Sunday, January 13, 2013

Qualcomm: We're born mobile? (Keynote be damned)

Qualcomm: We're born mobile?
Hey, D-Bag, get off the stage!
What does Star Trek, Blade II, Microsoft, and Desond Tutu have in common? Nothing, but that didn't stop Qualcomms for combining them in their Keynote speech. And, I thought the KDOC New Year's party was a train wreck. This Keynote has been making the rounds around the Blog World.
-Hipster Actors: Probably the worst part of this Keynote speech is the Hipster “teens” talking up Born Mobile. 
Tornado 92: I hope gamers are really like this. I think you needed to add another 20 pounds to him and some bad skin.  
 Did the actors say, “That went well” after the show?

-“Boom, my phone is my conference room.” No, it's not.
-Or, a CEO: So, you're to blame for this shit?
-Steve Ballmer creeps on stage: This guy is getting more and more creepy as he gets older. Nothing says lame more than the Microsoft brand.

-Generation M: No, let's not call it that. Stop, just stop. Please stop with the trendy words.

-Maroon 5 couldn't be played on the live streaming so they used Dido over the concert. WTF?

-Alice Eve doesn't seem to want to be here.
Alice's Mind:  "I should have never taken that Trek role, because I have to deal with these sweaty mouth-breathing hippo nerds for another year.  In high school, I would have ignored you.  Now, look where I am." 

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