Monday, January 21, 2013

Random Things

Random Things
 ~Jodie Foster, we really don't care: Most of the smart world all ready knew you were gay, and it was one of the worst kept secrets ever. Because of her “Coming Out”, people have finally had a reason to talk about her other than discussing her Beaver. I mean her movie The Beaver. MC, a fellow blogger, destroyed her when she attacked Sin City, and that's changed my perception of Miss Foster over the years. I always get that she has this “I'm better than you and let me school you why you're lower than me” attitude from her. She's like that annoying self-righteous school teacher.
~Bacon Pancakes New York Song Full Song: I love this mashup. This is long version.
~Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest movie bombs: I love Arnold's movies, but he's just not going to pull the same numbers he did back in his heyday. I think his decline happened around that terrorist movie or that movie where he fought the devil. In his latest movie, it only drew 6 million at the bottom right at the 10th spot. Ouch, no one wanted to watch this movie. My favorite bit about this movie is how strongly the promotional people tried to push the fact that Johnny Knoxville was in the movie. This isn't the mid-2000s, Knoxville doesn't have that pull anymore. 
It probably has to do with the fact he was cheating on his wife with the help too. 
Will Arnold be back? 
~Best Photo Bomb Ever? Found this gem on Reddit. I much rather have the woman giving the strange face in the background over the chicks in the foreground. I like a lady with a sense of humor and the bikini doesn't hurt either.  By the way, someone mention the guy on the left looks like the Illusive Man from Mass Effect. I think he looks like Gary Mitchell from Star Trek.
"Didn't I say you'd better be good to me, Jim." 
Wait a second...
I see what you did there, BioWare
I've never noticed that connection!

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