talking to people while holding my penis or them holding their theirs. I get a little uneasy with that. Something about exposed penises makes me uneasy. Restrooms in general are unsettling places. You never know what you're going to get.
It is an unspoken rule that if other urinals are open you never take a piss beside another guy. Don't do it.
This rule goes out the window when a sporting event though. For some reason, it is okay to piss in a mass-grouping around a bathroom trough.
Otherwise, you should never do that. Watch and learn...

Shaq homophobic?  Sorry not this time.  I would love nothing more than to make fun of Shaq for saying something stupid, but this isn't one of those moments.  Move along, move along.

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