Monday, September 30, 2013

Adya & Geisha - Cherubino's Aria

Adya & Geisha - Cherubino's Aria
I found this on Reddit and I had a good time watching this strange music video. First, it looks like it was made back in the early 2000s, but it came out in 2011. Second, the cloning thing is a bit strange. She's a lovely woman, but do we need 10 of her? Third, I love that sweet drum guitar. Fourth, someone is playing a keyboard guitar.
GTA cloning glitch? 
The “oh oh oh oh” baseline is sampled from Yello “Oh, Yeah”. I love that they pretend like the “oh, oh, oh” is being played on a guitar. WTF?

Trolling and Spamming: Ruin it for Wilson Kipsang

Trolling and Spamming: Ruin it for Wilson Kipsang
Yeah, it was an asshole thing to do, but I was almost going to give the guy in the yellow shirt a pass, but I found out more about the story. However, look at the reaction from the guy standing near the finish line. Also, the security guard is pretty quick on his feet too.
The guy that jumped out of the crowd to ruin the event was spamming for a prostitution website. I mean what an ass. It's one thing to be a drunk dashing onto an event and ruining things, but it is another thing completely when you're promoting shit. This type of of viral marketing is shitty and needs to stop.
From Capital FM, ((The intruder was chased by race staff in the finish area before being handed over to police.
A Berlin police spokesman confirmed to SID, an AFP subsidiary, that the man has been charged with trespassing and has subsequently been banned from future events run by the Berlin marathon’s organizers.))

I've gone to the site and it does appear to be a call girl site.  Why connect it to a marathon? And, why ruin a guy's top moment.  

GTA V: Clone Glitch

GTA V: Clone Glitch
GTA has found a way to clone human beings. There seems to be a bug that makes clones of your family members if stand in certain places in your house. I'm not sure how this is connected to workmen showing up in your house glitch.
I haven't laughed this much in a long time.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Star Wars: Droids are slaves

Star Wars: Droids are slaves
Great video. I'm glad someone brought this up. This issue has always bothered about the Star Wars franchise. Episode IV seems to strongly imply that the Droids are second class citizens or worst slaves. They even line up the Droids like a slave sale back in the day.
“We don't serve their kind here!” This is further supported by the fact that the Cantina bartender shouts and points out that the Droids can't be served here. This is clearly segregation like in the south. That was another line that bothered me, because it's not explored really. Are people pissed off at the Droids because of the Clone Wars?
The Droids sheepishly head back outside being fully aware of their lower class. 
Clearly, the Droids are viewed as lower lifeforms. And, clearly Droids have AI programs running on their systems because they are self aware. And, that's the sticking point of the SW universe. If the Droids didn't show emotion or ability to grow (R2D2), this wouldn't be a problem. They would just be another machine or tool.
Does this mean the Droids are going to rise up against their makers?
Does this mean the SW universe will get a visit from the Reapers? (or the Borg for that matter)

It will be interesting to see if JJ Abrams even touches on this aspect of the SW universe.   

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Metal Gear Solid V demo

Metal Gear Solid V demo
Very cool isn't it? We finally have the English-speaking cut scenes with the new cast.
-Kiefer Sutherland: Okay, I have to say that he's actually very good in the role. While I'd still like to hear David, Kiefer does a pretty good job and fits the gritty character. I'm still wishing David Hayter will make a cameo appearance somehow.
-Harry Gregson-Williams returns as the main composer: I'm gld they're keeping some of the team back for the sequel. I always loved Harry's music for the series. I think the overall quality of the show got better with his music.
-Who is this scar face guy? Or how about the little kid. I guess these are characters from the PSP games.
-The AI is much better than other games. The enemies seem to spot Snake better in this game.
-I love the various options of getting rid of enemies.
-The constant HUD is now gone. I find that very cool.

-Slow motion on certain actions: This is another new option.    

