Monday, September 23, 2013

Crappy Phone? New Phone giveaway

Crappy Phone? New Phone giveaway
Now, the reason I posted this is because I have a super old phone that is at least ten years old now. I have a 2005 Nokia pre-paid cell phone. I never use it, but keep the minutes up just enough to keep my phone from getting switched off. Ten years in, I still haven't memorized my own cell phone number.
The phone used to run through the Internet, but the programs are so updated now that my old phone can't run the simple Internet pages like my blog.
I'm at the point when I can't bother returning people's phone calls I don't recognize the number. I just received two calls from some area code I've never seen.

I'm not a social person so it was even a shock to many that I even got a phone so long ago. I find it a badge of honor to have an phone I haven't upgraded since its purchase.   
I would have won that giveaway. 

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