Friday, September 27, 2013

Star Wars: Droids are slaves

Star Wars: Droids are slaves
Great video. I'm glad someone brought this up. This issue has always bothered about the Star Wars franchise. Episode IV seems to strongly imply that the Droids are second class citizens or worst slaves. They even line up the Droids like a slave sale back in the day.
“We don't serve their kind here!” This is further supported by the fact that the Cantina bartender shouts and points out that the Droids can't be served here. This is clearly segregation like in the south. That was another line that bothered me, because it's not explored really. Are people pissed off at the Droids because of the Clone Wars?
The Droids sheepishly head back outside being fully aware of their lower class. 
Clearly, the Droids are viewed as lower lifeforms. And, clearly Droids have AI programs running on their systems because they are self aware. And, that's the sticking point of the SW universe. If the Droids didn't show emotion or ability to grow (R2D2), this wouldn't be a problem. They would just be another machine or tool.
Does this mean the Droids are going to rise up against their makers?
Does this mean the SW universe will get a visit from the Reapers? (or the Borg for that matter)

It will be interesting to see if JJ Abrams even touches on this aspect of the SW universe.   

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