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Gotham TV show: FOX Network receives the go ahead for a Batman (Prequel) series

Gotham TV show: FOX Network receives the go ahead for a Batman (Prequel) series
DC Comics, you're doing it wrong again. It seems DC Comics seems to keep shooting themselves in the foot with their live action stuff.
From Ace ((Dubbed "Gotham", the show will explore the origin stories of Commissioner James Gordon and the villains that made the fictitious American city famous. In the story, Gordon who was portrayed by Gary Oldman in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy, is still a detective with the Gotham City Police Department and has yet to meet Batman, who won't be part of the show.  ))
Yes, that sounds like a good and interesting idea. And, that seems to great way to convey some good stories and arcs. How does this fit with their live movie universe? So, now you will have two live action series (Arrow) set in universes outside the universe you're trying to build in your movies. It just seems counter what you're trying to bring forward. Marvel has the balls to bring the Shield show into the Marvel movie universe, thus making it a richer place to tell stories.
Plus, this show is going to be on FOX. You're just asking for the show to be messed with or canceled.
I wish it well, but you can't do much with it being on FOX. I think HBO would have been a better fit.

MIA vs NFL: Drop the lawsuit (Drop it like it's hot)

Oh, wow, you flipped the bird.  I don't care.  Now go away.  
I hate MIA. And to tell you the truth, the paper planes song isn't that impressive. I've always found her to be very crude and rude for no other than to get attention. She's what is wrong with current pop music today. Most people had forgotten about her since her small comeback with her Paper Planes being used in many movies, but Madonna brought her back for a song in a Super Bowl performance.
She flipped the bird, and everyone flipped out. She only did it receive more attention.  And, everyone fell for her ploy. 
Now, well over a year later, the NLF has decided to sue her. From NY Daily News, ((Citing a breach of her performance contract, the league's legal team has demanded $1.5 million in damages from the musician. ))
I know that the NFL is looking for a scapegoat to pen it on, but this only gives MIA more media attention. It is something that she thrives on. I find this more detestable than her throwing up the middle finger.
Hell, I even side with MIA on this issue. Throwing up a single finger isn't that offensive as say some of the moves of cheerleaders and dancers. Why are you seeking a lawsuit now? It's water under or over the bridge. It makes no sense.
People shouldn't be discussing MIA anymore.
NFL, drop the lawsuit, and MIA will quickly go back into the woodwork.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Crappy Phone? New Phone giveaway

Crappy Phone? New Phone giveaway
Now, the reason I posted this is because I have a super old phone that is at least ten years old now. I have a 2005 Nokia pre-paid cell phone. I never use it, but keep the minutes up just enough to keep my phone from getting switched off. Ten years in, I still haven't memorized my own cell phone number.
The phone used to run through the Internet, but the programs are so updated now that my old phone can't run the simple Internet pages like my blog.
I'm at the point when I can't bother returning people's phone calls I don't recognize the number. I just received two calls from some area code I've never seen.

I'm not a social person so it was even a shock to many that I even got a phone so long ago. I find it a badge of honor to have an phone I haven't upgraded since its purchase.   
I would have won that giveaway. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Random Things

Random Things
~Dexter Series Finale: I have to say I loved the way it ended.  I’ve really liked the last two seasons of the season.  The show ended much better than the Sopranos.  It does have a last tag that I found moving and sad in the same way.  So, well done producers of the series on not screwing up the show. 
~Steve Ballmer calls Google a Monopoly: It might just be time for Ballmer to retire after this statement. (( "Google does it," he noted. "They have this incredible, amazing, dare I say monopoly that we are the only person left on the planet trying to compete with." )) You of all people shouldn't say the “M” word. This was the same company that wanted to clamp down on users' rights when it came to the Xbox One. I can't really bash Bill Gates mainly because he is literally trying to save the world with his wealth, but I have no idea what Ballmer is doing with the company.  So, glad he's leaving. 

~Jon Gosselin is a waiter: I can't feel bad for him. After getting a taste of the famous life, without the work involved. Gosselin is now waiting tables at a restaurant. My only question is this; Why even do an interview if you want to get away from it all. I am thinking this is another ploy to get get back on a reality show. Now, there are reports of Jon Gosselin shooting a gun into the air to scare off a paparazzo. So, look out people Jon is armed.    Also, do you remember when he had his own milkshake?  
Fame can be a bitch. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Citizens' arrest of purse theft

Citizens' arrest of purse theft
Note, Zimmerman, this is how you become a concerned citizen. And, no one was shot at the end either.
What's strange about the incident is how “well spoken” the purse theft is in the video. I like how she tries to negotiate with the people holding her down.  You have no bargaining chips when you're being held down.  
Okay, I don't support beating a woman, but she was biting him on the arm. But, she took a few blows to the face and kept on talking smack. It seems like she's been in a few scraps. Also, they're connecting her to a home invasion as well. What makes her a stupid criminal is the fact she had information and cards from the home that was invaded that Monday. That's pretty dumb.
Basically, she snatched a purse while on her BMX bike and took off. A Jimmy Johns guy on a bicycle took off after her and took her down. We got to see the end of it with the video.
Is this arrest record the same woman? It is in the same state and city. It appears she was charged with Domestic violence and resisting arrest.   
And, we all know she'll be out in a few weeks and back to stealing and breaking into houses.  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pissed Nerd vs. Gamestop employee

Pissed Nerd vs. Gamestop employee
Both of these people are annoying. This happened within the GTA5 release. Everyone in this video is very annoying, and it is one of the reasons I don't play social games online. Gamers are worst than this guy. I do like the nerd rage and the passive aggressive employee in the video. It is a good combo for a delightful fight. 
The other problem is Gamestop is the only game store in town, so you have to deal with their crappy customer service.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cereal Wars: Post and Kellogg

Cereal Wars: Post and Kellogg 
You have to love looking down the rabbit hole which is Wikipedia. You get caught on one thing and start clicking on other things.
I was doing some digging around YouTube for some Grape Nuts ads. And, a Google search led me to the Wikipedia to John Harvey Kellogg's page. JHK was an interesting man. He was a doctor that ran a sanitarium based on things health hipsters would love today. He also tied his use of religion into his methods of healing.
But, the name should be familiar to you. Kellogg is a name that is connected to breakfast in almost every country (180 to be precise). JHK and his brother(Will Keith Kellogg) worked on perfecting the method of corn flakes. JHK wanted to keep it within the sanitarium, but WKK saw the bigger picture and wanted to take their formula and branch out.
Here's the kicker, a guy name CW Post witnessed their corn flakes making process while being treated for nervous breakdown at JHK's place. He was like, “Hmm, this sounds like a good idea.” So, he started the Post Cereals Company based on the corn flakes method he learned from there. And, he started the brand Grape Nuts (thus, bringing it back to my search).
This pissed off WKK and he started his own cereal company named Kellogg Company in which it became the competitor of Post. Even today they are competitors. WKK and his brother had a major falling out and never made up.

Baby Elephant and human messing with sleepy dog

Baby Elephant and human messing with sleepy dog
Dog is like, “Leave me the F' alone.” I like how the elephant keeps trolling him by kicking sand and poking him. I needed to see something like this with me being such a foul mood lately.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Mother kills son over Ice Cream?

Mother kills son over Ice Cream? 
  From Chicago Tribune, ((A south suburban woman stabbed her 17-year-old to death during an argument in their home over ice cream, Cook County prosecutors said this afternoon. ))
Allegedly, this mother stabbed her son over some Famous Amos Ice Cream. I guess she won't get anything for Mother's Day. How can you do this to your son?
Anyway, the dumbest part is her statement to police. From the Huffington Post, ((Robin Erwin told police her son had walked into a knife she was holding, prompting her to call 911, the Sun-Times reports. The coroner's office later found her statement to be "inconsistent with medical findings," prompting prosecutors to seek murder charges. ))
Wait, that doesn't make sense unless it was pitch black and she didn't warn him she was holding the knife. It just seems a little heartless to make seem like your son tripped over something and fell on the knife you're holding. 
I generally don't walk into knives as a rule.  They tend to kill.  

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Career Ending Movies

Career Ending movies
I love these lists that Mojo puts out all the time. This one is interesting because I've covered some of these on the list. Here are my thoughts on some of them on the list.
 The Love Guru, you keep popping (pooping?) up on my blog!
Mike Myers: “The Love Guru”: Holy crap, this is a bad movie. I've ripped apart this movie a few years back. Myers took a lot of time off between Cat in the Hat and this movie only to have it blow up in his face. It should be higher on the list.  Yeah, Myers retreated again after this mess.  This was a guy that ruled the 90s, but let his ego destroy him.
What killed O'Donnell's career?  The Ice Age and this movie.
Chris O’Donnell: “Batman & Robin”: Yeah, his career did bounce back on TV, but I remember a time when he couldn't get the stink off of B&R. This movie hurt a lot of careers. 
What were they thinking?  This was the guy that thought killer plants were the next big thing.
M Night Shyamalan: “The Last Airbender,” “Lady in the Water” : He not only killed his own career, but the Avatar: The Last Airbender movie franchise too. Why did they give him the movie rights after his killer trees movie? M. Night was so delusional that he kept talking about making a sequel. He kept saying that Americans simply don't “get” his movies.  By the way, the studio for After Earth wanted the press and reviewers to never mention that their tent-pole film was being helm by M Night! 

Yes, please shoot the viewer. 
Kevin Costner: “Waterworld” AND/OR “The Postman” : Both movies destroyed his career, but he kept doing baseball movies. How do you do the same exact shitty movie two times in a roll? 

Geena Davis: “Cutthroat Island”: This movie single-handily destroyed her career. She never recovered after this movie and pretty much went into retirement. I find this fascinating because other female actresses have bombed more than Davis and are still trucking along. Look at her IMDB page. She has some many gaps and failed attempts at TV work. You almost have to wonder if she pissed off a lot of people in Hollywood. 
Jake Lloyd: “Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace” : Great, Lloyd is going to spend more time in therapy now. He's already super bitter about his role. He claims it ruined his childhood.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Corridors of Times (Chrono Trigger) Acapella style
As I've stated before, this track from the soundtrack is my favorite one. While the theme is bright, there are some dark tones in it revealing that Zeal is in for some terrible times. Yasunori Mitsuda outdid himself with this track. Mr. Mitsuda is probably one of the best RPG composers out there today.
Here are a few other versions of this great track.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Jim Mora Jr interrupted...

This Pretty much sums up why I hate cell phones...
You can actually hear the guy mumbling on his cell phone when the coach looks over. The coach is talking about a guy that just died in a car crash and you feel the need to answer your cell phone right now?
What has happen to courtesy? How many times have you had this happen in a theater or a restaurant?
By the way, I hated the “go on” remark afterward. Really? He actually has the balls to tell the coach to go on after being disruptive. I hope the cell phone guy felt like an ass after the coach left.
What gets me is that are people defending the cell phone guy. Check out the comments in the Huff Post.
Dude probably looked like this. 

Jimmy Kimmel: Faked Flaming Twerking

Jimmy Kimmel: You sly bastard (Flaming Twerking was a fake).
Here's the thing; I actually thought it was a fake from the get go, but I didn't post the original in time before the big reveal. Kimmel is great and I am glad he thought this up. I love that people fell for it, including news people. 
Daphne Avalon is the stunt woman involved in the video. She was also in one of those Call of Duty ads.
This is why Kimmel is a 100 times better than Mr. Chin Leno. Would Leno even bother with this sort of thing? Nope, but Kimmel's crowd is more Internet savvy.  Leno would just say, "Hey, did you see this video?" 
 Anyway, thanks for trolling the Internet, Jimmy

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Jean-Claude Van Damme and Go Daddy=Van Damage

Jean-Claude Van Damme and Go Daddy=Van Damage
Van Damn, this is a great ad. I love that Van Damme has magical powers to play multiple instruments in one song. I also like that he can hang above like Spider-man. I mean the man plays the damn flute with flames coming out of it. (And, it is not the skin flute either)
 I'd hire Van Damme to help me work faster.  He's not only a partner to Rodman, but he's a damn Time Cop too!
By the way, this ad is way better than that one with the nerd and hot chick kissing. 
 I'd take Mr. Street Fighter over those two any day. BTW, does the ad above remind you of this one?

This is the cover to Rush Limbaugh's book for childre

This time you can judge a book by its cover.  
This is the cover to Rush Limbaugh's book for children. It looks fake, but that is the cover to his kid's book. Enjoy it for all it glory. Take that crap in, people.  At least they got his head size completely correct on his body.  His head is so massive that it does cause a Mass Effect field.  (Yes! I mixed Rush with a Mass Effect reference)
I guess this is for the families to the far right to give to their children. Does the hero shows that he's a pill-popping guy in the pages?  I guess not.  If Doc Brown can time travel, a washed up radio host and a lame blogger like myself can go through time.  
Oh, and the full title is: Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans. That's a long title and pretty much sums up the goofy nature of the book. The kicker is this will probably sell because it is so out there.
I know he's trolling people with the book, but damn this is a good way of getting attention.  

Friday, September 06, 2013

Random Things

Random Things 
 ~George Zimmerman and Wife breaking up: Couldn't happen to a better guy I say. She is even trying to take away their two dogs away from him. What a way to tug at a guy's heart. Take away his dogs and take away his buddies. Supposedly, George only cares about himself and only stays at home a few days a week as he travels around speeding and getting pulled over. She calls him selfish and I call him an asshole.
Hey, six years is a good run...wait, it isn't. 

~CNN's Crossfire returns: You'll get caught in the crossfire! And, I am not talking about the game neither. Please tell me John Stewart shows up and crushes them again. I also like that CNN pretty much game up on the show after that. He said the show didn't add anything to the issues and was just more shouting heads, and he was right. That happened back in 2004, way before this blog was even born. Don't take my word for it.
~McCain says yes to pot: Seeing a GOP guy stating a mild support for legalizing pot is a good step. We should legalize weed and tax it. It would be a good win for all. It will probably be up to the states to legalize it, but we going in the right direction for this. However, I don't smoke weed, and I believe it will make you dumber over time. But, that's your decision. It is not like some of the harsher drugs out there. Pot doesn't make you beat your wife or go on a shooting spree. And, I've seen booze have a harder effect than weed. Why didn't we see this version of McCain during his run as president?
~Syria and the outcry: I've noticed the protest to attacking Syria. I've changed my mind and now I don't support a strike against the country. There are too many factors to consider before going in. Certain elements from the right don't want intervention and I've seen the posts on Facebook from people from the right. But, here's the thing: Where were these protests when we invaded Iraq? No one from the right protested then. Does it have more to the with the fact it is Obama wanting to go to war?

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

DS9: O’Brien’s Last Time on the Enterprise

O’Brien’s Last Time on the Enterprise
This wonderful scene comes from the first episode of DS9, the opening movie.  I always loved this scene because it bridges the gap between DS9 and TNG.  It showed that it was set in the same setting as TNG.  And, having some of the familiar sets and characters show up the DS9 episode.  This scene was deleted when the first episode was shown as two separate episodes in reruns.  I really hated seeing this scene go. However, the DVD and Netflix versions have this scene restored. 
We’ve all had that moment when we strolled through an area one last time before moving on. 
It shows that O’Brien wasn’t as close to Picard as the other characters on TNG.  He wants to go into Picard’s Ready Room, but doesn’t want to bother him.  It is a very nice touch.  He clearly doesn't think he shouldn't disturb Picard.  
It also shows you the type of person Picard is by rushing into the transporter room just to say goodbye to O’Brien.  A Captain saying goodbye to a Petty Officer shows that Picard does care about everyone in his crew.   He probably ran down to the room just to say goodbye.  I also love that it is Picard that transports O’Brien away. 
The other nice touch is how they blend the Star Trek theme with the DS9 theme. 
Here's the kicker: The black transporter operator behind the station is actually a recurring background character that speaks in a few episodes. The wiki states that she goes by Ensign Maggie Hubbell 

It was a nice touch on the writers part to have a person that's been on the show a few times show up in the spinoff as well. By the way, the actress still works today. Plus, you might remember her as one of the Others from Lost. She played Miss Klugh until she was killed.
There are other DS9/TNG crossovers.  
Damn, I miss TNG and DS9. 


Looper is a great sci-fi movie.  It is a movie far more interesting than what the trailer shows.  There are more sci-fi aspects than what is presented in the trailer.  The movie is interesting, but there are a few plotholes and timeline problems that are never revolved.  While it isn’t completely a dark movie, it does have some darker elements that might turn off some people.  With all that written, Looper is still a very good sci-fi movie. 
The plot is very complex, so you have to stay with me.
Basically, Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a looper, a killer for hire, and he waits for a person to appear from the future in a field in his time period.  When the masked person appears, the Looper instantly guns down the person from the future.  The person has a bag of silver bars attached to him, and that’s how the looper receives payment.  However, there is catch.  Eventually, the looper has to “close his loop” by killing his future self.  When he kills himself, he receives gold bars instead of silver bars.  The looper no longer works for the future gangsters, and lives the rest of his life with the money until he meets his end with his past self.  Thus, we now know why they’re called loopers. 
Joe finally discovers that his future self is sent back in time, but Old Joe is unmasked and ready for Joe and escapes.  This leads to all sorts of events. 
Keep in mind that all of this is only in the first act of the movie.  The movie goes in a completely direction from then on.  The time travel plays a huge role in the story, but there are other elements brought into the story as well. 
It is Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s versions of the character of Joe that will draw people into the story.  Imagine if you could meet your future self?  You can see all the pain, mistakes and successes that you’ve had.  Yet, by meeting your older self, things are different.  Old Joe has or will have a different life than the currently Joe because the timeline jumped off the track once Old Joe refused to close his loop.  The leads to some interesting discussions on how time travel works in this universe. 
One of the cooler and creepy aspects about time travel in this movie is the way things change.  If your younger self does something to his body, it will retroactively appear on your older self.  It is a cool concept that I’ve never seen before, but it does sort of open a can of continuity worms though.  It is a fresh take on the time travel concept, but it does open a glaring plothole. 
Bruce Willis is very good as Old Joe.  Keep in mind he does some terrible things I won’t spoil for you in order to restore the future and past.  I am surprised they took it that far given the climate of guns and the issues of gun control. 
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is excellent with expressions of Bruce Willis.  He mimics Willis mannerism.  The fake nose is a bit distracting, but I got use to it.  He turns from being an a-hole murderer to a person that tries to protect a family from Old Joe.  I like this change in the character.
Overall, Looper is a very good and fresh sci-fi drama that actually has some original things to say about time travel.  Rian Johnson outdid himself as writer and director.  Minus a few large time travel plotholes, this is a movie I can recommend highly.
Grade B+

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Steven Seagal dances

Steven Seagal dances
I was trying to find a famous interview he did this year that a few fan commentators were making fun of and came across this video.
God bless him for trying, but man he's gotten huge. Please note the woman on the right in the background that reacts to the Seagal Shuffle. I mean the man created an energy drink (uh), a reality show, and a couple of albums, but now he's an international dancer.
The man is so full of bullshit that I am surprised he was able to move that fast.

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Hyon Song Wol

Hyon Song Wol
Remember that woman that was allegedly killed by firing squad because she did a porno? Here's one of her songs. This was her “Thriller” song that put her on the map.
By the way, I believe the video comes from a sponsored North Korean YouTube channel. There are some heated discussions going on in the comment section. People want the channel to show an interview with the lady, because the channel is claiming she is still alive. Keep in mind, this still hasn't been confirmed about her execution. However, it doesn't help matters that there were stories of Kim .Jr hanging out with Hyon in very public places and stories being written about them before the execution.
Here's the “wonderful” music video.
It feels right out of the 70s ads with a mixture of 50s thrown in. The kicker is she is the Gaga version of NK pop singer minus the bad music and singing. And, it all seems very tame (white bread) when you it put it beside South Korean pop music, which is just as flashy and dirty as North American pop music.  
Supposedly, there were photos leaked of the “porn” video leaked on the Internet. LiveLeak has some of them, and they're mild and a bit fuzzy. I might still say they're NSFW though. I am not 100% sure.
Anyway, Wiki has a page for her, in the past tense, so check it out. When your wiki page switches to past tense, you're in trouble.

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